Finally, a simple customer loyalty program solution

Stamp Me helps you transform simple transactions into lasting moments of joy, fostering customer loyalty effortlessly and effectively.

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Rewarding loyalty made simple, secure, and effective

Stamp Me blends the classic "Buy X, Get Y" loyalty cards with a modern mobile app allowing businesses to provide a completely contactless and engaging cutomer loyalty solution.

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Traditional loyalty enhanced through a modern platform

In addition to running digital stamp card program, businesses can elevate their loyalty program by effortlessly engaging and communicating with customers, tracking loyalty activities, exporting customer data, and more!

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With reviews that demonstrate our user satisfaction and reliability, you can be sure customers will love it!

Simple to use

It works just like a loyalty card, but it's digital (and has many more benefits).

Easy to set up

No complicated POS integrations, software or hardware required.

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Why Stamp Me?

We’re more than just a loyalty platform...

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Customer Data

Full access to your customer data, including names, email addresses and phone numbers (if provided).

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Communicate directly with your customers through Push Notifications or SMS.

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Build hype around your loyalty program with Scratch & Win games.

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Integrate your loyalty program with email or CRM platforms, including Mailchimp.

Enterprise Loyalty Mobile Applications

We also build custom loyalty and reward platforms for brands and enterprises

Using our innovative loyalty and rewards technology, we work closely with enterprises and organizations to help their brands drive and reward repeat customer behaviour.

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What other businesses have to say about Stamp Me

“Stamp Me provides a great loyalty solution, backed by a fantastic and responsive team! We decided to make the switch from paper stamp cards during COVID-19 because going contactless was safer for our customers. We’re so glad we did - our customers love it!”

Quest Coffee Roasters

"The App is perfect for myself, my clients, & employees. It is an amazing yet simple tool to help build client loyalty as well as show our appreciation for their patronage. The Stamp Me customer service is impeccable!!! I highly recommend Stamp Me!"

waXon Fuzz Off
Season Jacobs

"We have operated our loyalty program with Stamp Me for over four years. We started at our first café and now use it at both of our cafes. Our customers love it! It’s easy to implement, fun, and affordable."

Pine-Scone Cafe

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Stamp Me loyalty reward programs work?

Stamp Me offers highly effective digital loyalty solutions for small, medium, and large businesses all over the world.

The rewards programs offered to your customers can be customised to meet the unique demands of your business. You can set rewards upon a qualifying purchase, a birthday, signing up, lapsed interaction, and even at random to surprise (and delight) your customers with a reward.However, Stamp Me is so much more than a loyalty app.

The platform allows business owners to view their customer’s activity in real time, send SMS and push notifications about promotions, access customer data and insights and integrate into EDM platforms.

What are the benefits of a digital loyalty program?

Customer loyalty is instrumental in developing meaningful customer relationships. The main benefit of integrating a structured loyalty program is that you are able to actively reward your customers, encouraging repetitive behaviour.

The other primary benefits of integrating customer loyalty software include:

- Building a loyal customer base for your products or service
- Increasing customer retention
- Communicating directly with your customers and build rapport
- Easily sending marketing promotions out to customers
- Measuring the growth of your business and customer engagement in one simple platform

Can I integrate Stamp Me into my current business model or platform?

Stamp Me was designed to provide small to medium businesses a digital loyalty platform that can be integrated into any business model – whether you run a coffee shop, nail salon, online store, or local community initiative. Our clients can use a variety of methods to digitally validate transactions from their customer’s mobile. 

Here are the main ways you can integrate Stamp Me to allow your customers to collect their stamps and reap rewards:
Unique stamp code
One Stamps are fantastic for integrating your digital customer loyalty program into your branding. You’ll be provided with a unique QR code that can be printed onto labels and placed on products or packaging, including take away coffee cups, bags, or flyers. 
One Stamps
One Stamps are fantastic for integrating your digital customer loyalty program into your branding. You’ll be provided with a unique QR code that can be printed onto labels and placed on products or packaging, including take away coffee cups, bags, or flyers.
Merchant console
With the Stamp Me Merchant Console, business owners can manually apply stamps to customer accounts.

How can I reward my customers with Stamp Me?

The most common use of Stamp Me’s digital rewards platform is to reward customers when they have completed desired actions, such as making a certain amount of purchases or booking services. 

Rewards are issued once all required stamps have been achieved, and vouchers can either be delivered in-app (for in person reward redemptions) or we can notify you of new reward achievements so you can handle the fulfilment for online rewards.

Other features that can be integrated include rewards when customers sign up for Stamp Me, interim rewards, birthday rewards, and scratch and win games.

The actual reward can vary depending on the nature of your business and will generally include things like a free product or service, a discount on products or services, a voucher or gift card, an experience, or exclusive perks.

Can I use the Stamp Me digital rewards platform if my business has multiple locations?

Absolutely! One of the benefits of Stamp Me’s digital rewards platform is that it caters to small brick and mortar businesses, and larger chains with multiple locations. A rewards system can easily be set up across multiple sites, scaling with your business.

How much does the Stamp Me loyalty platform cost?

There are three simple payment plans that Stamp Me customers can choose from after your free trial: Lite, Pro and Elite, supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes. We offer monthly pay-as-you-go pricing with no set up costs – build your Stamp Card for free and publish only when you're ready. Change plan or cancel at any time

Visit our pricing page to learn about how much it costs to integrate a customer loyalty program with Stamp Me. 

If you’re a large enterprise business, talk to us about a custom digital rewards solution to meet your exact needs.

 What type of businesses benefit the most from a rewards program?

Stamp Me’s digital loyalty programs can be used by any business that wants to incentivise and reward customer interactions. The businesses that benefit the most from digital loyalty software are those with highly repeatable products or services where they can build up a loyal customer base, such as cafes and coffee shops, restaurants, fast food restaurants, retail stores, hair and beauty salons, car washes, health services, fitness centres/classes, universities, and local councils.