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Stamp Me is the ultimate tool in crafting everyday moments of joy and delight for your customers to drive repeat purchases and boost customer loyalty.

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Paper Stamp Card to Digital Loyalty Card

Digitises traditional “Buy X, Get Y” style loyalty cards

In today's world customers expect convenient, modern, and contactless digital loyalty card solutions. Stamp Me is an eco-conscious way to reward loyalty, so you can ditch paper loyalty cards and reduce waste.

Easy setup and swift deployment

Through our online loyalty platform, businesses can effortlessly design and launch a digital loyalty program in minutes.

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Stamp Me digital loyalty platform and app

Drive repeat business and increase sales

On average, businesses report a 15 - 30% increase in customer retention after successfully implementing the Stamp Me digital punch card.

Customer loyalty for a global audience

The Stamp Me loyalty app is available in multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese & Swedish.

Ideal for 

Stamp Me merchant dashboard and app

Simple loyalty app, powerful platform

Stamp Me is super convenient, easy to use and packed with features to help you increase customer retention and loyalty.

How it Works

Flexible Reward Options

  • In-app Reward Vouchers
  • Interim Rewards
  • Sign-up Rewards
  • Spontaneous Rewards
  • Birthday Rewards
  • Expiry Dates (Optional)

Stamp Card Customisation

  • Business Logo
  • Contact Information
  • Offer Details
  • Custom Stamp Icons (Optional)
  • Secondary Logo (Optional)
  • Time Delay (Optional)

Simple Program Management

  • Web-based Dashboard
  • Customer Management
  • Send Communications
  • View and Export Activity
  • Send Rewards
  • Manage Campaigns

Customer Engagement

  • Push Notifications
  • SMS
  • Birthday Club
  • Scratch & Win Games
  • Lapsed Customer Automatic Engagement

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the loyalty card app work?

The Stamp Me app has been designed to streamline loyalty rewards for businesses across the world. The Stamp Me app works exactly like the traditional paper punch card, but on the customer’s phone.

Customers can simply download the Stamp Me App on their phone and join the loyalty program offered by your business. They will then collect stamps each time they make a qualifying purchase or action. Once they’ve collected the required stamps, they automatically earn rewards set up in your loyalty program. 

There are three main ways that a customer may be rewarded stamps with Stamp Me:

- Businesses can use a Stamp Code, designed to be displayed in-person at the point of transaction. 
- OneStamps involve the customer scanning a unique QR code that can be printed onto stickers, labels, packaging, flyers, or digitally (online receipts).
- The Stamp Me Merchant Console allows businesses to manually applying a reward to a customer account.

The Stamp Me rewards app can be integrated into any CRM, project management, or workflow app currently used in your business and available through Zapier. Common integrations include: Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Constant Contact, Slack, Hubspot, and more.

What are the benefits of using a loyalty app for businesses?

Creating a customer loyalty system for your business is a powerful way to reward your most loyal customers and increase repeat purchases. What’s more, today’s digital landscape means that a virtual punch card is more convenient than ever. The main benefits of using Stamp Me as your digital loyalty card app include:

- Direct communication with your customers
- Ease of use for customers – say goodbye to forgotten loyalty cards!
- Increased customer retention
- Encourage customers to interact with business
- Easy to integrate
- Reward your customers for signing up, birthdays, or for simply being a customer!
- Exceptional customer insights

What kind of rewards can I give my customers?

That depends on the type of business that you run! The most common types of rewards offered by our clients will include:

- Free products or services (best used within physical stores)
- Discounts (fantastic for both online and in-person purchases)
- Digital vouchers for a third party (think Uber Eats gift card)
- Experiences (cooking class, behind the scenes, staycation)
- Perks (could be anything from a free upgrade, to an event, or VIP access to a sale)

How long does it take to set up a virtual punch card with Stamp Me?

Setting up your virtual punch card with Stamp Me is simple! Create a free account with no credit card required. Build your Stamp Card(s) and then only when you're ready to test and launch, select your plan to publish and start your 30 day free trial.

How much does the Stamp Me loyalty app cost?

We have three pricing models to suit the different needs of businesses. 

- The Lite plan is best suited to a business who does not want additional features like communications or gamification.
- The Pro plan offers the full works, with all available platform features.
- The Elite plan is suited to large businesses who want marketing and VIP support.

Visit our pricing page to learn more and get started with the Stamp Me digital rewards app today.

Can I do a free trial with the rewards app?

You bet! We understand the importance of trialling a new product or service – so we offer a 30 day free trial for all plans!

The free trial will give you an opportunity to review the process, try out the Stamp Card, introduce your staff and customers to the program, and experience the benefits of customer loyalty marketing for yourself. 

Once the free trial has concluded, you’ll automatically roll over to your selected paid plan. If the free trial is cancelled before the roll over, there will be no fees.

Which businesses are most appropriate for Stamp Me?

If you’re a company that benefits from repeat business, then a digital punch card can increase customer retention and accelerate your business goals. Implementing a loyalty program through a rewards app is a great way to regularly reward your customers that continue to stay loyal to your products or services. The types of businesses that benefit the most from a loyalty program include:

- Retail stores (physical and online)
- Coffee shops and cafes
- Restaurants and take away shops
- Hair and beauty salons
- Services such as car washes, laundry or cleaning.
- Local community organisations

Ready to grow your business with a digital loyalty platform?

Stamp Me provides you with the ultimate toolkit to do so.

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