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Stamp Me's powerful loyalty platform helps beauty and wellness salons maximize customer loyalty by driving repeat purchases and boosting retention.

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The Stamp Me platform delivers loyalty programs across beauty and wellness businesses

As a beauty salon owner or manager, you recognize the significance of customer retention and cultivating client loyalty. By retaining customers, you can drive increased revenue and establish a loyal customer base. Whether your salon specializes in nails, hairdressing, waxing, or skincare, it's a no brainer that long-term customers are invaluable assets.

Stamp Me offers a cutting-edge digital loyalty solution that empowers businesses across various industries, including health, beauty and wellness, to create and implement tailored rewards programs. Whether you want to incentivize booking services, appointment consistency, or product purchases, you have the flexibility to customize rewards according to your clients' preferences.

In today's competitive market, a digitized loyalty program is essential for differentiation and nurturing customer relationships. Outdated paper punch-cards no longer suffice. Discover why Stamp Me is the optimal solution for enhancing customer loyalty in your beauty salon.

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Simple to use

It works just like a loyalty card, but it's digital (and has many more benefits).

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No complicated POS integrations, software or hardware required.

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Drive repeat customers to your hair & beauty salon

By implementing a loyalty program, you can not only encourage frequent visits from clients but also establish direct interaction with them through Stamp Me.

Stay connected with your customers by sending personalized reminders for hair appointments, exclusive discounts on nail and beauty treatments, and customized birthday experiences. All of this can be seamlessly managed within a single platform.

Stamp Me's digital loyalty platform makes it effortless to create a long-lasting, mutually beneficial, and thrilling relationship with your customers. Elevate customer engagement and retention with our innovative solution.

How it Works

Say goodbye to paper loyalty cards

Stamp Me allows you to easily set up a digital loyalty card for your salon, enabling your customers to conveniently earn and track their loyalty stamps directly from their smartphones. Not only that, but they can also receive rewards through text messages and in-app notifications, enhancing their overall experience.

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Why are loyalty programs so important for health & wellness businesses?

Customer loyalty plays a vital role in the success of beauty-based service businesses such as hairdressers, nail salons, skin clinics, and tanning salons. Clients who feel valued and appreciated are more likely to return for future business, so by implementing a loyalty program, you can help your customers feel recognized and important, which leads to increased satisfaction.

Check out our case studies to see how Stamp Me is being used in salons and beauty parlors across the globe.

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Ready to reward your favorite clients with a digital loyalty program?

Grow your salon and increase client retention with Stamp Me's digital loyalty app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will customers be able to collect stamps?

Once you've registered your business, customers can simply download the app, create an account, and immediately start earning stamps for each purchase, visit, or interaction.

Depending on which plan you've chosen, customers can collect stamps through three methods:

Stamp code: Displayed right at the point of sale or presented at purchase, customers simply scan the code through the app to collect stamps every time they make a qualifying purchase, like buying an eyebrow wax or a manicure.

One Stamps: Unique one-use codes that can be printed onto labels and placed on products or packaging, like serum bottles or shampoo bottles.

Merchant Console: You can manually add stamps to your customer's Stamp Card through the platform console.

How much does it cost to set up a salon loyalty program with Stamp Me?

Costs will come down to the type of plan you've chosen and how you plan on using the Stamp Me app. We provide simple, pay-as-you-go pricing so that our customers can stay flexible and change plans or cancel their loyalty program at any time.

Visit our pricing page to learn more about Stamp Me’s pricing model.

Will it take long to set up a program for my salon?

Once you've built our program and activated your card on Stamp Me, you're ready to go!

However, when launching a new loyalty program, it is important to take the time to educate your staff before it's introduced to your customers.

The Stamp Me team will be available to work with you to ensure you and your team are equipped for a successful launch.

Of course, you will also need to effectively promote your program to your customer base.

What if I have more than one salon?

Stamp Me is suitable for single stores or salons that have multiple locations. When you set up your card, you can specify the details of which locations the program can be used at.

If you have more than 6 hairdressing or beauty salons, please get in touch.

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