Local Community & Tourism Rewards Programs

The Stamp Me platform is a perfect solution for local community and government organizations wanting to encourage community members and tourists to shop, visit, and eat locally.

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A powerful loyalty marketing platform for
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The Stamp Me app is a simple and fun passport rewards program ideal for boosting tourism and driving business in communities, allowing local businesses to come together, promote their exclusive offers, and reward local customers.

Typically initiated by local government, tourism boards, trader’s associations and property developers, community rewards programs have increased in popularity following the general decline in footfall at high street stores.

Stamp Me offers a convenient passport-style digital rewards system for local communities. Currently being implemented in countries all over the world including in the US and Australia, Stamp Me’s local passport rewards app can be tailored to meet the unique demands of each local community or organization.

Simple to use

It works just like a loyalty card, but it's digital (and has many more benefits).

Easy to set up

No complicated POS integrations, software or hardware required.

Try it first!

Try a demo of a digital community loyalty card first before you commit!

Drive business with a digital rewards app

Following the wide-spread impacts of COVID-19 in 2020, many local governments and councils are looking for ways to encourage patrons to get back out in the world and financially support local businesses to boost the city’s economy. The Stamp Me app allows your organization to partner with small businesses who may have suffered over the last few years.

A digital rewards program is a simple solution for getting more community members ‘out and about’ by rewarding and incentivising wining, dining, and shopping in the local area. We know how important it is to support local businesses.

When implemented and marketed to the community successfully, our digital rewards system can see your local economy thriving in a matter of months.

How it Works

Say goodbye to the old-school paper punch card

Stamp Me allows you to easily implement a single digital loyalty card for use across multiple different business types. It's more hygienic and secure than paper cards. Customers can earn and keep track of their stamps and rewards directly from their smartphone.

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Create a community passport campaign

Stamp Me can be used for community and tourism passport campaigns to reward local customers for spending and purchasing with local businesses. Partner with local cafes, restaurants, service-based businesses, retail stores, and more to create dining, entertainment, and hospitality incentives for local patrons.

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Why choose Stamp Me?

Simple concept - it works just like a loyalty card, but it's digital (and has many more benefits!). Participants get a stamp on their digital punch card for a qualifying spend or action. Rewards are automatically managed in-app upon reward points you set.

Easy to implement - no complicated POS integrations, software or hardware is required. Easy for businesses to participate in and understand. Simply educate and issue a unique QR code to the participating business, and we can take care of the rest, including reimbursements, customer support and more.

Full data & reporting - see exactly where participants are stamping and redeeming rewards via an admin Merchant Console. We can also provide other data insights such as most engaged vendors, top stampers, program RIO and more.

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Ready to create an effective community digital rewards system?

Drive local business and tourism with a community passport-style campaign with Stamp Me.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a passport loyalty campaign most suitable for?

These community loyalty programs are most suitable for property developers, local governments or councils, shopping centres, schools and universities, tourism boards, and chambers of commerce.

Will participants need to download the Stamp Me App?

Yes – patrons simply download our digital loyalty app from the App Store, to easily collect stamps and earn vouchers to redeem at local businesses.

Local participating businesses will also need to have the program incorporated into their operations for the system to be effective. We’ll work with you to determine the most efficient and effective way for the participating vendors to utilise the rewards system.

What is a good shop local campaign offering?

With passport-style campaigns, there needs to be a common action which is the same for every vendor in order for people to get a stamp. It needs to be simple and achievable, so that consumers can easily take part and understand what to do. This may be a stamp for a visit, a stamp for spending above $X, or another simple action consistent across all participating businesses. Rewards work best if they are valid to be redeemed at any participating vendor.

Check out how the City of Hobart and the City of Foster City ran their shop local campaigns for inspiration

What kind of rewards can we give local consumers?

Rewards can either be issued in-app as vouchers for face-to-face redemption, or digitally via email (e.g. a discount code).

Generally speaking, local governments will set up a passport-style rewards program with vouchers that need to be used within a specified time frame and in-person, to drive footfall. Typically, rewards are monetary vouchers off (like a $10 voucher), which are valid to claim at any participating vendor. Stamp Me can handle financial reimbursements of any claimed vouchers to vendors for a small fee, or the data can be provided to you to manage reimbursements yourself.

The most common types of rewards offered by local community initiatives will include:

- Free products or services claimed through an in-app voucher
- Discounts on products or services claimed through an in-app voucher
- A discount code to use at an online store, which is emailed (no in-app voucher)
- A digital gift card, which is emailed (no in-app voucher)
- Entry into a prize draw (no in-app voucher)

Are these campaigns long or short term?

With Stamp Me, you can create both long and medium- term loyalty programs. The shortest campaigns will generally be a minimum of three months, and a long term ongoing precinct-style program for a minimum of a year.

How long will it take to set up a community rewards program?

That depends on the style and scope of your campaign. Typically it takes around 2 business days to get all of the data (participating vendors or trader information, offer details, campaign assets such as logo) onto the Stamp Me App ready for launch.

However, bear in mind it will take longer than this for you to onboard and educate participating vendors, and market the loyalty program to the wider community.

For no obligation advice and information on setting up your passport loyalty program, get in touch with the Stamp Me team.

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