Paper Cards are out, Contactless Loyalty is in

Stamp Me makes it super easy and convenient to reward loyalty with a simple, user-friendly loyalty app.

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What is Stamp Me?

Stamp Me is a loyalty app that takes the traditional “Buy X, Get Y”-style loyalty cards and puts them on your customer’s phones as a digital punch card.

Our simple loyalty app allows your customers to collect loyalty stamps and redeem reward vouchers, completely contactlessly.

Interim Rewards
Reward Vouchers
Multiple Stamp Cards

How it Works

For your Customers

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Download the App

Your customers download the Stamp Me App, register their details and join your loyalty program.

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Collect Stamps

Stamps are collected for each transaction, purchase or check-in. You determine how many stamps you want your customer to collect.

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Redeem Rewards

Reward vouchers are issued after the required amount of stamps are collected. Rewards can be claimed in-store (by showing the voucher to staff) or online, depending on your business.

For your Business

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Sign Up Your Business

Simply register your business for a free trial. We’ll then activate your loyalty card on the app so you can see how it works for yourself.

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Set Up Your Program

Never has it been easier to implement a digital loyalty program! There is no software, hardware or point-of-sale integration required. We provide you with all you need to get going.

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Start Retaining more Customers

Once your digital loyalty card is set up and you’re familiar with how it works, it’s time to introduce the program to your customers! Our Customer Success Team will be available to assist you with implementing the program and making the most of our awesome platform features.

Stamp Me merchant dashboard and app

Easily manage your program from your Merchant Console

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    View activity in real-time
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    Manage loyalty members
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    Send communications*
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    Set up campaigns*
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    Edit your stamp cards

How are stamps collected?

The Stamp Me Loyalty Platform offers a variety of mechanisms to digitally validate transactions on the user’s phone. The validation method of your loyalty rewards solution can be tailored to best suit your business requirements.

Unique Stamp Code

This is our default validation method for businesses with a physical or mobile location. Customers simply scan the code through the app to collect stamps. We will email you your Stamp Code which you can print out and get started with straight away!

One Stamps

Unique QR codes (or alphameric codes) can be printed onto labels and placed on products or packaging, such as on coffee cups, takeaway bags or flyers. They can also be used digitally. This is a great stamp option for e-commerce businesses or takeaway/home delivery services.

Stamp Me merchant dashboard screenshot in a laptop frame

Merchant Console

Stamps can be applied manually to customer accounts through your Merchant Console.

Shopify Integration (Coming Soon)

We’ll soon be able to integrate with your online Shopify store, offering customers a seamless, omni-channel loyalty experience!

Engage with customers with our platform features

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Birthday Club

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Random Rewards


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