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Dive into how Paddlepod, a UK-based swimming venue, teamed up with Stamp Me to create a digital loyalty program to strengthen their customer connections and create moments of joy with every visit.



Swimming is a pastime loved around the world – and no one knows this better than Paddlepod, the UK-based swimming venue that encourages play, relaxation, and more than anything, swimming lessons! Dedicated to fostering a balance of leisure and skill development, Paddlepod offers a range of swimming lessons for everyone, from first-timers to old-timers. 

The Brief

Paddlepod sought to give back to their loyal customers and elevate their customer experience. They were looking for a digital solution that would speak to their customers and reward the ones who keep coming back. 

Teaming up with Stamp Me, they have crafted a digital loyalty program for their three locations that rewards every visit and keeps customers engaged, even when they’re not swimming!

Key Objectives

Together with Stamp Me, Paddlepod aimed to: 

  • Create a digital loyalty program that engages their loyal customers 
  • Gain crucial insights into customer behavior and data 
  • Stimulate repeat visits and foster customer retention 
  • Promote their range of services 

How the 


 Loyalty Program Works

Paddlepod’s loyalty program features multiple offers. Their offers are entirely managed from the Stamp Me Merchant Console. 

The first card is their cafe offer, which works like this: after a customer buys a hot drink from their cafe, they get one stamp. After collecting six stamps, via a QR code presented upon purchase, they are rewarded with a complimentary hot drink of their choice. 

Their second offer caters to the ‘Play’ area of their facilities, designed for children aged 0-5 years. These areas boast a variety of activities including play areas, sensory rooms, and classes from Babyballet and Adventure Babies. Customers collect stamps in the same way as the cafe card, except in this offer, customers buy 6 play sessions and are rewarded one session free of charge. 

To ensure clear distinction and enhance brand identity, both reward vouchers are uniquely crafted through their Merchant Console. Additionally, each card features custom-designed stamp icons, also managed via the Merchant Console, further personalizing the customer experience. 

Paddlepod’s offers are inclusive and take advantage of a wide range of their facilities. 


Special Features

Along with their stamp cards, Paddlepod also takes advantage of Stamp Me’s Birthday Club feature. This feature allows them to create a personalized birthday message and optional reward voucher to send to their loyalty members on their special day. This feature helps to brighten their day and make customers feel loved and appreciated on their birthday. 

Customers who have opted in to join the Birthday Club will receive a personalized SMS message and a reward voucher on their birthday, enhancing their emotional connection to the brand. 

Along with this, Paddlepod is also looking to integrating their mailing list in the future. This will be a breeze to set up – they can now manage this exclusively from the Merchant Console.

How Rewards are Redeemed


Paddlepod has embraced its Stamp Me program and so have their loyal swimmers! With over 570 loyalty members, and over 2,000 stamps issued to date, Stamp Me is a key part of their business and helping to consistently drive engagement with their customers. 

Since implementing the Stamp Me app, Paddlepod has: 

  • Issued thousands of stamps and hundreds of rewards through their robust loyalty program 
  • Strengthened the emotional connection between their business and loyal customers 
  • Created moments of joy through their Brithday Club feature by communicating directly with customers 
  • Managed and monitored their loyalty program with ease from their Merchant Console 

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