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Elevating Your Beauty Salon Loyalty Program: Digital Features for Success

Written by 
Chloe Komesarook
January 1, 2024
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Want to upgrade your digital beauty salon loyalty card to pack more of a punch? With over 90% of businesses having some form of loyalty program, it is incredibly important to find new ways to distinguish your salon from the competition. 

The secret lies in packing your loyalty card with special features and engaging with your customers, even when they’re not in your beauty salon. This is a great way to increase your sales, as it’s reported that highly engaged customers will make a purchase 90% more often

But how do you keep your beauty salon loyalty program members engaged? Well, don’t fret: we’ve compiled a few features that can elevate your program to further drive retention, satisfaction, and sales. 

Communicate with Your Clients

Communicating directly with your clients is a simple yet incredibly effective way to boost engagement for your digital loyalty card app. Communication shows a direct interest and personalized experience for your customers, which will make them feel special. 

As well as this, with the average person checking their phone 144 times a day, sending direct notifications through SMS and Push Notifications will be better received and provide a subtle avenue for communication for your beauty salon digital loyalty card. 

Imagine greeting your clients with warm “Happy Friday!” messages accompanied by enticing offers to kickstart their day, or sending them friendly discounts such as:

Blue text text message with a sample message inside and icons.

As well as this, taking advantage of communications features will allow you to keep your customers up to date and in the loop about the happenings at your beauty salon. Whether it updates on new operating hours or changes in your services, keeping your clients informed is an excellent way to retain more clients and create a more enriching beauty salon loyalty program experience. 

Start Your Customers Off Strong

Someone handing another person a gift.

The first interaction sets the tone for your entire relationship with a client. This holds even more weight when considering the initial experience of a new member joining your beauty salon’s digital loyalty card program. An enticing start can solidify your place in the client’s daily routine and create an immediate sense of connection.

Launching a new member with a sign up reward can have a powerful impact. Think of it as a digital handshake; a friendly welcome that says, "We're glad you're here!" Offering an immediate small reward, like a discount on a service or a complimentary product not only acknowledges them but appreciates them from the beginning. They see an immediate value for signing up and keeps them coming back for more. 

A strong start isn’t just about a one-time offer, but it’s an investment in fostering a bond that will see customers returning, stamping, and raving about your beauty salon time and again. And with a gesture as simple as a free stamp or a discount service, you’re positioning your beauty salon loyalty program for sustained success. 

Pink text box with an example of a salon's sign-up reward with additional icons.

Integrate an Email Campaign

Graphic of a woman holding a phone with various icons around.

In the realm of beauty salons, keeping clients engaged and informed is key to sustaining their interest and loyalty. Stamp Me's latest feature, which can be set up and managed entirely from the Merchant Console, the integrated email campaign, is a groundbreaking addition to your beauty salon loyalty program that can revolutionize the way salons connect with their clientele. This feature enables salons to reach out to their clients with tailored content, fostering a more intimate and engaging communication channel.

Utilizing an email campaign within your beauty salon loyalty program can be a dynamic way to create and spread user-generated content. Encouraging clients to share their beauty transformations, experiences, or testimonials can not only provide authentic content for your salon but also foster a sense of community among your clients. 

When considering potential content for your email campaigns, the possibilities are endless:

Pink text box with information on different email campaign ideas.

Celebrate Them on Their Birthday

As a beauty salon owner, you know the importance of making your clients feel special. One way to improve your beauty salon loyalty program is through celebrating them on their birthday. 

A birthday cake icon with stars and confetti around it.

Introducing a Birthday Club in your loyalty program not only serves as a delightful surprise but also goes a long way in making your customers feel valued and special. This helps to create an emotional connection between your salon and your clients, which can lead to a higher lifetime value and more referrals. 

Customers with an emotional relationship with a brand have a 306% higher lifetime value and are 71% more likely to spread the word to friends

At the heart of this initiative is the effort to infuse a personalized touch into your customer’s special day. Through the Birthday Club on your digital beauty salon loyalty card, you can automate the process of sending heartfelt messages or exclusive rewards directly to the members on their birthdays. 

For instance, with a Birthday Club, your customers can wake up to a warm birthday notification paired with a voucher for a complimentary service or a special discount. This kind of personalized engagement elevates their experience from a mere transaction to a more nurturing and celebratory interaction. 

How You Can Implement These Features With Stamp Me

Implementing transformative features into your beauty salon loyalty program doesn’t have to be a difficult process. It can be incredibly seamless and hassle-free with the help from the right partner. Enter Stamp Me, a dynamic platform that is designed to help beauty salons like yours to elevate their customer engagement strategies effectively. 

With its user-friendly interface and robust functionalities, Stamp Me is the ultimate digital loyalty stamp card

But it’s not just a tool: it’s an extension of your salon’s commitment to offering a delightful and personalized customer journey. From setting up a gamified loyalty system with thrilling features such as “Scratch & Win” to crafting personalized communication strategies, Stamp Me stands as a comprehensive beauty salon digital loyalty card. 

Stamp Me benefits in a tile with graphics.

And much more. 

Stamp Me has become a go-to digital beauty salon loyalty card app in 80 countries; helping beauty salons boost customer loyalty and satisfaction across the globe. And yours could be next!

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