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9 Examples of the Best Loyalty Punch Card Programs

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Chloe Komesarook
March 29, 2023
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The Best Loyalty Punch Card Programs – 9 Examples You Need to Know

Complimentary is always welcomed. Most of us have a free coffee that we are two stamps away from getting or eagerly waiting for the weekend to come so we can redeem the loyalty points from our favorite pizza joint. 

There are countless studies that show just how much we appreciate loyalty programs and the perks that come with it. After all, 84% of consumers are more likely to stick with a brand that offers a loyalty program. Appreciation is (equally) always welcomed and loyalty punch card programs allow for both the business and the customer to feel special. In 2023, we are shifting from the physical loyalty punch card program and into something better. What’s better than physical? Digital. 

Digital Loyalty Punch Cards – What Are They?

As our lives become more digitized, it is expected that customers are now seeking a seamless digital experience with their favorite brands and loyalty programs. In fact, The 2016 Bond Brand Loyalty Report indicated that 57% of customers want to engage with loyalty programs by using their mobile device. In 2023, this number has undoubtedly grown, with many consumers ditching traditional wallets for their Apple or Android wallet. 

There are countless examples of brands implementing punch card programs and gaining customer retention and repeat revenue. 

The ‘Buy X and get Y free” method has been implemented within nearly every industry. We want to highlight 9 excellent examples of companies that have created unique punch card loyalty methods and seen significant benefits from it. 

9 Examples of the Best Loyalty Punch Card Programs

1. Domino’s 

Domino’s gives us a slice of rewards with its ‘Piece of the Pie’ program. Via the Domino’s app, customers can access the digital hub filled with exclusive deals and special offers. As well as one-time combo, pick-up, and delivery deals, loyalty card members receive points for every single purchase. Once they retain enough points, they get a free pizza of their choice, which proves to be a mouth-wateringly good deal. 

2. Subway

Subway’s ‘My Way Rewards Program’ is a prime example of a QSR loyalty program. The goal of the program was to offer a more personalized discount system to Subway customers. With 28,000 participating restaurants, it’s one of the widest-reaching loyalty programs in the world. For every dollar spent, customers earn four tokens and 200 tokens earn them a $2 reward voucher. Guests are offered to earn additional tokens spontaneously, with ‘Surprise and Delight’ rewards with some of their most popular items. What Subway is providing is a physical card option and a digital version on their app. The digital loyalty card provides a portal to easily sign up, order online, gather tokens, track progress, and enjoy a range of Subway surprises and delicious deals. 

Subway's My Way Rewards program allows for customization of your interface as well as surprise rewards along the way.
Source: Subway

3. MYER 

The MYER One rewards card is a top-tier example of combining the loyalty punch card with an app that is tailored to your shopping profile and needs. With four levels of rewards to work towards, each with a birthday reward and ‘membership anniversary’ reward as well as invitations to exclusive MYER event, this rewards program hits all of the most important elements of loyalty: personalization, attractive rewards, and simplicity. As well as the loyalty card, your MYER app lets you view previous receipts and track your MYER One credit level. 

4. BP

As well as partnering with Qantas and David Jones, BP has a very simple, yet extremely effective punch card style loyalty scheme for loyal customers. By using a physical, or digital BP rewards card, customers will earn 2 points for every litre of Ultimate Unleaded purchased, 1 point per litre for all other fuels, and 1 point for every $1 dollar spent on eligible purchases in-store. 

This is a great example of a company steering their customers towards a product (the Ultimate Unleaded fuel) and promoting their more efficient and lucrative product, but customers are rewarded with additional loyalty points for making this purchase.  

Expedia's rewards program is made for travellers who want to start earning back their stays.
Source: Expedia

5. Expedia 

Expedia, the travel experts, have created a point-based loyalty program that allows customers to enjoy Member Prices and the perks that come with it. Your earned points will then be converted into savings that can be used on your next trip. With three tiers, customers can work their way up to more savings: for example, on the silver level, you’ll earn two points for every $1 you spend on eligible bookings and enjoy perks such as free breakfast or spa credits. Planning a trip is hard enough as it is, and Expedia’s loyalty program proves that there are always reasons to travel and earn back experiences and perks that matter the most. 

6. Goodwill

Goodwill is an interesting example of a non-profit organization offering high-quality discounts to people who purchase second hand items from their thrift stores. As standard, customers earn 1 point for every $1 and receive $5 off their next purchase when they reach 100 points. However, they also provide exclusive promotions and discounts to those within the ‘Goodwill REwards’ program. Every second Tuesday, they have a ‘Customer Appreciation Day’ where loyal members get a 15% discount when they spend $15, 20% off when they spend $20, and 25% off when they spend $25. 

7. Woolworths

Woolworths’ ‘Everyday Rewards’ program is another case of 1 point with every $1 spent. However, Woolworths is ahead of the curve by making it possible to also earn points from any of its 16 partners, including BWS, Qantas, Origin and Metro. Once a member reaches 2000 points they can decide to redeem a $10 voucher for their next in-store shopping spree or convert these points to 1000 Qantas points. With 13 million members, Woolworths’ program is one of the most popular in Australia. 

The Woolworths Everyday Rewards app is easy to use and even easier to save with.
Source: Woolworths


With over 50 million members utilizing their rewards program, is a great example of a company maximizing opportunities through a punch card style rewards scheme and general points program. 

The travel & accommodation industry has become increasingly competitive, so wanted to reward customers who book through their platform, rather than with their competitors. Consumers who book on their website (or through their app), are signed up to the rewards program, and will receive 1 free night for every 10 nights they stay. This tactic entices anyone going on longer trips to book with, so they can enjoy an additional night for free. Importantly, have balanced the action vs reward, avoiding any customer frustration or backlash. Whether it’s a 10-day trip to New Zealand or multiple weekends away in Australia, ten days is ten days, plain and simple. 

9. Zambrero

We close this list with Zambrero, the Feel Good Mexican provider dedicated to giving back to their customers. After picking up a loyalty stamp card at any Zambrero, customers are rewarded on their 10th stamp with a Classic Burrito or Classic Bowl on the house. It’s simple, effective, and with free burritos available, there isn’t much more that a loyalty program needs.   

If you're feeling inspired, Stamp Me can help start your loyalty program journey today. Feel free to contact us here and let's make it happen!

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