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Creating & Marketing a Loyalty Program for Your Pizza Restaurant

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Chloe Komesarook
March 22, 2023
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Pizza, the world’s most beloved comfort food, brings people together no matter the occasion. Whether it’s date night or a late night, pizza is a necessity for many. If you own or run a pizzeria, you probably know this. What you might not know is how to keep customers coming back. In this case, a pizza loyalty program is the perfect solution. 

Loyalty programs reward customers for their continued support and offer them exclusive content they otherwise wouldn’t know about. Loyalty goes both ways; by rewarding customers, you’ll be rewarded too. Loyalty programs increase customer retention rates, increase sales, and build brand loyalty and reputation.

The following guide will help you create the best loyalty program for your pizzeria and enjoy the benefits of your incentives.

How to Create the Ultimate Loyalty Program for a Pizzeria

1. Understand your customers

Understanding your target market is the first step in creating your pizza rewards program. You won’t be able to provide valuable and loveable rewards without knowing what your customers want, so it’s wise to take the time and learn about your customers’ needs and preferences.

You can do this by undertaking the following branches of customer research:

  • Conduct customer surveys — you can do this through social media, your online website, or in person.
  • Read online reviews — constructive feedback is often conveyed here.
  • Chat with your regulars when you serve them — ask them what their favorite pizzas are, what they would like you to provide, and what deals they would like access to within your pizza loyalty program.
  • Create customer personas — make fictional representations of your ideal customers and use them to design your loyalty program.
  • Analyze customer data — identify trends in your sales data, pinpoint customer spending habits, and read any feedback you’ve received.

Once you’ve got a detailed understanding of these methods, the fun part begins: designing your loyalty program. 

Interior of a restaurant.
Image source: Nick Hillier on Unsplash

2. Design your loyalty program — make it easy for you and your customers

When designing your loyalty program, always keep your customers in mind. They are the motive, after all. There are many components to consider, so we’ve highlighted the most important steps and tricks below. 

Deciding on your reward structure

The most obvious rewards for your pizzeria can include a free pizza after a certain number of visits, or a certain amount spent and discounts on future purchases. 

However, the more creative, the better. This will help you stand out from the competition and ensure customer retention. That being said, pizza loyalty programs must, first and foremost, be simple. If your loyalty program has multiple sub-sections, lengthy terms and conditions, or painful access levels, it won’t mesh well with your customers. They need to understand what they’re getting out of your program instantly, and you need to be able to explain it in one or two sentences, to catch their interest.  

Naming your rewards program

Consider a fun, playful name for your pizzeria rewards program. Steer clear of a simplified title, such as ‘Pizza Rewards’, and consider titles such as ‘Pizza Squad’, ‘Pepperoni Pals’, or ‘Crust Crusaders’. Keep in mind that the goal of your title is to spark interest and leave an impression on your customers.

Screenshot of Domino's Rewards offer from website.
Image source: Domino's

Slice of life: the top pizza restaurant chain, Domino’s, has been praised for its unique loyalty program, “Piece of Pie”. This program enables consumers to order pizzas via its mobile application or online and begin to earn points which can be redeemed for free menu items. 

This Domino’s Pizza loyalty program gives the customer their own Pizza Profile which keeps their points in order and allows personalization of the push notifications they receive. The proof is in the pie, as they have over 25 million active loyalty members and saw a global retail sales growth of 6.9%. 

Choosing your rewards

What’s going to make your customers motivated to earn rewards? Think about what you want from a pizzeria. 

Here’s where that customer research comes in; you know what your customers value from your business, and all you need now are rewards that will motivate your customers to spend. 

Free pizza is always gratefully received, but you could also offer store-wide discounts, exclusive menu items, or even merch like caps, T-shirts, and accessories. It’s a good idea to alter rewards based on how many points the customer redeems — you want to reward your customers appropriately, so consider having exclusive, personalized rewards for high-tier redemptions.

Crust app interface on phone screen frame.
Image source: Crust

Using technology to make your rewards program accessible

While loyalty programs are traditionally done on cards that customers can fit in their wallets, it’s becoming more convenient to use apps or online platforms to make it easier for customers to redeem their rewards. 

See more information on the benefits of a punch card app

In short, cards are charming but are losing ground in the ever-changing world of technology. We live our lives online and by extension, all of our information does too. Consider an online platform that ensures a more convenient and hygienic option for your pizza loyalty program.

3. Hype, launch, and promote your loyalty program 

Build anticipation for your loyalty program before you launch it. Hype it up on social media – give your customers a sneak peek of what is to come. Share updates, post special deals, and continually encourage your followers to join your program. 

You can also promote your program in your store, using simple signs and posters that customers can read when ordering food. When marketing your pizza rewards program, tell your customers how to sign up, what rewards will be available, and how they can redeem their points with you.

Behind every great loyalty program is the idea of building a strong and fun community base. This can be highlighted in your reward options through referrals, incentivizing your customers to refer their friends and family to your pizzeria with bonus points or rewards. Also, the more regular customers you gain, the greater your potential for effortless growth. 

People like to talk about pizza almost as much as they like to eat it. A comment here about someone’s favorite pizza place, a question there about the rewards card in someone’s digital wallet, and your pizza loyalty program spreads with ease, all through word-of-mouth. 

By being proud members of your loyalty program, your customers do your advertising for you!

Once you’re in the groove of your pizzeria’s rewards program, you can offer exclusive discounts and promotions and host special events, depending on what’s happening around your pizzeria (and the world). Keep the momentum going by always keeping your customers stimulated.

Table with hands grabbing slices of a pizza.
Image source: Klara Kulikova on Unsplash

4. Market and analyze your loyalty program — check in with your pizza pals!

Stamp Me app interface on screen phone image.

Once you’ve launched your pizzeria loyalty program, it’s your responsibility to stay one step ahead (or preferably, a few more) of the competition. This is why it is crucial to market and analyze the results of your program once it’s been running for a while. Check rewards redemption rates and customer spending habits, and always consider constructive feedback on your program and products.

Make sure you have an effective system that can track your customers’ points, manage their rewards, and make it easy for them to redeem their points. The more straightforward, the better — ensuring this system is reliable and efficient can save you a lot of headaches in the future.

Keep tabs on your pizza loyalty program, check in with your customers, and analyze your sales data. All your efforts will pay off — for you and your loyal customers.

Get started with the perfect loyalty program for your pizzeria

Now that you have an understanding of how to develop your loyalty program, it’s time to turn those ideas into reality. Roll up your sleeves, fire up your oven, and create your pizzeria’s loyalty program. Enjoy the process and have fun! Experience the companionship of your devoted pizza lovers, strengthen your brand loyalty, and boost your sales.

Build your loyalty program with Stamp Me

Stamp Me provides all businesses with a convenient and affordable digital loyalty app, perfect for running a simple pizza rewards program. With our help, you can tailor your app to represent your pizzeria perfectly and offer your customers easy access to your rewards. If you need more help along the way, Stamp Me has a variety of loyalty program solutions and helpful resources like e-books & guides, case studies, and blog articles, that will inform and inspire you.

For more information about loyalty or rewards solutions and apps, get in touch with our expert team at Stamp Me. We’ll gladly help you create the perfect pizza loyalty program for your restaurant and we’ll be the first to sign up!

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