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Target is Launching a New Loyalty Program Next Month

Written by 
Brad Davis
September 20, 2019

Retail giant Target has announced an all-new loyalty program called Target Circle, rolling out nationwide on October 6 2019.

Target Circle members will enjoy a 1% return on every purchase, personalised offers based on their shopping preferences, early access to exclusive sales and zero membership fees.

Along with the standard “Birthday Club” perks that any loyalty program worth its salt will offer, customers can even choose which of Target’s 800 not-for-profit organisation partnerships a portion of their spending goes towards.Have a read how corporate social responsibility can impact loyalty programs here.

While Target has had a long-standing loyalty program in the form of REDcard, this new and improved program promises to be much more convenient, enticing, and successful in reeling in new customers.

The existing REDcard requires a big commitment from customers. People who wished to join it literally needed to apply for a debit or credit card.

new loyalty program ideas
Ideas for a loyalty program

So, How Does Target Circle Work?

Unlike REDcard, Target Circle simply requires customers to sign up either online, or provide their phone number to a staff member in any store.

Existing REDcard members will be automatically enrolled in the Target Circle program. Their loyalty status is transferred over, creating a seamless transition that extends Target’s loyalty program benefits to a wider pool of people.

Target Cartwheel (a completely separate app to REDCard where customers find limited-time coupons for discounts on various Target products, redeemable by scanning the barcode at POS) will also become defunct. Target Circle encompasses all of its existing perks plus more.

Target loyalty program how it works
Target Circle program - Source: Target Circle

How is Target Circle Better?

On the technical side of things, Target Circle is designed to be much more intuitive of individual customers’ needs in order to provide a more personalised shopping experience with Target.

For example, a Target Circle member who purchases all his/her baby products from Target will receive personalised offers and exclusive discounts on relevant items such as diapers, toddler clothing, and other baby products.

The new and revamped program was implemented in six cities across the US over the last 18 months to iron out the kinks and make necessary adjustments. In this time, the tentative loyalty program accumulated 2 million members, whom helped shape Target Circle.

Target Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing and Digital Officer Rick Gomez said the retail giant worked directly with guests when developing Target Circle, in order to shape the program around what benefits and perks customers said were most important to them. This included earning on every trip, as well as having the opportunity to help Target make a positive impact on their local communities.

target loyalty program how it works
Instructions on how to earn with Target Circle - Source: Target REDcard

Target is the latest in a string of retail giants to drastically revamp their loyalty programs recently to be much more intuitive, convenient and personalised, including H&M, Lululemon and Macy’s (just to name a few).

By setting up a digital loyalty platform for your brand, you can start rewarding your customers for their ongoing loyalty.

Interested in a digital loyalty program for your business?

Stamp Me provides retailers with loyalty solutions in the form of a convenient mobile app or digital platform that allows customers to stay connected to your brand, earn points and redeem rewards, and stay on top of all your latest offers and events.

We offer an “enterprise” package as an alternative to our standard digital loyalty app solution. It essentially uses Stamp Me’s revolutionary loyalty platform to power your own custom-branded app that allows customers to redeem rewards, track their progress towards rewards, engage and communicate with your brand through the app, among many other exciting features built according to your brand’s needs – the options are limitless.

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