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Implementing A Wellness Loyalty Program in Spas, Saunas & Massage Parlours

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Stamp Loyalty Solutions
December 7, 2022
Wellness Loyalty Programs have the power to increase customer retention and create a devoted, loyal following of clients for your spa, sauna, or massage treatment centre.

As a wellness centre owner or operator, you’ll know that creating a devoted customer base is the key to regular bookings, business stability, and (above all) consistently strong monthly revenue. Which begs the question, is your stale old loyalty program(you know, that email list you haven’t touched since you started it) enough to help drive these important KPIs for your wellness centre?

Customer loyalty can be fleeting if not done effectively. We also know that thousands of wellness businesses around the globe spend too much time attracting new customers, and not enough time honouring and benefiting from their existing ones.

To help your wellness centre build a loving, loyal fan base that will keep your books full for months in advance,we have created a flexible and powerful wellness loyalty program platform that makes managing customer information simple. Our platform is easy to use and easy to scale, which means that you can customize your spa loyalty program, massage loyalty program, or sauna loyalty program to suit your needs.

Loyal Customers Build Successful Wellness Businesses

One of the most common mistakes that businesses make is thinking that constant, new customers equate to a successful business. Given that acquiring a new customer costs roughly five times more than an existing customer and increasing retention by just 5% can increase profits anywhere from 25-95%, we’re big believers in the value of cherishing those that custom you.

Acquiring a new customer vs existing customer stat

If you spend time in retail stores,supermarkets, or food establishments, you’ll know that customer loyalty programs are everywhere you turn. We see them, we sign up for them, and we benefit them – but for many wellness business owners, they don’t carry one across to their own businesses.

But a wellness business is the prime candidate for an extremely successful loyalty program. The underlying reason why almost every successful business has a customer loyalty program of some sort is because well - they work!

Customer loyalty initiatives are fundamental to building better relationships with customers. The latest data shows us that loyalty card members spend 34% more per visit than non-members. Further, 76% of customers reported that they are more likely to favour businesses that offer great rewards.

How You Can Incentivise Your Spa, Massage, or Sauna Customers 

When creating a customer loyalty program, there are two basic criteria that must be fulfilled:

●     The loyalty program must be beneficial to your customers

●     The loyalty program must be beneficial to your business

The rewards that you offer must be attractive to your customers, promote loyalty, and also make sense to your business goals and finances. For any business, the best starting point for a customer loyalty program sits with their existing customers.

Talk to your customers, understand how they would like to be rewarded, and create initiatives that are going to incentivise them to visit your wellness business more often.

Need some inspiration on how to do that? Create feedback surveys which are incentivised to fill in whilst they get their treatment done. Or, send them a thank you email with a few questions posttreatment. Even better, simply ask your repeat customers face-to-face what they would want from a wellness loyalty program.

Some common wellness loyalty program rewards include:

●     Discounts and special pricing

●     Access to exclusive offers or events

●     Bonus treatments oradd-on rewards

●     Experiential rewards

●     Priority booking and scheduling

●     Birthday rewards –hey, we all love our birthday!

●     Promotional games like scratch & win campaigns with rewards

These are just a few of the most common and sought-after rewards to get your wellness customers excited.Remember, if it doesn’t inspire them, then it’s not going to excite them. Make sure that your rewards encourage repeat business and promote regular engagement with your wellness business.

Show Them That They’re Valued with a Wellness Loyalty Program

Creating an effective customer loyalty program for your spa, sauna, or massage business means that your most valued customers are recognised and rewarded. By offering exclusive offers, birthday promos, access to new services, and priority treatment, your loyal customers will know how much they mean to your business.

Creating a stamp card app for your customers also means that you can create a personalized rewards experience.Your loyalty program means that you will know exactly what your customers like and how you can reward them based on visiting habits and preferences.

creating a wellness loyalty program for your sauna or massage parlour

Setup is Simple & Easy to Use

Setting up wellness loyalty programs used to be an administrative nightmare. Now, thanks to Stamp Me’s innovative and cost-effective platform, you’ll be able to sign up for a free trial and have your punch card app running within the first 24-hours (excluding weekends). Once your business is registered, our staff will provide you with everything that you need to set up and roll out your customer loyalty program.

The final step is getting your staff and team members on board before introducing the new program to your customers. During this period, the Stamp Me team will work with you and your staff to ensure that rollout runs smoothly, and you have everything that you need to integrate a loyalty program into your sales cycle.

Get Started with Stamp Me

As a wellness clinic owner, you’ll know that the last 24-months have presented new, unprecedented challenges for the industry. Integrate a new, innovative loyalty program into your spa, sauna,or massage business is a highly effective way to create a loyal repeat customer base. Get started today with Stamp Me and find out the power of return business and loyal customers for your wellness business.

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