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Cali Vibes Smoke Shop

Look at how Texas-based Cali Vibes Smoke Shop utilizes its Stamp Me digital loyalty program to retain customers, boost engagement, and create a community of smiling shoppers.

Cali Vibes Smoke Shop


The Texas-based vape shop brand, Cali Vibes, has been bringing industry knowledge to their local communities for over fifteen years. As a leading smoke shop for a wide variety of e-cigarettes, cigars, CBD, vapes, and much more, Cali Vibes has always prioritized the customer experience and made it more than just an over-the-counter transaction.

The Brief

Cali Vibes, in early 2021, was looking for a way to earn their customers’ business through elevated customer service. Teaming up with Stamp Me, they crafted a digital loyalty program that suited their clientele and engaged with them in new and exciting ways.

Key Objectives

Together with Stamp Me, Cali Vibes aimed to: 

  • Create a loyalty program that echoes their brand identity 
  • Reward customers for their loyalty and support 
  • Stimulate repeat visits and foster customer retention 
  • Promote their range of products 
  • Gain invaluable insights into customer data and behavior
  • Deliver targeted communications directly to their customers

How the 

Cali Vibes Smoke Shop

 Loyalty Program Works

Keeping with their relaxed Cali customer experience, Cali Vibes’ loyalty program follows a simple yet effective structure, which is customized from their Stamp Me Merchant Console

Their loyalty program begins with a sign-up reward – a 10% discount on their next purchase. This might seem like a small gesture, but it goes a long way in incentivizing customers to join the loyalty program and engage with it, as they can see immediate value and a compelling reason to join. 

From there, customers simply follow the program by collecting stamps via a QR code presented upon purchase. After 10 stamps are collected, customers earn a generous free item of their choice, with no budget restrictions. This allows for a wide variety of rewards, from their selection of cigars & cigarettes to smoking accessories. 



To engage with their customers, Cali Vibes utilizes Stamp Me’s communications feature to enhance the customer experience and keep their customers up to date on new products and promotions. 

In the form of push notifications and SMS, through the Merchant Console, Cali Vibes can send notifications to either bulk individual members to keep them informed of new products, changing prices, new business hours, upcoming events, or even surprise vouchers, to keep members in the loop and feeling appreciated and recognized. 

Push notifications and SMS ensure that communication isn't just happening in person; they can be enticed back into the shop and contacted whenever needed to keep that relationship strong. 

Birthday Club

Cali Vibes utilized Stamp Me’s Birthday Club feature to make customers feel loved and appreciated on their birthday.,

Customers who have opted in to join the Birthday Club will receive a personalized SMS message and a reward voucher a few days before a birthday, enhancing their emotional connection with the shop.

How Rewards are Redeemed

Reward vouchers are automatically triggered as an in-app voucher, which can be located in the ‘Rewards’ area of the app. 

‍The next time a customer is in the store and wants to claim their reward, they simply select it from the list in the ‘Rewards’ area and press ‘Redeem’. This process activates the animated voucher which states the reward name, and time and date of activation. 

Stamp Me’s animated confetti feature ensures no screenshots can be taken, making it easy for the staff at checkout to validate the reward and ensure a smooth process for customers as well. The voucher will disappear after three minutes or once the user presses ‘complete’.


Cali Vibes Vape Shop has embraced its Stamp Me program and so have its customers! With over 700 loyalty members and thousands of stamps and rewards issued to date, Stamp Me is a key part of their business (and their loyal customers are enjoying the perks too)!

Since implementing the Stamp Me app, Cali Vibes has: 

  • Issued thousands of stamps and rewards through their robust loyalty program 
  • Strengthened the emotional connection between their business and loyal customers 
  • Communicated directly with customers through features such as the Birthday Club 
  • Managed their vape shop loyalty program with ease from their Merchant Console

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