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Crossroads / The Nook

Simple, effective loyalty for healthy choices: Crossroads, and its second location, The Nook, make loyalty easy with their digital program: custom stamp cards, engagement campaigns, & more.

Crossroads / The Nook


Crossroads fuels a healthy lifestyle with two vibrant locations in Iowa: Crossroads Nutrition and The Nook. They offer plant-based shakes, metabolism-boosting teas, and fat-burner shots to curb cravings. Whether seeking a pre-workout boost, a post-workout recovery drink, or a refreshing treat for the whole family, Crossroads aims to make healthy choices accessible and enjoyable. 

Their commitment to plant-based ingredients and energizing options positions them as a go-to destination for those seeking a balanced and flavorful approach to wellness.

The Brief

Crossroads and its second location, The Nook, sought a loyalty program that reflected its commitment to healthy choices and rewarded customers for making wellness a priority. They were looking for a solution that was simple to use for both customers and staff, promoting seamless adoption and ongoing engagement. 

By partnering with Stamp Me, Crossroads aimed to create a digital loyalty program that would increase customer retention, drive repeat visits, and build a community around their brand.

Key Objectives

Together with Stamp Me, Crossroads & The Nook aimed to: 

  • Create a 100% digital loyalty program that would reward customers for repeat purchases 
  • Foster stronger, more personalized connections with customers 
  • Deliver targeted and exciting campaigns for their loyal, health-conscious customers 
  • Communicate regularly with their customers to keep them updated and engaged 

How the 

Crossroads / The Nook

 Loyalty Program Works

Crossroads & The Nook offers two convenient ways for customers to earn stamps in their loyalty program. Customers earn stamps through two primary offers:

Mega Combos: Customers earn one stamp for every Mega Combo purchased. After ten stamps, their eleventh Mega Combo is free.

Mega Teas: Customers earn one stamp for every Mega Tea purchased. After fifteen stamps, their next Mega Tea is free.

In addition to scanning TempCodes in the Stamp Me app, Crossroads offers another convenient way for customers to earn stamps for their on-the-go purchases.

OneStamps is ideal for fast-paced physical businesses, online businesses, or hybrids, eliminating the need for QR codes or in-store devices. Instead, Crossroads & The Nook simply adds QR stickers to their takeaway cups for members to scan. 

When a customer purchases a Mega Tea or Mega Combo, they earn one stamp by scanning the QR code with Stamp Me’s in-app camera. OneStamps offers a crucial advantage for Crossroads: security. The single-use, expiring codes protect against fraud and misuse. 

Not only that, but this method makes it easy for customers to scan at any time, whether it’s when picking up their yummy beverage or in their cars! This makes for a swift and safe stamping process. 

Interested in OneStamps for your business? Check out this short video!


Special Features: 

Crossroads Nutrition’s loyalty program isn’t without its fair share of exciting features. 

Birthday Club 

Crossroads makes birthdays extra special with their Birthday Club! Members receive a delightful "Happy Birthday!" message along with the ultimate treat: a FREE shake of their choice. 

This personalized touch demonstrates just how much Crossroads and The Nook value their loyal customers, making each birthday a memorable occasion and creating an incentive to visit on this special day.

Setting up a Birthday Club takes a matter of minutes, and can be updated at any time. Learn more about this feature here

Push Notifications

Crossroads leverages Stamp Me's Push Notifications to stay connected with loyalty members and drive engagement. 

They utilize this feature for various purposes, including announcing new menu items, exclusive promotions for loyalty members, or just sending a simple 'hello'.

They can send personalized and bulk push notifications and can be easily managed from the Merchant Console

Lapsed Customers 

Crossroads understands the importance of staying connected with even those customers who haven't visited in a while. Their "We've missed you!" campaign leverages Stamp Me's Lapsed Customer feature to automatically reach out to inactive members with an enticing offer. 

A simple message along with the promise of an extra stamp serves as a friendly reminder and encourages them to return.

How Rewards are Redeemed


Since launching their Stamp Me program in June 2023, Crossroads & The Nook have seen significant results, demonstrating the value of their digital loyalty strategy. Here's a look at their success:

  • Impressive Growth: Over 16,000 stamps issued and over 750 redemptions show high customer participation and enthusiasm for the program.
  • Active Community: With nearly 600 active members, Crossroads & The Nook are building a strong base of loyal customers.
  • Repeat Business: The program encourages repeat purchases, boosting customer retention.
  • Staying Connected: Features like Push Notifications and the Lapsed Customer campaign help maintain engagement and strengthen customer relationships.

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