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Exotic Za Vape

Check out how Exotic Za Vape is building a community of loyal vapers with its digital loyalty program. With over a thousand active members, it’s clear that their customers are enjoying the perks!

Exotic Za Vape


Nestled in the heart of New York City, Exotic Za Vape has emerged as a local favorite in the neighborhood. Known for their unique flavor blends and commitment to quality, Exotic Za has cultivated a loyal following in the New York City area through three locations. 

The Brief

Exotic Za sought a way to reward their loyal customers and create a relationship, even outside the store. Teaming up with Stamp Me, they created a simple yet exciting loyalty program that displayed their wide range of products and helped them learn more about their customers. 

Key Objectives

Together with Stamp Me, Exotic Za aimed to: 

  • Incentivize and reward loyal customers, encouraging them to make repeat purchases at their NYC locations 
  • Foster stronger, more personalized connections with their customers 
  • Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences to tailor their offerings and strategies 
  • Utilize their wide range of products to make different offers for their customers 

How the 

Exotic Za Vape

 Loyalty Program Works

Exotic Za enhances shopping at its NYC locations with three custom loyalty cards, one for each location, that utilize different products to keep interest and engagement high. 

They also make sure to attract attention with a custom stamp icon and their business logo, to differentiate their cards from others. This is a small but important feature that allows them to express their personality and brand identity. 

Exotic Za Vape offers a simple, "Buy 10, Get 1 Free" stamp card for each of their locations, where after making ten qualifying purchases on any Exotic Za products, they earn a freebie, which can be applied to a range of smoking accessories and blends.

The "Buy 10, Get 1 Free" principle, making it easy for customers to track their progress and enjoy their rewards.


How Rewards are Redeemed

Once a customer has collected 10 stamps, members will automatically receive a reward voucher which is stored in their ‘Rewards’ area of the Stamp Me app and can be claimed when they’re next in-store. 

This voucher can be applied to a wide range of products, highlighting that customers can redeem their stamps for a range of rewards such as free vape liquids, vape kits, and much more. 

To redeem the voucher, customers press ‘Redeem Now’ when in-store, and simply present the animated and time-stamped voucher screen to a registered staff member, who then applies the voucher to their purchase.


Numbers talk: Exotic Za Vape's new digital loyalty program quickly showed positive results. With over a thousand active members, it’s clear Stamp Me is a key part of their business strategy.

  • Strong participation: With over 19,500 stamps issued and over 1,400 redemptions, the program highlights a significant level of customer participation. 
  • Exotic Za has strengthened the connection between its brand and the customers who love them 
  • They have gained access to invaluable customer data which they can use to better tailor offers and improve their marketing strategy 

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