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IGA Youngtown

Groceries just got more rewarding at IGA Youngtown! Discover how their simple digital punch card loyalty program, powered by Stamp Me, has boosted foot traffic, repeat business, and customer satisfaction.

IGA Youngtown


IGA Youngtown is a family-owned supermarket with a rich history in Tasmania. Started in the 1980s by Ted and Fulvia French, the business has grown and evolved over the decades and is now led by the second generation, Michael and Sarah. 

With a commitment to its local community, IGA Youngtown has recently expanded its offerings to include online shopping, making it easier for customers to access quality products and friendly service.

The Brief

IGA Youngtown wanted to refresh its approach to customer loyalty, aiming for a modern and engaging solution that would resonate with its valued shoppers. They sought a simple and accessible program that would not only reward loyal customers but elevate the customer experience.

Key Objectives

Together with Stamp Me, IGA Youngtown aimed to:

  • Implement a user-friendly digital loyalty program that would resonate with their existing customers and attract new ones
  • Incentivize repeat visits and foster customer loyalty by offering tangible rewards for frequent shopping
  • Foster stronger, more personalized connections with customers

How the 

IGA Youngtown

 Loyalty Program Works

IGA Youngtown’s loyalty program is designed with simplicity and customer convenience at its core. 

The program operates on a "Visit 5 Times, Get 10% Off" model, encouraging repeat visits. Each time a customer shops at IGA Youngtown, they earn a digital stamp on their card. Once they've collected five stamps, they receive a 10% discount on their next purchase.

This straightforward approach to loyalty rewards not only incentivizes repeat visits but also streamlines the process for customers, making it easy for them to participate and reap the benefits.

To ensure fair usage and prevent abuse, the program incorporates a time delay feature. After a stamp, customers need to wait a set period before earning their next one. This time delay is customizable in their Merchant Console and adds an extra layer of security to the program.


For stamping, IGA Youngtown utilizes the StampPod™ as its primary method. This smart device sits comfortably on its four POS countertops and works using 'tap and go' technology. 

Customers simply need to tap their phone on the pod to collect a stamp after making a qualifying purchase. This method keeps stamping safe and secure, while also minimizing contact and speeding the stamping process. 

The StampPod™ is perfect for any retail business, including grocery stores, as it offers a seamless and secure way to issue stamps in a busy environment. 

To successfully launch and promote their new loyalty program, IGA Youngtown employed a multi-faceted approach:

In-Store Marketing:

Eye-catching custom posters, designed to reflect IGA Youngtown's brand personality, were strategically placed throughout the store to raise awareness and inform customers about the new loyalty program.

Community Outreach:

To reach an even wider audience and encourage sign-ups, a targeted letterbox drop campaign was conducted in the surrounding neighborhoods, introducing the new loyalty program to the community. 

Additionally, an enticing sign-up reward was offered during the launch period to further incentivize early adoption.

Digital Marketing:

Custom-designed social media tiles were shared across IGA Youngtown's social media channels to generate buzz and excitement around the program.

How Rewards are Redeemed

Reward vouchers are automatically triggered as an in-app voucher, which can be located in the ‘Rewards’ area of the app. 

‍The next time a customer is in the store and wants to claim their discount, they simply select it from the list in the ‘Rewards’ area and press ‘Redeem’. This process activates the animated voucher which states the reward name, and time and date of activation. 

Stamp Me’s animated confetti feature ensures no screenshots can be taken, making it easy for the staff at checkout to validate the reward and ensure a smooth process for customers as well. 


IGA Youngtown's digital loyalty program has quickly proven to be a success, generating impressive results:

High engagement: The program has garnered over 300 members, demonstrating strong customer interest. 

Consistent participation: Over 2,000 stamps have been issued, indicating frequent visits and active engagement with the program.

Tangible rewards: With hundreds of rewards redeemed, it’s clear that the program has been successful in incentivizing repeat business.

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