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Hair & Beauty

Kabuki Hair

Kabuki Hair Studio in Adelaide, Australia, have been using Stamp Me since 2016 to ensure they nurture a relationship with their customers to keep them returning.

Kabuki Hair


Kabuki Hair is Adelaide’s leading boutique salon, creating VIP hair cutting experiences for both men and women.

Since 2001 they have been providing expert cutting, styling, colouring, and a wide range of other hair, beauty and spa services, care of their award-winning staff.

Kabuki Hair approached us way back in 2016 to assist them with setting up a digital loyalty program. The brief was simply that they wanted a way to reward their customer’s loyalty, to build a relationship with them to keep them coming back.

Having been impressed with the simplicity and functionality of the digital punch card app, they have been enjoying the program and all the additional features we have been implementing over the years, ever since!

The Brief

Key Objectives

The primary goals that Kabuki Hair and Stamp Me strived to achieve with a digital loyalty solution were to:

  • Strengthen the emotional connection between the business and its customers so they didn’t stray to a competitor
  • Motivate customers to come back to Kabuki Hair to fulfil their repeat haircut and beauty needs
  • Keep their brand front-of-mind for existing customers
  • Gain valuable data and insights into their customers

How the 

Kabuki Hair

 Loyalty Program Works

This loyalty program generously rewards customers for patronising the Kabuki salon – and keeps them coming back!

If a customer spends over $40 in a visit, they receive a stamp on their digital punch card at the cashier. At stamp number six, a reward voucher is automatically triggered and stored, ready for them to redeem on their next visit.

Kabuki Hair allows their customers to choose one of three gifted services:

  • Full body spray tan
  • A mini manicure
  • Luxury moisture treatment + 10 minute head & neck massage

To claim, they simply need to tell the staff which service they want for free when they book their appointment. Providing multiple reward choices is a great idea to empower customers and offers a freebie for every preference!

To ensure that customers don’t leave it too long before they come back to redeem their reward, Kabuki have set a 90 day reward expiry date, which is detailed on the digital stamp card.


Kabuki Hair uses our unique StampPod to issue stamps to their clients. This smart device sits comfortably on their POS countertop and works using 'tap and go' technology. Customers simply need to tap their phone on the pod to collect stamps. This method keeps stamping safe and secure, while also minimizing contact and speeding the stamping process for a busy salon like Kabuki Hair!

Liking the sound of our StampPod? Take a look at this helpful video.

Kabuki Hair makes sure that all customers know about their Stamp Me loyalty program by using a variety of different promotional techniques:

In-store Posters

Posters advertising the Stamp Me loyalty program are positioned around the salon which means customers become aware of the program when they are enjoying their treatment.

Posters are a simple way to let people know the program exists.

Join Cards

When their salon is busy, or when a customer wants to join the program in their own time, Kabuki Hair hands out join cards.

These are small business cards with instructions on how to download the app, and a QR join code specifically for their business. Customers scan the QR join code through the app in order to sign-up to the loyalty program so they can collect stamps on their next visit.


To announce the launch of their loyalty program back in 2016, Kabuki sent out an email to their mailing list via their email marketing platform. We also imported this contact database so that all their customers were signed up to their loyalty program. New loyalty contacts are also synced through a MailChimp integration.

Once a customer has joined your loyalty program, it’s always a good idea to send them a welcome email.

How Rewards are Redeemed


Since adopting the Stamp Me app, Kabuki Hair have been enjoying all the benefits of the program including:

  • Repeat purchases/visits thanks to incentivisation
  • A strengthened emotional connection between their business and customer
  • Ensuring their brand is front-of-mind for their customer’s hair and beauty needs
  • Insights into customer purchasing behaviours
  • The seamless syncing of new loyalty program users to their email marketing platform

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