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Motte's Cafe Verde Real Mexican

Discover how Motte's Cafe Verde, a popular Mexican restaurant in Canada, has leveraged a digital punch-card program to bolster customer engagement and retention.

Motte's Cafe Verde Real Mexican


Motte’s Cafe Verde Mexican restaurant, based in Alberta, Canada, is committed to delivering an authentic Mexican culinary experience with top-notch local ingredients. Their deeply rooted community presence comes from the incredible value they offer, alongside their immersive Mexican ambiance and delicious food.

The Brief

In late 2020, in the aftermath of the pandemic, Motte’s Cafe Verde decided to pivot their strategy in order to start rewarding their loyal customers and incentivize new customers to engage more closely with their restaurant. 

They required a straightforward, efficient, and intuitive loyalty strategy to meet these objectives. Cafe Verde chose Stamp Me as their loyalty provider to create their unique and 100% contactless digital loyalty program. 

Key Objectives

Together with Stamp Me, Cafe Verde strived to:

  • Create a loyalty program that echoed their brand identity
  • Reward customers for their loyalty and support 
  • Stimulate repeat patronage and foster customer retention
  • Promote their most popular menu items 
  • Gain crucial insights into customer data and behavior
  • Deliver targeted communications directly to their customers

How the 

Motte's Cafe Verde Real Mexican

 Loyalty Program Works

Cafe Verde’s loyalty program follows a simple yet effective multi-reward structure, which is customized from their Stamp Me Merchant Console. 

Their loyalty program begins with a sign up reward - a 10% discount voucher off their bill. This strategy incentivizes customers to join the loyalty program and engage with it, as they see immediate value and a compelling reason to join. 

From there, customers simply follow the program by collecting stamps via a QR code presented upon purchase, to receive interim rewards along the way. This keeps momentum and excitement high. 

The interim rewards include: 

3 stamps = 10% Discount 

6 stamps = Free Soda 

9 stamps = Free Chips & Salsa 

The main reward, complete after 12 stamps, is a generous free enchilada meal. 

This robust rewards scheme with a sign-up reward and plenty of interim rewards, cultivates customer loyalty gradually over time, by providing constant incentives, instead of just one at the end.


Special Features

In addition to their stamp card, Cafe Verde have utilized special features within the Stamp Me platform.  

Birthday Club

The Birthday Club is a great campaign to make customers feel loved, which is easily set up and managed for all members in the Merchant Console. 

Once activated, a customer is prompted by an in-app notification to join the businesses Birthday Club. On, or a few days before their special day, they’ll receive a personalized message and a reward voucher, to enhance their emotional connection with the restaurant. 

Cafe Verde’s birthday message is sent five days before a birthday. Customers will receive a push notification, saying “Happy Birthday from Cafe Verde! Come and celebrate at Cafe Verde with 25% off the meal of your choice!”. A reward voucher for a 25% discount is sent to their account with an expiry of five days.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are the secret weapon for every successful digital loyalty program, as it can boost sales on quiet days or notify customers of upcoming promotions or events. 

For Cafe Verde, push notifications are sent from their Merchant Console about new menu items, changing in prices, new business hours, or even surprise vouchers, to keep members up-to-date and feeling appreciated and recognized.

Push notifications ensure that communication isn’t just happening in person; they can be enticed back into the restaurant and contacted whenever needed to keep that relationship strong.

Lapsed Customer Messaging 

If a member has stopped collecting stamps for a certain period of time, Cafe Verde have set up Lapsed Customer Messaging from their Merchant Console.

This campaign automatically re-engages the customers wherever they are in their loyalty journey, through a personalized message, to entice them to come back.

How Rewards are Redeemed

Once a customer has filled their card with 12 stamps, the main reward is automatically triggered as an in-app voucher, which can be located in the ‘Rewards’ area of the app. 

The next time a customer is in the store and wants to claim their reward, they simply select it from the list in the ‘Rewards’ area and press ‘Redeem’. This process activates the animated voucher which states the reward name, and time and date of activation. The animated confetti feature ensures no screenshots can be taken, making it easy for the staff at checkout to validate the reward, and ensure a smooth process for customers as well. 

The voucher will disappear after three minutes or once the user presses ‘complete’. 


Cafe Verde have embraced their Stamp Me program and so have their customers! With over 400 loyalty members and thousands of stamps and rewards issued to date, it’s clear Stamp Me is a key part of their business (and that their loyal customers are enjoying the perks too)!

Since adopting the Stamp Me app, Motte’s Cafe Verde have:

  • Encouraged repeat purchases to boost customer retention
  • Created a personalized, robust loyalty program
  • Engaged and targeted communications directly to customers, through features such as the Birthday Club 
  • Managed their loyalty program independently from their Stamp Me’s Merchant Console
  • Strengthened the emotional connection between their business and loyal customers

If you own or manage a restaurant, contact us today about how we can help you to create a simple digital loyalty program just like this one, to boost loyalty and retention with your customers.

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If you own or manage a restaurant, contact us today about how we can help you to create a simple digital loyalty program just like this one, to boost loyalty and retention with your customers.