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Nautilus Fitness

Get inspired by Nautilus Fitness' creative gym loyalty program, featuring unique rewards and seasonal campaigns that celebrate every milestone. See how they boost engagement and motivation!

Nautilus Fitness


Founded in 2021, Nautilus Fitness is a Texas-based fitness center with three locations. They offer state-of-the-art gym facilities and diverse group classes, including Aqua, Cycle, Yoga, and more. 

Nautilus strives to create a welcoming environment for all fitness levels, empowering members to improve their health, reduce stress, and gain confidence through enjoyable exercise. 

They are committed to providing innovative programs, expert instruction, and cutting-edge equipment to support their members' fitness journeys.

The Brief

Nautilus Fitness was on the lookout for a loyalty program that would complement their creative seasonal campaigns and give them a deeper understanding of their gym community. They wanted a solution that would reward loyal members, spark excitement, and build a stronger fitness family.

Key Objectives

Together with Stamp Me, Nautilus Fitness aimed to: 

  • Create a digital loyalty program that engages their loyal clients through seasonal campaigns and encourages cycle class visits 
  • Promote their range of merchandise 
  • Stimulate repeat visits and customer retention 
  • Inspire their gym lovers to continue on their fitness journey with Nautilus

How the 

Nautilus Fitness

 Loyalty Program Works

Nautilus Fitness implemented a dual-pronged loyalty program to maximize member engagement and reward consistent participation.

Ride Rewards (Ongoing):

This campaign focuses on their popular Cycle classes. Members earn stamps for every ride they complete, and these stamps translate into exciting rewards:

  • 50 Rides: T-Shirt
  • 100 Rides: Water Bottle
  • 200 Rides: Workout Towel
  • 300 Rides: Baseball Cap

Importantly, these rewards enhance the cycling experience and double as stylish Nautilus Fitness gear, helping members show off their dedication while spreading the word about their favorite gym.

Seasonal Campaigns:

Alongside the Ride Rewards, Nautilus Fitness runs unique, themed campaigns throughout the year. 

These campaigns offer a fresh way to motivate members and keep things interesting. For example, their recent "All in for Summer 2024" campaign awarded a T-shirt to members who collected 16 stamps from participating in 45-minute (or longer) classes. 

This approach not only showcases the diverse range of classes Nautilus offers, attracting a wide array of members but also turns those members into brand advocates by rewarding them with their branded merchandise. 

To distinguish their stamp cards, Nautilus uses a custom stamp icon for their seasonal campaigns. To make the rewarding experience more delightful, they also have created custom reward vouchers for the Ride campaign. 


How Rewards are Redeemed

Once a customer has collected the required amount of stamps for a particular reward, members will automatically receive a reward voucher which is stored in their ‘Rewards’ area of the Stamp Me app and can be claimed when they’re next in-store. 

To redeem the voucher, customers press ‘Redeem Now’ when in-store, and simply present the animated and time-stamped voucher screen to a registered staff member, who then applies the voucher and issues their reward.

With a simple stamping and redemption process, Nautilus lets members focus on what matters most: enjoying their workouts and feeling rewarded for their dedication.


Together with Stamp Me, Nautilus Fitness has created an innovative take on gym loyalty programs. And let’s just say – the numbers talk! With hundreds of active members, the program is resonating with their community and driving engagement. 

Strong participation: Over 10,500 stamps issued showcase a high level of customer participation, indicating that members are actively engaged in earning rewards.

Strengthened community: The program has fostered a stronger connection between Nautilus Fitness and its members, creating a sense of belonging and shared goals.

Boosted Brand Awareness: Rewarding members with branded merchandise has extended Nautilus' reach beyond the gym, turning loyal customers into walking billboards and attracting new members.

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