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Pet Wants

Pet Wants, a US-based pet food store, teamed up with Stamp Me to create a loyalty program that not only promotes healthy nutrition choices for pets, but drives customer retention and engagement.

Pet Wants


The Pet Wants retail franchise was born out of a desire to change the way we feed our furry family members. Turning away from mass-produced pet food, Pet Wants were interested in “Farm-To-Table” and “small batch” products that promote health and vitality for our much loved pets. They sell their products online, or via retail outlets.

The Brief

With multiple locations across the US and Canada, a popular store in Vancouver & Portland North were looking to create a digital loyalty program that would reward their customers, and keep them coming back.

They approached Stamp Me in 2022 for a simple digital loyalty program to encourage customers to make healthier nutrition choices for pets, foster a deeper brand connection, whilst they benefited from rich customer data (and happy customers!).

Key Objectives

Together with Stamp Me, Pet Wants strived to: 

  • Create a custom loyalty program that promoted healthy pet food 
  • Reward customers for their loyalty and support 
  • Encourage them to spend more to reach the threshold for gaining loyalty stamps
  • Gain crucial insights into customer behavior and data 
  • Deliver targeted and personalized communications directly to their customers 
  • Surprise and delight loyalty customers with special offers and sales, to drive customer engagement 

How the 

Pet Wants

 Loyalty Program Works

The Pet Wants loyalty program is straightforward and managed from their Stamp Me Merchant Console

The program starts with a sign up reward, which is a free stamp automatically added to their card when someone downloads and joins the Pet Wants program. This strategy incentivizes customers to sign up to the loyalty program, as they have an immediate, compelling reason to join. 

Pet Wants has one stamp card, consisting of five stamps, which is valid for use in-store and online. To receive a stamp, customers need to spend a minimum of $20 on any Pet Wants products. 

To issue the stamps in-person, customers scan a QR code which is presented when they qualify by the staff. For online orders, Pet Wants sticks a unique, one-time OneStamp within packaging, so that customers can scan it at home, to receive their stamp. These codes are a one-use and secure way to issue stamps remotely, when there is no face-to-face interaction with the end consumer.

A time delay between stamping is set up for more control over in-person customer stamping. This can easily be adjusted in their Merchant Console at any time. 

Pet Wants have customized their stamp card with a dog paw to represent a stamp (rather than the default red Stamp Me circle). This is a great and simple way to make the stamp card stand out and reflect the brand identity to their customer base. 



Pet Wants are strong utilizers of Stamp Me’s communications capabilities. They frequently take advantage of free push notifications, which they can either send directly to individual members, or in bulk to everyone, from their Merchant Console. This feature takes a matter of minutes to organize and can simply be a message, or customized with reward vouchers attached.

Communicating with their loyal members helps to keep engagement high, even when customers aren’t shopping, and makes them aware of any special offers. They can be used to send product update information, to remind lapsed customers to return to the store, remind them of their unclaimed reward, or just to say a simple hello. 

Pet Wants also likes to Surprise & Delight customers with spontaneous ways to earn stamps via push notifications. For instance, they have previously sent this message:

“Wanna earn a free stamp?!?! Like Pet Wants Vancouver on Facebook and/or Instagram and share any page to earn a free stamp!”

This is a great way to spark their members’ interest and provide them with alternative ways to earn stamps or rewards. This also keeps the brand front-of-mind for the member.


In order to promote their loyalty program, Pet Wants use small join cards which they distribute to their customers. They contain more information about their loyalty program, with a QR code to scan to join.

This is a great way to give the customer more information, and allows them to join the program in their own time. They are handed out at the checkout in a conversation about the loyalty program and they’re also enclosed within online orders, allowing customers to be educated and join the program independently.

Staff are also big advocates of the program, and are educated to ask all customers to join, if they haven’t already. 

How Rewards are Redeemed

Once the customer has collected five stamps, members will automatically receive a $20 in-app voucher which is stored in their ‘Rewards’ area of the Stamp Me app and can be claimed when they’re next in store. 

The program admins have also set up an instant email alert which notifies them when someone achieves a reward so that they can get a heads up.

To redeem the voucher, customers press ‘Redeem Now’ when in store, and simply present the animated voucher screen to a registered staff member who then applies it to their purchase. 

The voucher can be redeemed on a range of fresh dog and cat food, treats, natural chews, supplements, pet supplies, toys, and pet spa products. 


With thousands of stamps issued since the program started in 2022, it’s clear that the Pet Wants loyalty program has been immensely successful so far, and their loyal customer base continues to grow each and every day.

Together with Stamp Me, Pet Wants have:

  • Created a simple digital loyalty program with hundreds of members joined
  • Rewarded and engaged their loyal customers through communications 
  • Surprised & Delighted members when they aren’t in the store 
  • Gained vital customer data, accessed and managed from their Merchant Console
  • Managed to increase the basket size of customers to achieve loyalty stamps

“Our customers absolutely LOVE our rewards program! We have seen such great success with customers adding onto their orders to get over the $20 mark just to get their stamp. It keeps our customers coming back and has proved great brand loyalty…We are exceptionally happy with Stamp Me’s reward system.” 

  • Jennifer Hope, Owner/Organizer of Chaos at Pet Wants Vancouver & Portland North

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