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Sticky AF

Discover how Sticky AF Vape partnered with Stamp Me to create a 100% digital loyalty program for their online business, boosting sales and customer growth within their first year.

Sticky AF


Sticky AF, a California-based vape & smoke shop, has quickly made a splash with its unique product selection and focus on customer engagement. 

As an online/delivery-only business, Sticky AF focuses on bringing exciting products and services to their customers, while maintaining a strong social media presence. 

The Brief

Sticky AF aimed to elevate its customer experience by introducing a digital loyalty program that would cater to its business model and needs while keeping up repeat purchases. 

By partnering with Stamp Me, Sticky AF introduced a modern, user-friendly loyalty program to deepen customer engagement and reflect their brand values. 

Key Objectives

Together with Stamp Me, Sticky AF aimed to:

  • Create a 100% digital loyalty program that would reward customers for repeat online purchases
  • Foster stronger, more personalized connections with customers 
  • Gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences 
  • Deliver targeted and exciting campaigns for their loyal customers

How the 

Sticky AF

 Loyalty Program Works

Sticky AF relies on Stamp Me's OneStamps for a seamless stamping process within their 12-stamp loyalty program. This method is ideal for online businesses, eliminating the need for QR codes or in-store devices. Instead, Sticky AF adds QR stickers to their products for members to scan.

When a customer receives their Sticky AF order, they earn one stamp by scanning the QR code with Stamp Me's in-app camera. OneStamps offers a crucial advantage for Sticky AF and other online businesses: security. The single-use, expiring codes protect against fraud and misuse.

Want to learn more about OneStamps? Check out this short video!


Special Features 

Sticky AF goes beyond basic rewards with smart email integration, allowing them to connect with loyal customers in real time. They also tap into other Stamp Me features to maintain strong communication and customer engagement.

For instance, they utilize Stamp Me’s Lapsed Customer campaign feature, which allows you to automatically reach out to customers who have not had any activity for a while, nudging them to return. After 14 days of inactivity, Sticky AD sends a friendly reminder like: 

“It’s time to get Sticky! Did you know we just dropped 6 new Sticky Stickz flavors?

Additionally, they send personalized and bulk push notifications to promote new products, social media discounts, and more. All of these messages are easily managed from the Push Notifications area of the Merchant Console.

How Rewards are Redeemed

After collecting 12 stamps, customers receive a celebratory in-app pop-up message and an email with a voucher code for a $75 Mystery Bundle.

To redeem their reward, they simply email Sticky AF their redemption code, mailing address, and email screenshot. 

Each Mystery Bundle is packed with a variety of Sticky products – think merchandise, dab tools, and other surprises!

This reward perfectly reflects the brand's fun personality, adding a touch of mystery and excitement to its loyalty program.


Since embracing their Stamp Me program in July of 2022, they’ve seen impressive customer growth in their first year and a half. With over 1,400 active members, it’s clear Stamp Me is a key part of their business strategy (and that their loyal smoke lovers are enjoying the perks too)!

Since implementing the Stamp Me app, Sticky AF has: 

  • Issued hundreds of stamps through their 100% online loyalty program
  • Encouraged repeat purchases to boost customer retention 
  • Maintained engagement through features such as Lapsed Customers 
  • Communicated regularly with their loyal members, to keep them up to date with new promotions, strengthening the emotional connection between their business and loyal members  

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