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Tenaga Kava

Serving rejuvenating drinks from around the world, Florida-based Tenaga Kava uses Stamp Me as an integral part of their day-to-day operations & marketing.

Tenaga Kava


Bringing a taste of the South Pacific to Florida, the sanctuary style shop front of Tenaga Kava offers a range of relaxing and energising kava drinks.

With a mission of connection and encouraging #TenagaTribe friendship, the staff promote and champion a sense of belonging at Tenaga Kava for all their customers.

Stamp Me has provided the shop with an important piece of the relationship puzzle – our digital loyalty program and marketing tool.

Having registered hundreds of loyal customers, who collect over hundreds of stamps a day, Tenaga Kava have proven to be fantastic users of their Stamp Me program.

The Brief

Key Objectives

The primary objectives Tenaga Kava were looking to achieve with a Stamp Me loyalty program were to:

  • Support the businesses' focus on building community and emotional connection with customers
  • Offer a loyalty program that matches their online-based marketing strategy
  • Encourage repeat visitation and brand loyalty
  • Communicate with customers through a range of mediums
  • Keep the Tenaga Kava connection front-of-mind for existing customers

How the 

Tenaga Kava

 Loyalty Program Works

To incentivise new sign-ups and to demonstrate the kind of benefits that come from joining their loyalty program, Tenaga Kava offers a free Kava, Halfsie, or Cold Tea reward right away when people join.

Sharing the love with this generous sign-up reward, Tenaga Kava are destined to convert their paradise-hunting clientele into regular #TenagaTribe members.

Their main program operates by issuing a stamp for every $12 spent. Once the customer has collected 10 stamps, a $12 freebee is sent to their Stamp Me account in the form of an in-app voucher.

The customer can then claim their reward on their next visit, by showing the animated, countdown voucher screen to the Tenaga bartenders on checkout.

Sign Up Reward

On sign up, customers receive a free Free Kava, Halfsie, or Cold Tea.

This provides great incentive for customers to join both in store and online, drawing them in to spend it for a taste of what Tenaga Kava has to offer.

Main Program

$12.00 off next purchase after 10 stamps.

Customers collect a stamp for every $12 spent in store. After 10 stamps, they get $12 off their next purchase on any of their products!


At Tenaga Kava, staff award their stamps manually via a web-based Merchant Console which they leave open on their store computer.

They simply select their stamp card, search the customer by name or email, and apply the relevant number of stamps to their customer’s digital stamp card.

Website & Social Media

Tenaga Kava loves their loyalty program so much that they even have a whole page dedicated to Stamp Me on their website.

This page is an easy to read step-by-step guide that can help draw in customers that are searching for their new favorite drink spot, and retain existing customers that have sought out more information after an enjoyable time at Tenaga Kava.

Staff Ambassadorship

To ensure that customers don’t miss out on all the rewards they could receive, the staff at Tenaga Kava ensure they ask customers face-to-face if they’d like to join. This is where their sign up reward comes in handy. A freebie for just downloading an app – yes please!


Tenaga Kava also features some of our marketing posters in store. Hanging near the register, customers have the opportunity to notice to program themselves, and can ask more questions if they are interested to join.

How Rewards are Redeemed

Once the Tenaga Kava local has collected the last stamp on their card, this triggers an in-app reward voucher to be sent to their account, to be used on their next visit. The card refreshes and the customer is ready to start collecting Stamps all over again.

The next time the customer is in-store and wishes to claim their $12 off voucher, they simply select the reward in their list, press ‘Redeem’ and show the staff at the register the time-and-date-stamped animated screen, in exchange for their reward.

The voucher disappears after 3 minutes or once the user presses ‘complete’.


Since implementing a Stamp Me digital loyalty program in early 2020, it has become an integral part of Tenaga Kava’s business.

Thanks to Stamp Me, Tenaga Kava have now:

  • Identified and rewarded their loyal customer base
  • Built a fun and easy-to-use digital loyalty program that’s always accessible via the customer's phone
  • Created a network of communication with customers
  • Incentivised a growing and consistent loyal customer base and a #TenagaTribe

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