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The Other Place is Greener

Located in Colorado in the USA, cannabis retail store The Other Place is Greener have been using Stamp Me since 2018 to keep customers loyal & increase retention.

The Other Place is Greener


Stocking award-winning locally sourced cannabis and cannabis paraphernalia, The Other Place is Greener is a boutique-style independently owned store in the town of Trinidad in Colorado, the United States.

Since 2017, their marijuana retail store has been Trinidad’s best dispensary, offering expert guidance to fulfil their customers medical and recreational needs.

And since 2018, Stamp Me has been fulfilling The Other Place Is Greener’s need for winning their customer’s loyalty – resulting in well over 1,000 repeat customers using their digital stamp card.

The Brief

Key Objectives

The primary objectives that The Other Place is Greener were looking to achieve with a Stamp Me loyalty program were to:

  • Make their business stand out from within a saturated competitor market
  • Connect and communicate with their previously anonymous customers
  • Keep the Other Place is Greener front-of-mind for their existing customers
  • Motivate customers new and old to come back to their store to make regular purchases
  • Reward customers for their patronage and build a positive emotional connection to the brand

How the 

The Other Place is Greener

 Loyalty Program Works

For every regular ounce purchased, the customer gets a stamp on their digital punch card, issued by scanning a QR Stamp Code.

Once they’ve collected 9 stamps, a reward of a free $50 ounce of cannabis from any shelf, is automatically triggered, and added to their account.

The next time the customer visits the retail store, they simply select the reward from their list within the Stamp Me app, press ‘redeem’ and show the staff the animated, time and date stamped e-voucher to get given their free ounce!

Once the card has been filled, it refreshes ready for the fun to begin all over again!

Step 1: Customer receives a stamp on the app for every ounce purchased

Step 2: When they reach stamp 9, the reward triggers. A voucher is added to their account

Step 3: Customer shows reward voucher to staff on their next visit

Step 4: Staff give the customer a free $50 ounce of cannabis of their choice

Sign-up Reward

To provide an irresistible upfront incentive for people to join their loyalty program, the Other Place is Greener offers everyone a free pre-rolled joint.

The great thing about this is now that the customer is onboard with their loyalty program, the store has the opportunity to convert the customer into a regular.

And that’s especially the case if collecting their free pre-roll is the first time they’ve ever paid a visit to the store!

Birthday Club

The Other Place is Greener has set up an automated Birthday Club from within their Merchant Console, which is a feature included in their Pro plan subscription.

7 days before the customer’s birthday, they receive an automated SMS text message and a complimentary pre roll reward which is sent to their account. The text message reads: “Happy Birthday from The Other Place is Greener. Stop in and receive a $1.00 Pre-Roll as a gift from us.

The reward is set with a validity period of 7 days (clearly displayed on the reward).

This short validity period encourages the customer to head back into the store promptly (and no doubt purchase something else whilst they are there).


The Other Place is Greener uses a range of methods to promote their Stamp Me loyalty program. Here is a snapshot of just a few marketing techniques:

In-store Posters

Large, customised advertising posters are positioned around the store promoting their cannabis loyalty program offer to customers.

The poster displays the store’s Join QR code (which when scanned, joins customers to their stamp card without giving stamps) along with the clear message ‘9 STAMP = $50 OUNCE’.

The posters are laminated to give them extra protection against bumps and scuffs.

Staff Ambassadorship

The staff at The Other Place is Greener are awesome advocates of Stamp Me and make sure everyone knows about the rewards they could get if they join!

A great way to get people joined up instantly is to mention the sign-up reward to the customer at the cashier. For example, “would you like a free pre-roll by joining our digital loyalty program today?” Of course your first thought is ‘why not!’

This just proves how powerful a sign up reward can be!

Join Cards

When the store is busy, or when a customer wants to join their loyalty program in their own time, The Other Place is Greener hands out join cards.

These are small business cards with instructions on how to download the app, and a QR join code specifically for their business.

Customers scan the QR join code through the app in order to sign-up to the loyalty program so they can collect stamps on their next visit (and not forgetting also receive their sign-up pre-roll!)

How Rewards are Redeemed


Since implementing the Stamp Me digital loyalty app back in 2018, The Other Place is Greener continues to receive great customer feedback about the user-friendly digital rewards app.

Thanks to Stamp Me, the store have now:

  • Offered a point of difference to stand out against their competitors
  • Built a positive emotional connection between the brand and the customer
  • Incentivised customers to make repeat purchases, instead of straying to a competitor
  • Got the ability to communicate with their customers through SMS text messages, push notifications and emails

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