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Wax and Beans

Discover how this UK cafe Wax and Beans utilizes Stamp Me to strengthen customer connections and create moments of joy with every visit (and sip!).

Wax and Beans


Wax and Beans, nestled within a historic Grade II listed building in Bury, is more than just a record store. It's a haven for music lovers and caffeine enthusiasts alike. With a curated selection of new and used vinyl, cozy seating areas, and a delectable menu of drinks and treats, Wax and Beans invites you to linger. 

Spin a record before you buy it, savor a coffee while catching up with friends, or simply soak in the melodies and welcoming atmosphere.

The Brief

With its unique blend of music, coffee, and community, Wax and Beans sought to enhance its customer loyalty initiatives. The business aimed to develop a loyalty program that would resonate with its core values and encourage repeat visits.

Key Objectives

Together with Stamp Me, Wax and Beans aimed to: 

  • Create a digital loyalty program that engages their loyal customers and reflects their brand
  • Rewards customers for loyalty and repeat visits
  • Gain crucial insights into customer data and behavior 
  • Regularly engage with loyal customers through exciting campaigns and communications 
  • Create personal relationships with their customers

How the 

Wax and Beans

 Loyalty Program Works

Wax and Beans' loyalty program delivers both simplicity and reward with its 'Get Your 9th Brew Free!' stamp card. The program is fully customizable and seamlessly managed through their Stamp Me Merchant Console.

A clever sign-up reward offers a free stamp upon joining, instantly enticing customers and demonstrating the program's value. Customers then effortlessly collect stamps using a StampTag, which is a portable, secure tag using "tap and go" technology that is worn around the neck on a lanyard by their staff, making it easy for them to issue stamps while on the go or at the POS.

a Stamp Card that offers 'tap & go' technology with each beverage purchase. After eight visits, the main reward arrives – a free drink of their choice!

This straightforward approach fosters customer loyalty from the first stamp. Combined with Stamp Me's features, Wax and Beans offers a truly engaging loyalty experience.


Special Features

Wax and Beans enhance its loyalty program with several special features. 

Push notifications offer a powerful way to generate excitement and re-engage with customers. They can either send directly to individual members, or in bulk to everyone, from their Merchant Console. This feature takes minutes to organize and can simply be a message, or customized with reward vouchers attached. 

In Wax and Beans’ case, they use these to announce new and exclusive vinyl arrivals, promote special in-store events, or offer members-only promotions. 

As well as this, their Scratch and Win game adds a touch of fun with a 10% chance of an instant reward for a free drink. Setting this exciting campaign up is a breeze: right from the Merchant Console, they simply fill out the form, noting the prize, odds, and how often they want it to appear in the app, and that’s it!

How Rewards are Redeemed


Since launching its Stamp Me program, Wax and Beans have seen positive growth and a deeper connection with its customers. With over 250 active loyalty members, it's clear Stamp Me is a key part of their business strategy (and their customers love more than just their groovy records!).

Since adopting the Stamp Me app, Wax and Beans has: 

  • Issued well over 5,000 stamps and over 800 total redemptions to their loyal customers
  • Created a robust and personalized loyalty program 
  • Strengthened the connection between their unique brand and the customers who love them
  • Engaged consistently with their members through exciting and easy-to-manage campaigns and communications

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