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waXon Fuzz Off

Dallas-based waxing & beauty salon waXon Fuzz Off love rewarding their clients! With three different stamp cards, they ensure there is a reward for everyone.

waXon Fuzz Off


Servicing the city of Red Oak and surrounding suburbs of Dallas in the United States, waXon Fuzz Off offers waxing and other beauty services to clients in their comfortable salon setting.

In the summer of 2020, after years of looking for a suitable digital loyalty program to no avail, the owner of waXon Fuzz Off stumbled upon Stamp Me and realised it was the ideal solution to incentivise and reward repeat bookings.

In addition to two digital stamp cards for waxing services, they also have an eyelash extension offer to ensure all their clients get rewarded.

Here’s how their program works!

The Brief

Key Objectives

The primary objectives that waXon Fuzz Off were looking to achieve with a Stamp Me loyalty program were to:

  • Offer clients a fun and modern alternative to a paper punch-card with added ‘hype’
  • Make their business stand out from their competition
  • Motivate their clients to keep coming back to the salon for their every waxing and beauty need
  • Enhance the emotional connection between waXon Fuzz Off and their clients
  • Communicate with their clients easily and effectively

How the 

waXon Fuzz Off

 Loyalty Program Works

Simply put, waXon Fuzz Off motivates customers to book regular appointments by offering discounts and freebies at different booking interims, encouraging their clients to keep coming back.

The salon has three stamp cards set up:

Brazilian Offer:

  • Collect a stamp for every $55 Brazilian wax.
  • On sign-up, receive a free swag bag.
  • After 4 stamps, receive a 15% discount. After 7 stamps receive a free lip or brow wax or $10 off your choice of service.

Eyelash offer:

  • Collect a stamp for every lash appointment booked.
  • On sign-up receive 20% off a full set.
  • On stamp 4 receive 15% off your next lash fill and on stamp 7, another 15% off a lash fill.

Brazilian & Face Offer:

  • Collect a stamp for every full price Brazilian wax or face wax booked.
  • After 6 stamps, receive a 20% discount off a service of your choice.

Customer’s simply pick which offer they’d like to join (or they can join all of them!) and begin to collect stamps for their qualifying appointment.

To make their cards memorable and personalised, each stamp card has its own custom stamp icon. An ‘X’ for the Brazilian offer, an eyelash icon for the eyelash offer and the default red stamp icon for their Brazilian and face waxing offer.

Take a look at what else can be customised on a Stamp Me digital card.

The salon’s sign-up reward of a free swag bag or an immediate discount is a great idea. It gives clients a strong incentive to join their program there and then. Once they’re onboard, it’s easy to convert this customer into a regular!


How Rewards are Redeemed

Once the client has collected the last stamp on their card, this triggers an in-app voucher to be sent to their account, to be used on their next visit. The card refreshes ready for the fun to begin all over again.

The next time the customer is in-store and wishes to claim, they simply select the reward in their list, press ‘Redeem’ and show the staff at checkout the time-and-date-stamped animated screen, in exchange for their reward.

The voucher disappears after 3 minutes or once the user presses ‘complete’.


Thanks to Stamp Me, waXon Fuzz Off have been able to achieve:

  • A point of difference to make them stand out from their competitors
  • Customer incentivisation, encouraging repeat bookings
  • A positive emotional connection between the business and their clients
  • Regular communications with their clients through push notifications and text messages

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