Hospitality Loyalty Programs

The Stamp Me loyalty platform helps hospitality businesses like coffee shops, cafes and restaurants to drive repeat purchases and increase customer loyalty.

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A powerful loyalty marketing platform for
hospitality businesses

If you’re a café owner, a restaurant manager, or have opened up a takeaway shop, you know how important it is to not only increase your customer base but also to retain your existing customers. In what will always be a fiercely competitive industry, finding that competitive edge in your hospitality business will see your customers maintain interest while ensuring they continue to stay loyal to you (and not the café across the road).

The secret to a competitive edge? Building loyalty. Where traditionally loyalty could be built using paper punch-cards and traditional perks or rewards systems, today’s modern landscape demands digitalization and convenience.

Enter: Stamp Me.
Stamp Me is the digital loyalty platform that allows hospitality business owners to not only increase customer loyalty, but
also communicate directly with their customers, as well as acquire useful insights into how they can continue to improve and grow.

Simple to use

It works just like a loyalty card, but it's digital (and has many more benefits).

Easy to set up

No complicated POS integrations, software or hardware required.

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Reward your café or restaurant’s customers with a digital loyalty card

Struggling to engage with your local customers? Create a loyalty program that will drive repeat business to your café or restaurant, increase customer satisfaction, and build rapport with the customers that drive your bottom line.

How it Works

Say goodbye to paper coffee punch cards

Stamp Me allows you to easily set up a digital loyalty card for your café, coffee shop, restaurant or hospitality business, so your customers can earn and keep track of their loyalty stamps directly from their smartphone.

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Why are loyalty programs so important for hospitality businesses?

For businesses that have highly repeatable purchases (such as cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, and take away venues) it makes sense to reward customers for their actions so they don't go to a competitor instead. As it's much more cost-effective to retain existing customers than acquire new customers, incentivising customers to come back and buy again is a highly effective 'no-brainer' strategy.

When you have a loyalty program that rewards repeat purchases, you’re going to build a loyal customer base that relies on you for their daily coffee, working-lunch sandwich, or Friday night take-away.

With Stamp Me, you can set up a rewards program suited to the unique demands of your hospitality business.

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Ready to grow your hospitality business with a digital rewards system?

Learn how we can help you increase customer loyalty and engagement for your cafe or restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I set up a digital rewards app for my café?

‍Getting started  your new hospitality loyalty program with Stamp Me is easy! Create your free account to build your stamp card(s). Publish them to the app only when you're ready to start your seven day free trial!

How much does it cost to set up a hospitality or coffee shop loyalty program?

We offer simple, pay-as-you-go pricing solutions that allow you to change plans or cancel at any time. You'll also get a seven day free trial before you pay anything to check Stamp Me is right for you!

- Lite: the most basic plan with no communication or gamification features
- Pro: the full works with all available features
- Elite: all features but with marketing and VIP support

Visit our pricing page to learn more about how much it will cost to integrate a customer loyalty program with Stamp Me.

How will customers be able to collect stamps?

Depending on which plan you’ve chosen, customers can collect stamps through three methods:

Stamp Code: Displayed right at the point of sale or presented at purchase, customers simply scan the code through the app to collect stamps every time they make a qualifying purchase, like buying a coffee or lunch. 

One Stamps: Unique one-use codes that can be printed onto labels and placed on products or packaging, like takeaway coffee cups or doggy bags. Once scanned, they issue a stamp and then expire.

Merchant Dashboard: You can manually add stamps to your customer’s Stamp Card through the Merchant Console. 

The most common types of rewards offered by our clients will include:

- Free products or services (best used within physical stores)
- Discounts (fantastic for both online and in-person purchases)
- Experiences (cooking class, barista course)
- Perks (could be anything from a free upgrade, to an event, or VIP access)

Can I send notifications to my customers?

Yes! Through the Stamp Me merchant console (Pro & Elite plans only), you’ll be able to communicate directly with your customers through Push Notifications and SMS*.

Push notifications are free and unlimited. They're fantastic for advertising special promotions to your most loyal clientele on Stamp Me. These promotions could be for snap sales, new menu items or to simply convey what great loyalty perks they can get the next time they visit your establishment.

*A small charge applies for sending SMS text messages.

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