How it works

Stamp Methods

We offer a number of ways to digitally validate loyalty transactions to suit a variety of businesses use cases and needs.

Stamp code

This is our default validation method for businesses with a physical or mobile location.
Customers simply scan the code through the Stamp Me app to collect stamps.

Once we've set up your stamp card, we'll email you your stamp code which you can print out and get started straight away. It's that easy!
Scanning the stamp code through the stamp me app

One Stamps

Unique QR codes or alphameric codes that issue one stamp then expire. They can be printed onto labels and placed on products or packaging, such as on coffee cups, takeaway bags or flyers. They can also be used digitally (such as emailed).

This is a great validation option for e-commerce businesses or takeaway/home delivery services where there is no in-person transaction with the customer.
Scanning a QR code on a coffee cup through the Stamp me app

Merchant Console

Stamps can be manually applied to customer accounts through your web-based Merchant Console.
Stamp Me merchant dashboard and app

Shopify Integrations

An integration with Stamp Me and your online Shopify store will soon be available, offering customers a seamless, omni-channel loyalty experience!

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