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Best Loyalty Apps in Australia for Small-to-Medium Businesses

Written by 
Chloe Komesarook
August 25, 2023
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With a plethora of programs available, you’re probably a little overwhelmed with trying to figure out the best loyalty apps in Australia for your small-to-medium business. 

If this is the case, then let us guide you through our top picks – hopefully we can help you narrow it down and make the right choice for your business goals and needs. 

Obviously you’ve done your homework, which is why you already know that a loyalty card app is one of the best ways to retain customers, gain insights into consumer behavior and stand out from your competitors… but which one is the best for you?

Here are some loyalty card apps for small to medium businesses in Australia for rewarding customer loyalty, increasing sales and retaining customers, sorted by highest to lowest app store ratings. 

Stamp Me 

Mobile phone with Stamp Me interface.

App Ratings

4.9* Apple App Store

4.9* Google Play

Stamp Me is among the best loyalty apps in Australia, and has earned user ratings, due to its simplicity. We've transformed the classic 'Buy X & Get Y Free' paper punch card system into a convenient digital format, easily accessible from your customer's phone.

Users can easily track their loyalty milestones and claim rewards. Having our app on their phone reminds customers to return and collect more stamps. And in case they forget, Stamp Me allows you to communicate with them via our SMS and Push Notification feature, so you can send a friendly remind to swing by, or let them know about special offers or events. 

Implementation is incredibly easy for businesses: no tablets, no complex POS setup, or time-consuming phone number entries required. 

Instead, Stamp Me uses QR Codes that users can easily scan to receive stamps using their own phone.

Stamp Me benefits listed with icons.

It’s that easy! We also have other methods for validating stamps, to suit an array for business scenarios.

Through Stamp Me, businesses can gather insights on customer behaviors and purchasing patterns. This data can be leveraged to refine marketing strategies, tailor offerings, and enhance overall business performance.

All of this data, engagement campaigns, and customer profiles are all easily managed and can be edited from the Stamp Me Merchant Console. Meaning, Stamp Me is 100% self-serve. 

Graphic tile with text and icons.

In summary, Stamp Me revolutionizes the traditional paper punch card system with its intuitive mobile loyalty app, making it on the top of the list of the best loyalty apps in Australia for your small business. Customers benefit from convenience and ease of use, while businesses enjoy branding opportunities, direct customer engagement, and valuable data capture.

Available in multiple languages, Stamp Me is used in 80 countries and suits industries with high repeat purchases, such as cafes, bakeries, takeaway/fast food, retail, health & beauty salons, car washes and more. 

Fivestars Loyalty 

Fivestars Loyalty interface on mobile phone.
Image source: Fivestars

App Ratings

4.1* Apple App Store

3.9* Google Play

Fivestars is an integrated payment and loyalty system that combines sign-ups, rewards, payments, and more into a unified platform. 

Aimed at helping Australian businesses increase customer retention and gather insights on consumer behavior, Fivestars offers a user-friendly experience for both merchants and their customers. 

Its platform is both expansive and versatile, making it among the best loyalty apps in Australia for small businesses that are looking to incorporate a loyalty system with their payment gateway. However, Fivestars has its drawbacks as well. 


  • Serves as a one-stop solution for POS payment and loyalty program
  • Provides actionable insights based on the data from customer transactions
  • The software helps staff to learn customers’ names and shopping preferences


  • Businesses must commit to a 12-month contract
  • There are much more cost-efficient alternatives available
  • Fivestars is heavily technology-based, making it an unsuitable choice for businesses with non tech-savvy target markets
  • The reliance on on a phone number-based signup process can lead to complications. For example, customers who switch phone numbers lose access to their existing account and any accumulated points/rewards. 
  • The signup process requires a phone number, but then customers who switch numbers lose access to their existing account (and any accumulated points/rewards along with it)
  • If a business cancels Fivestars, any customers with points towards a reward at this store are left in the lurch with no recourse


Yollty loyalty program interface on mobile.
Image source: Yollty

App Ratings

4.1* Apple App Store

3.7* Google Play

Yollty is among the best loyalty apps in Australia today. This app is also a stamp-based app, where customers gain stamps for their purchases, which can then be converted into benefits or discounts. 


  • Businesses can gain insight into customer behaviors, visit frequencies, and other relevant metrics 
  • Reduces the need for physical cards, making it convenient for customers and reducing overhead for businesses 


  • Some businesses might find the initial setup and integration with existing systems a bit complex 
  • There aren’t engagement campaign features, which are a great way for businesses to customize their loyalty program 
  • While the interface is simple, it isn’t quite as intuitive, as some customers might find the stamp cards to be less straightforward, which affects its user-friendliness


LoyalZoo app interface screenshots.
Image source: LoyalZoo

App Ratings

4.0* Apple App Store

3.8* Google Play

For Australian small businesses, LoyalZoo keeps the process of earning points and redeeming rewards straightforward for both the business and its customers. Once a customer has registered with the LoyalZoo app, it sends reward offers by SMS, email, and push notifications. With quite a few pros, it definitely ranks highly as one of the best loyalty apps in Australia. 


  • The platform features simple staff training tutorials to educate your employees on how LoyalZoo works
  • Merchants can use computers, tablets or mobile devices to run the loyalty program in-store, or alternatively they can implement one of LoyalZoo’s integrated POS solutions
  • 7-day free trial
  • Operates on either a points-based system or subscriptions-based system, depending on what works better for your business and customers
  • No lock-in contracts


  • LoyalZoo doesn’t offer flexibility in assigning different points values to different products
  • There are many reports of lag times between customers checking in and the data appearing on the merchant’s screen
  • Reported integration issues with certain POS systems


Rewardle app interface screenshot.
Image source: Rewardle

App Ratings

2.2* Apple App Store

3.3* Google Pay

Rewardle is digital loyalty and customer engagement platform tailored primarily for local businesses. It allows businesses to set up loyalty programs, offer mobile ordering, and engage with customers. Users typically accumulate points through transaction, which can then be redeemed for rewards. 


  • Moves away from traditional punch cards, making the process more streamlined and eco-friendly 
  • Easy setup process 
  • Businesses can send targeted offers and news directly to their customer base 


  • The latest version has had many reviews around crashing and system connectivity issues 
  • While it offers various features, there are limits to how much a business can tailor the loyalty program to their specific needs


So there you have it! Some of the best loyalty and rewards app providers in Australia. We hope this helps you select one that’s right for your business. You’re certainly on the right track to growing your business with a customer loyalty program – good luck!

*App store ratings as of August 2023

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