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Best Mobile Loyalty Apps in USA for Small Businesses

Written by 
Chloe Komesarook
September 19, 2023
Small Business
Brand Loyalty

Looking to amplify customer loyalty and stand out in a crowded market? Now is the perfect time to explore the best mobile loyalty apps in the USA for small businesses, especially in a year when customer loyalty is more significant than ever. 

Nowadays, loyalty apps have become a pivotal tool, encouraging customers to come back by offering a stronger bond with your brand. With so many apps out there, choosing can be tough. 

In this article, we'll examine the best mobile loyalty apps for small businesses in the USA that truly shine, ensuring you're equipped to consistently attract customers back to your business. So, here they are (listed in no particular order).


Phone frame with the Fivestars interface and a purple background.
Image source: Fivestars

Fivestars is a powerhouse platform; revolutionizing customer loyalty and marketing strategies. With its customizable loyalty programs, it allows businesses to create reward systems, manage promotions, and communicate with their customers directly, which can foster a stronger business-customer relationship. 

Through the Fivestars mobile app, customers can easily access deals, earn rewards, and discover new businesses, which creates an enhanced shopping experience. The platform leverages data analytics to provide businesses with insights into customer behavior, which can be instrumental in fine-tuning marketing strategies and offerings to meet the preferences and needs of their target customers. The integration of various tools within a single platform can streamline operations, saving time and resources. These reasons make it one of the best mobile loyalty apps in the USA this year. 

On the flip side, using Fivestars for your loyalty program comes with its set of challenges. Firstly, the costs associated with utilizing their services might be a bit heavy on the pocket, especially for smaller businesses that are on a budget. As well as this, with a 3.9 rating on the Google Play store and a 4.1 rating on the Apple App store, Fivestars is known to occasionally experience technical hiccups in the customer’s journey as they try to secure a deal or earn points. For a small business, fixing these issues could be time consuming and doesn’t present the best experience to your customers. 

Belly Rewards

Interface of Belly platform on phone frame.
Image source: Belly

Belly emerges as one of the best mobile loyalty apps in the USA, especially catering the specific needs and preferences of small businesses across the US. With a 4.5 rating on the Google Play store, Belly Facilitates the crafting of distinctive rewards and incentives, a feature that can serve as a great asset for businesses aiming to carve out a unique niche in the loyalty program landscape. 

With the ability to meld seamlessly with tools like Apple Wallet and various social media platforms, it simplifies the process for customers to hop on board, engage, and spread the loyalty program’s reach, elevating the user’s experience. Beyond that, Belly stands as a valuable ally for small businesses, offering a spectrum of marketing tools that pave the way for effective customer engagement through channels like targeted emails, impactful social media posts, and timely SMS and push notifications. 

Despite its robust offerings, Belly is not without its setbacks. The app’s interface design for the loyalty cards can be somewhat disorganized. It presents the target and current rewards simultaneously, which can lead to a confusing user experience. As well as this, when it comes to earning points; customers are required to check in through the app before scanning the QR code, adding an additional step to what should ideally be a smooth, hassle-free process. 

Overall, while Belly may be one of the best loyalty apps in the USA for small businesses, it seems to grapple with a few interface and user experience issues. 

Stamp Me 

Interface of Stamp Me platform on phone frame.

With a stellar rating across major app store (a near perfect, 4.9 across the Apple Store and Google Play store), Stamp Me emerges as a premier choice for businesses keen on fostering enduring relationships with their clientele. As the most cost-effective option, starting from just $39 a month, it is the highest rated loyalty rewards app in the US. 

Adapting the timeless ‘Buy X Get Y Free’ model into a digital format, this platform stands as the best mobile loyalty app in the USA today, as a convenient alternative for both businesses and their customers. The era of paper cards has been replaced by a streamlined approach where customers can monitor their loyalty milestones directly on their mobile devices. 

It’s that easy! We also have other methods for validating stamps, to suit an array for business scenarios. Through Stamp Me, businesses can gather insights on customer behaviors and purchasing patterns. This data can be leveraged to refine marketing strategies, tailor offerings, and enhance overall business performance.

All of this data, engagement campaigns, and customer profiles are all easily managed and can be edited from the Stamp Me Merchant Console. Meaning, Stamp Me is 100% self-serve. 

Understanding the preferences of the modern consumer, Stamp Me emphasizes ease of use, recognizing that a majority of consumers favor a hassle-free loyalty program. This focus on simplicity does not hinder Stamp Me from offering a suite of innovative features tailored to a diverse range of businesses: 

  • Quick and straightforward signup process for your customers (which is an essential feature for any high rated mobile loyalty app in the USA)
  • Zero signup fees or complex integrations
  • Manage your loyalty scheme effortlessly through the Stamp Me Merchant Console 
  • Keep clients updated on new offerings, loyalty milestones, or surprise them with special perks – all seamlessly managed through SMS and push notifications from Stamp Me 
  • Gain access to invaluable customer data and insights 
  • CRM integration opportunities for enhanced communication strategies 
  • A variety of engagement campaigns including Scratch & Win and strategies to re-engage lapsed customers, to boost engagement levels further 
  • And much more

Stamp Me has become a go-to loyalty app in 80 countries (including the US); and suits industries with high repeat purchases, such as cafes, bakeries, takeaway/fast food, retail, health & beauty salons, car washes, and more. And your business could be next! 

Yollty Loyalty App

Interface of Yollty platform on two phone frames.
Image source: Yollty

Launching a successful loyalty program is now just a matter of minutes with Yollty, a tool designed to integrate seamlessly with your daily business routine. It allows businesses to create a customized loyalty program, where customers can easily earn points or stamps, fostering a rewarding relationship between the business and its customers. This makes it one of the best mobile loyalty apps in the USA today, also mobilizing the stamp card system. 

This free app, available to download on any smartphone or tablet, offers a streamlined setup process, enabling businesses to initiate their loyalty program swiftly, complete with their branding. The app also allows for communication between businesses and customers through in-app messages or push notifications. This is essential for keeping customer engagement high, even when customers are away from your business. You can use Yollty’s communication feature to update your customers on new operating hours, new items/services, or just to say hello. 

Yollty not only facilitates rapid customer checkouts but also aims to foster a greater understanding of customer preferences through incentivized reviews, which enhances overall customer experience and engagement through various communication channels. This is a great feature of Yollty, as a proven way to gain customer loyalty and brand trust is by seeking feedback from the customers who matter most. These features and more make it one of the best mobile loyalty apps in the USA today, and one to watch. 

Yet, it’s essential to keep an eye out for a few setbacks. Businesses might stumble on some issues when trying to mesh Yollty with existing systems, potentially adding a level of complexity with the set up process. 

In Conclusion

The choice for the best mobile loyalty apps in the USA is open to a wide range of platforms, all looking to create the ultimate tool for small businesses aiming to forge deeper connections and enhance brand loyalty among customers. We hope this guide for the best US loyalty rewards apps will help you select one that’s right for your business. You’re certainly on the right track to growing your business with a customer loyalty program – good luck!

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