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How to Attract More Customers to Your Hair Salon (& Keep Them)

Written by 
Chloe Komesarook
December 6, 2023
Customer Retention
Brand Loyalty

In today’s world, no matter where you are, it seems like a hair salon is on every corner. Now more than ever, it becomes essential to bring in new clients and retain them, ensuring a steady flow of business. 

This calls for innovative and effective strategies that resonate with potential and existing customers, transforming your salon into a preferred destination for hair and beauty. 

In this article, we want to focus on practical, actionable, and no-fuss strategies that can be seamlessly integrated into your business model, helping your salon become the go-to choice, and cultivating a loyal community of happy, returning clients. 

So if you want to learn how to attract more hair salon customers and keep them in your seats, read on. 

Woman blowdrying a woman's hair in a salon.

Offer Exceptional Service 

At the heart of every buzzing hair salon is exceptional service. It’s not just about snipping and styling; it encompasses the entire customer experience from the moment they walk through your doors. 

This means creating a welcoming atmosphere, providing attentive and personalized care, and ensuring that every aspect of your service is top-notch. 

Three women in front of a grey background holding various hairdressing equipment.

Skilled and well-trained stylists are crucial; they are your brand ambassadors, blending high-quality skills with a genuine understanding of what each client wants. 

Staying ahead of the curve with the latest trends is just as important. The world of hair and beauty is always evolving, with new styles, products, and techniques emerging regularly. An easy way to attract more customers to your hair salon is by keeping up with these trends and anticipating and incorporating them into your offerings. This shows your commitment to the craft and excites and engages your clients. 

Create an Online Presence 

Stepping into the digital world is a game-changer for any hair salon looking to boost its client base. In today’s connected era, having an online presence is essential – having a strong online presence is what separates you from the rest. 

Phone image with Kabuki hair social media account and various icons.

Engaging effectively on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook can significantly enhance your salon’s visibility. 

Regularly posting high-quality images of your hair styling work, sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of your salon’s atmosphere, and highlighting your happy clients can effectively showcase your salon to the rest of the world. 

But it’s not just about looking good online. Engage with your audience! Respond to comments, share tips, and hair care tricks, and (if you’re up for it) run online contests or polls. This kind of interaction doesn’t just build a following; it builds a community. And when you’ve got a community tuning into your posts, you’ve got a group of potential clients right at your fingertips. This is a simple way to attract more customers to your hair salon and a way to express your creativity in the process. 

Create a Hair Salon Loyalty Program 

The numbers don’t lie: 

Graphic tile with a customer retention statistic with icons.

So, when it comes to keeping your customers engaged and ensuring that your hair salon is front of mind, a customer loyalty program can go a long way. 

With a hair salon loyalty program Stamp Me, hair salon businesses can offer special perks, discounts, or any reward idea that you can think of to incentivize and show appreciation to your loyal customers. From a client perspective, why would they go to a competitor when they can get rewarded by sticking with you?

Stamp Me is a straightforward and intuitive loyalty platform that’s trusted by hair salons around the world, including the Adelaide-based Kabuki Hair Studio. The features of their program include: 

Graphic tile with Stamp Me benefits with icons and text.

See how Kabuki Hair Studio has been using their hair salon digital stamp card since 2016. 

Collect and Showcase Customer Reviews 

Hands holding a phone and various comment graphics on the side of the screen.

Encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, or even your salon’s Facebook page. This not only boosts your online credibility but also provides invaluable feedback for potential new customers seeking top-notch hair services. 

Graphic tile with a statistic and icons.

But don’t just let these reviews sit in the digital world; bring them into the spotlight! Showcase glowing testimonials on your website and social media channels. This strategy not only celebrates your clients’ positive experiences but also helps to attract more customers to your hair salon. 

Regularly engaging with this feedback, responding to reviews, and sharing the positive experiences of your clients is an effective way to attract new customers and reinforce your salon’s reputation. 

Partner With Local Businesses

For your hair salon, partnering with local businesses is a smart and fun way to give your hair salon a boost. Look for businesses that complement your salon’s services, such as fashion boutiques, spas, wellness centers, or even local event venues. These partnerships can create a compelling value proposition for customers. 

For example, you could create special offers or package deals with these businesses. Imagine a partnership where a local boutique offers a discount at your salon with every purchase, or your salon provides a styling session as part of a spa package. 

These collaborations not only attract more customers to your salon and bring in new customers but also add value to your existing clients’ experiences. The key is to establish mutually beneficial relationships that not only boost your business but also bring some excitement to the community – creating a win-win scenario for everyone involved. 


To sum up: attracting and retaining customers in the competitive hair salon industry is about crafting memorable experiences and forging strong connections. It’s about creating an inviting atmosphere where clients feel valued and excited to return. Implement strategies like a hair salon loyalty program and a social media presence and you’ll see your salon flourish, not just as a business, but as a part of your clients’ lives.

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