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Is Flok Closing Down or Being Discontinued?

Written by 
Michaela Ward
November 22, 2019

Update: We have recently had confirmation that flok will be shutting down. Read our latest article here.

Looking for alternatives or a replacement for Flok?

There has been recent speculation around whether the Flok loyalty app is shutting down.

Recently, we have been approached by several Flok clients stating that they have been informed (by their own customers) that Flok will cease providing its loyalty services from March 2020.

So, is the Flok loyalty platform closing down?

The Stamp Me Loyalty App team has tried to contact Flok on several occasions in an attempt to get a definitive answer. However, unfortunately, we have not been successful in making contact with the company.

If Flok is indeed shutting down, this will leave thousands of merchants and their customers without the loyalty technology to continue running their rewards programs.

If merchants are left scrambling to find a Flok replacement at the last minute, this could severely impact their customer retention strategies and damage their bottom line.

Luckily, there are similar loyalty solutions out there which can make it easy for merchants to transition to…

Are you looking for a replacement for Flok?

If you have an existing digital punch card loyalty program or are looking to start one, the Stamp Me Loyalty App could be the ideal solution for you.

Stamp Me vs. Flok - Feature Comparison

flok vs. Stamp Me Loyalty App

It’s incredibly easy to make the switch, and our loyalty experts are here to make it as smooth as possible for you and your customers.

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