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5 Best Loyalty Apps for Coffee Shops & Cafes

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Chloe Komesarook
September 1, 2023
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Are you a cafe looking to boost customer retention and set yourself apart from the competition? Consider a loyalty app for coffee shops and cafes. In an industry where every corner boasts a new coffee spot, securing repeat business becomes crucial.

Loyalty apps have emerged as a game-changing solution, offering customers a reason to return, while building a deeper connection with your brand. Yet, with a wide range of options flooding the market, pinpointing the right app for your cafe can be daunting. 

In this article, we’ll be ranking the top five coffee loyalty card apps that truly make a difference, ensuring you’re equipped to keep those coffee cups coming back.

Stamp Me

With a 4.9 rating across the Apple App Store and Google Play store, if you’re looking for the best way to brew stronger bonds with your cafe customers, Stamp Me is your ultimate solution. Taking the classic ‘Buy X Get Y Free’ model and digitizing it, this solution is the most convenient option for cafes and their customers. Gone are the days of paper cards; customers can now easily track their loyalty milestones right from their phones. 

Stamp Me interface on a phone frame.

Stamp Me prioritizes simplicity when crafting a loyalty app for coffee shops and cafes in mind; we understand that the average cafe customer doesn’t want to bother with complicated integrations and interfaces. In fact, over half of consumers want a loyalty program that is easy to use

While simplicity is key, that doesn’t stop Stamp Me from equipping your cafe with a range of savvy features: 

  • Easy signup process for your cafe customers
  • No signup fees or messy integrations for your cafe 
  • Easily manage your loyalty program from the Stamp Me Merchant Console
  • Update customers on new menu additions, loyalty progress, or offer a complimentary pastry — all seamlessly with Stamp Me’s SMS and push notifications
  • Access to valuable cafe customer data and insights 
  • CRM integration capabilities for further communication capabilities 
  • A range of engagement campaigns including Scratch & Win and Re-lapsed customers in order to further drive engagement 

And much more. 

Stamp Me has become a go-to loyalty app in 80 countries; helping cafes boost customer loyalty and satisfaction across the globe. And yours could be next

Graphic tile with icons and text.

Flex Rewards

A depiction of the Flex Rewards app interface on a phone and stamp cards.
Image source: Flex Rewards

Another important contender for loyalty apps for coffee shops is Flex Rewards, which holds a 4.6 rating on the Apple App Store. They offer a dynamic approach to customer loyalty, in a similar form to Stamp Me. With the ability to brand your own loyalty card, you have the flexibility to configure anywhere from 1 to 50 stamps, depending on visits or minimum spending. 

They also feature a Merchant Companion App which makes member management a breeze, accessible from any device with a browser. Cafes can also boost customer engagement with features like referral bonuses, enticing welcome rewards, and exciting mid-tier offers. 

With a comprehensive suite of features, the setup does require a cafe to invest significant time upfront to tailor the app to their specific needs. This could be time-consuming for your cafe; when you want to start your loyalty program as soon as possible. 

Punchh Loyalty

Interface of Punchh Loyalty app on two phone frames.
Image source: Punchh

Punchh Loyalty redefines customer engagement with its dynamic, adaptable loyalty strategies. Whether you’re aiming for point-based rewards, spend/visit incentives, or tiered reward programs, Punchh aligns with both business and customer goals and provides a quality loyalty app for cafes. 

Punchh offers a stellar mobile experience. Customers enjoy a branded, seamless interface across all channels — app, in-store, and online — tailored to promote repeat visits. 

Sign-ups are enhanced with branded WiFi pages and SMS opt-ins, all backed by over 2– native integrations. 

The platform’s focus on loyalty data doesn’t just capture sales and behaviors; it leverages this data for tailored rewards and gamified experiences. 

However, while Punchh’s wide array of features offers depth, some cafes may find the abundance of options overwhelming, and integration might require dedicated time to ensure all components run smoothly. As well as this, with over 200 native integrations, businesses might experience a few technical hiccups while integrating with other systems. 

Reward Stamp App 

Reward Stamp App app interface on phone.
Image source: Reward Stamp App

Reward Stamp App (with a 1 star rating on the Apple App Store) follows a similar design to Stamp Me, offering a modern solution to traditional stamp cards through a mobile loyalty app for your coffee shop. For those not app-inclined, the cafe can still assign a digital card using their contact details, or even transition existing paper or plastic systems to Reward Stamp. 

What’s more, it gives cafes the flexibility to choose between a simple stamp system — perfect for straightforward offers like a free coffee after 10 purchases – or a points system for a more intricate loyalty scheme that can cater to diverse menus or specials. 

Reward Stamp also features communication tools, so you can chat directly with customers through the app. This communication isn’t limited to the app either; cafes can opt for SMS or email, depending on what suits them best. 

Additionally, social media integration facilitates a deeper connection with patrons, allowing cafes to showcase their ambiance, events, or new items on the menu. Business details like opening hours, menu showcases, and location details are also easily shared, ensuring customers are always well-informed. 

However, while the Reward Stamp App is brimming with features, it’s not without areas that could improve — especially when compared to alternatives like Stamp Me. 

Stamp Me’s visual appeal and customization options give it an edge, allowing cafes to create a more distinctive loyalty experience. With a straightforward process for collecting stamps, it could be a more intuitive choice for smaller cafes or those aiming for a streamlined coffee loyalty card app


Hand holding a phone with the Stampede app interface.
Image source: Stampede

Instead of juggling multiple loyalty cards, customers can conveniently store them within the Stampede Loyalty app. To accumulate stamps, customers have versatile options — whether it’s logging into the cafe’s WiFi, scanning a unique QR code, or tapping an NFC tag specific to the venue. 

For cafe customers, Stampede embodies simplicity and convenience. It eliminates the hassle of physical cards, allowing them to earn rewards at their favorite cafes effortlessly. By merely visiting more frequently, customers are rewarded, reinforcing their bond with the cafe through a loyalty app. The process is seamless: once they become return customers, they’re automatically given a digital stamp card, which they can access through Stampede’s free app. Yet, for those accustomed to more dynamic loyalty platforms with diverse rewards or gamified experiences, Stampede might seem too rudimentary. 

For some users, the platform’s simplicity could come off as too basic. Despite its advantages in bridging the gap between cafes and their regulars, Stampede might need to enhance its feature set to cater to broader preferences and marketing needs. 


We hope you’ve found our guide to the five best loyalty apps for coffee shops and cafes helpful. Choosing the right loyalty app for your cafe is like choosing the perfect blend of coffee beans — every choice impacts the experience. The key to finding it? Understanding what suits your cafe’s culture and customers best. At the end of the day, the goal remains the same: ensuring your loyal customers have every reason to keep coming back. 

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