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Nail Salon Loyalty Programs: Your Guide

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Stamp Loyalty Solutions
December 2, 2022
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As a nail salon business owner, you’ll know that the last few years have been rocky. Beauty services experienced significant disruption through lockdowns and mandates which caused strong, community-pillared businesses to reassess their business models and look for new ways to increase customer retention and brand loyalty. 

We all know that loyal customers are your key to more revenue and less business stress. The walk-ins are great, yes. But when they come back on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, then you’ll have a more secure revenue stream and more consistency in your balance sheets. 

To help nail salons retain clients and generate a doting fan-base, we provide a solution that makes creating a nail salon loyalty card program simple and easy to manage.

With Stamp Me, you can incentivise and reward customers however you like. Our platform is flexible and means that you can customize your nail salon loyalty program to suit your unique requirements, your branding, and your customers. 

The True Value of Customer Loyalty for Nail Salons

Loyalty programs should never be a last-ditch attempt or an afterthought. Loyalty programs are a smart, considered method used by the world’s largest and most successful retailers to reward and retain customers. 

Starbucks, McDonalds, Kmart, Target, Sephora, and thousands of the world’s biggest retailers all use customer loyalty programs as an essential element in creating a repeat customer base for their businesses. 

You don’t have to be the world’s biggest retailer to benefit from customer loyalty though.

A recent survey conducted by the Retail Industry Leaders Association shows that loyalty card members are three times more likely to shop in stores than non-members. On average, loyalty card members spend 34% more per visit than non-members and a whopping 76% of customers said they were more likely to favour companies that offer great rewards. 

Retention is a critical part of any business strategy. The Harvard Business review says that a new customer is five-times more expensive to acquire than what it costs to retain an existing one.

Keeping your customers engaged and loyal is the single most cost-effective way to grow and be profitable with your nail salon business. 

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Tips for Incentivising Your Nail Salon Customers

Ok, so now you’re on board with the idea of integrating a loyalty card program or punch card app into your nail salon, so what should the rewards look like?

When creating a customer loyalty program for your nail salon, you want the rewards to fulfil two basic criteria:

  1. Beneficial to your customers
  2. Beneficial to your business

Incentives need to be attractive for your customers and make sense for your business financially and logistically. A good starting point is talking to your already loyal customers to find out what would get them excited and want to spend more time in your salon.

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Punch card apps are a fun way to engage with your customers. If it’s not going to excite them, it’s not going to get them through the door. So try to come up with promotions that are exciting, fun, and promote regular engagement with your nail salon business. 

Show Your Appreciation with A Loyalty Program

Setting up a customer loyalty program for your nail salon is an effective way to make sure that your most loyal customers feel valued. By showing your appreciation with exclusive offers, birthday promotions, and first access to new services, you’re showing your customers how important they are to your business.

One of the greatest benefits of a digital rewards program for salons is that it allows you to create personalized recognition of your loyal customers. 

By tracking customer purchases and preferences, you can customize their rewards based on the individual. By providing personalised rewards and discounts, your customers will know that their custom is appreciated and recognised by your nail salon. 

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Simple to Set Up, Simple to Use – That’s the Stamp Me Difference

Creating your nail salon loyalty program with Stamp Me is simple. Simply sign up for our 30 day free trial and start creating your custom loyalty card. After activating your card, you're ready to explore your Merchant Console and spread the word!

From there, it’s time to onboard your staff and team members before introducing it to your customers.

During this process the Stamp Me team will work with you and your staff to ensure that you’re across every aspect of the program and can successfully integrate the loyalty program into your sales process. 

Take the Next Step With Stamp Me

As a nail salon owner, you’ll know that walk-in and transient business is always a welcome addition to the monthly books. But when you look back at things, it’s your loyal, repeat customers that drive your bottom line and provide security for your staff and your business. 

Setting up a customer loyalty program for your nail salon business with Stamp Me is simple, cost-effective, and easy to manage. Find out how Stamp Me can help you to retain more customers and create a loyal brand following. 

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