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Boost Mobile

Together with Stamp Me, Marceco, a direct distribution partner for Boost Mobile, created a unique loyalty program that incentivises and rewards phone bill payments across thousands of stores. Take a closer look at how they do it and the success they've experienced with driving people back.

Boost Mobile


Marceco is a direct distribution partner for Boost Mobile, an American wireless service provider owned by Dish Wireless. As of Q4 2021, Boost Mobile, along with its sister brands, had 8.55 million customers.

Partnering with Marceco, Stamp Me’s loyalty app has been implemented in over a thousand Boost Mobile stores across the US, to incentivise and reward phone bill payments.

Stamp Me is an added value service Marceco provides to any of their new Boost Mobile retail partners (‘Dealers’). They’ve been leveraging Stamp Me as an integral part of their customer loyalty and engagement strategy since 2020.

The Brief

Marceco were looking to offer their Boost Mobile Dealers and store operators a straightforward loyalty rewards platform which would assist them with increasing customer retention rates. 

They were seeking a scalable program which could be deployed seamlessly across over 1,400 retail outlets throughout the US, which was as simple for retailers to implement as it was for customers to use.

They also needed robust reporting capabilities to share with their various stakeholders.

Key Objectives

  • Implement a simple and scalable loyalty program to reward and incentivise customer bill payments
  • To assist Dealers with reaching their customer retention targets 
  • Prevent customers from straying to a competitor retailer to pay their phone bill
  • Utilize Stamp Me’s communication and additional engagement features such as SMS, push notifications and the Birthday Club
  • Access advanced data analytics and reporting to meet with Dish Wireless and Sales Rep requirements

How the 

Boost Mobile

 Loyalty Program Works

Over a thousand Boost Mobile Dealers were initially onboarded from a list provided by Marceco, all with a simple default loyalty program offering: collect six stamps for a free accessory valued up to $19.99.

Once each retailer was promptly issued their digital resources to get started, including login details to their Stamp Me Merchant Console, Dealers had the opportunity to amend the default offering to something more tailored if they preferred. They also have the option to set up additional stamp cards to reward and incentivise the purchase of other products or services. 

Every time a customer of Boost Mobile in a Marceco-managed store pays their phone bill on time, they qualify for a stamp. Once they have collected six stamps (which typically equates to six months worth of payments), they trigger an in-app reward voucher to claim on a free accessory of their choice valued up to $19.99.

If a Dealer has more than one store, typically the one stamp card is shared between all their stores to encourage participation and to keep business with the same Dealer.

Additional Stamp Me features such as the Birthday Club and an automated Lapsed Customer message means that Boost Mobile can effortlessly re-engage customers. They can also use our integrated SMS and Push Notification platform to advertise any in-store events or spontaneously reward customers with other rewards, independent of their main card rewards.


Dealers can issue stamps to customers in one of two ways: staff either issue stamps to customer accounts from the web-based Merchant Console from a desktop or iPad, or allow customers to scan a code from the app which is presented upon paying the bill.

A time delay between stamping is set up by many Dealers for more control over customer stamping.

Both options are quick and easy to implement and do not require any complicated integrations with existing in-store software systems.

Upon the launch of their program, Marceco Sales Reps were given resources to issue Dealers, such as window stickers and digital marketing materials.

Group training sessions were also provided to ensure they could coach and help their Dealers with Stamp Me, if required. A dedicated Marceco trainer does regular seminar refreshers, and competitions to keep the momentum going.

How Rewards are Redeemed


Since launching their unique loyalty program with Stamp Me back in 2020 and implementing the loyalty app into over a thousand Boost Mobile stores across the US, Marceco have met their sales objectives and Dealer expectations. 

Thanks to Stamp Me, Marceco have now:

  • Established a loyalty program that is straightforward and adaptable, which rewards and encourages customer bill payments 
  • Ensured that Dealers are able to reach their individual customer retention goals 
  • Maintained customer loyalty by utilizing Stamp Me’s communication and additional engagement features such as SMS, push notifications, and the Birthday Club
  • Utilized sophisticated data analytics and reporting techniques to stay on track for meeting Dish Wireless and sales rep requirements as well as monitoring customer behavior for future promotions and targets

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