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Carrera Car Wash

With over 25 years in the car washing industry, Carrera Car Wash and Cafe has been using Stamp Me for over 9 of those, to stand out from industry competitors and foster a loyal customer base.

Carrera Car Wash


Carrera Car Wash Cafe, is one of Stamp Me’s longest running clients having first signed up back in 2013. They’re dedicated to providing superior vehicle cleaning and car care to Melbourne residents. Car treatments range from premium outside and inside signature hand cleans, to paint and vehicle repairs.

Whilst waiting for their service, customers are invited to relax in the comfortable and cosy cafe where they can purchase a variety of beverage and snack options.

The Brief

Carrera Car Wash were looking for a loyalty solution that would incentivise their customers to return time after time. 

Equipped with strong values of providing excellent customer service, Carerra’s goal was to create personal relationships with their clientele. They wanted to recognise, communicate and celebrate regular visitors, thanking them for their continued support and patronage. 

Additionally, they wanted to entice potential customers to book a car wash with the brand rather than the abundance of industry competitors.

To achieve this, they sought a solution that would offer something new and exciting, to make them stand out.

Key Objectives

In collaboration with Stamp Me, Carrera Car Wash strived to create a loyalty program which would:

  • Incentivise repeat visits and allow them to create personal relationships with their customer base 
  • Enable them to stand out from their competition, and offer something enticing and different
  • Maintain their values of providing exceptional customer care 
  • Allow customers to build a positive emotional connection to the brand and encourage promotion through word-of-mouth

How the 

Carrera Car Wash

 Loyalty Program Works

Sign Up Reward: 

To incentivise customers to take part in their car wash loyalty program, Carrera Car Wash have a sign up reward of a free coffee or soft drink beverage.

This reward voucher is issued automatically upon joining, and is an ideal way to get people who come into the cafe to sign up to their loyalty program so they can enjoy a free drink whilst awaiting their car service.

Main Reward:

Once they have joined the loyalty program, customers can then earn one digital stamp for every car wash they book. 

After they have collected 9 stamps, they will receive a free inside and outside wash voucher to redeem on their next visit. This reward will be triggered automatically and stored in the Rewards section of their account. They have no voucher expiry date set.


Carrera Car Wash uses a Stamp Me’s digital QR Stamp Code which has been incorporated into a plastic durable lanyard to issue stamps to customers who book a car wash at the South Melbourne location. 

Upon payment, customers just need to open the Stamp Me App and scan the QR Stamp Code lanyard which is presented by staff to claim their stamp.

Carrera Car Wash’s staff are experts in their loyalty program, having worked with Stamp Me for over nine years. Along with the free marketing materials displayed in the venue, staff are quick to promote their loyalty offer to all who book a regular car wash, incentivising customers to download the app and join the program. 

Carerra further promotes the program on the homepage of their website so potential customers that come across the site for more information can learn about the ways in which they can be rewarded for booking a car wash. 

They also promote Stamp Me on their social media to their followers, to ensure their existing customers are engaged.

How Rewards are Redeemed

On the customers next visit, they simple select the reward voucher for a free inside and outside wash, which is stored in their Stamp Me App. They confirm ‘redeem’ and show the Carrera Car Wash staff the animated date-and-time-stamped voucher to receive their freebie.

Redemption data is stored on their Merchant Console should the staff ever need to refer back to it to see when a customer redeemed their reward.


Since implementing their digital loyalty card in 2013, Carrera Car Wash has achieved immense success. 

With over 700 active customers and thousands of stamps and rewards issued, the brand has worked to achieve their key objectives, whilst maintaining their core values of providing excellent customer care to all. 

Thanks to Stamp Me, Carrera Car Wash have now:

  • Built a loyal and supportive customer base with whom they have personal relationships with 
  • Incentivised repeat visits through rewards and commuting promotions through push notifications
  • Found a way to stand out from the growing competition by offering something new and exciting 
  • Ensured that their business is front-of-mind for all customers

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