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Caution Nutrition

See how this Miami Lakes nutrition bar boosted customer loyalty and engagement with an exciting loyalty program. Get the inside scoop on their strategy!

Caution Nutrition


Caution Nutrition Smoothie Bar & Coffee brings a vibrant, healthy hub to Miami Lakes, Florida. Their menu features delicious smoothies, protein-packed bowls, and energizing coffee options, designed to fuel a wholesome lifestyle. With fresh ingredients and crave-worthy flavors, they make healthy choices easy and enjoyable for the local community.

The Brief

Caution Nutrition wanted to deepen their connection with their loyal customers. They craved a loyalty program that would be easy to manage, reward customers with exciting incentives, and provide a platform for ongoing communication.

Key Objectives

Together with Stamp Me, Caution Nutrition aimed to: 

  • Establish a simple and rewarding loyalty program
  • Build deeper customer relationships
  • Use targeted campaigns to excite members and promote specific offers
  • Collect valuable customer data 
  • Drive repeat visits and increase customer loyalty

How the 

Caution Nutrition

 Loyalty Program Works

To cater to its diverse customer base, Caution Nutrition created three distinct loyalty cards for its program, complete with delicious interim and main rewards:

Smoothie Card: Customers earn one stamp for each smoothie purchase. After collecting 10 stamps, they receive a free 24g Protein Smoothie. They have also set up interim rewards for this card, which keeps the excitement and energy up on the way to the main reward. They include: A free Protein Snack on stamps 3 and 6 and the chance to "Spin the Wheel" additional prizes on stamp 9.

Wake Up Drink Card: Customers earn a stamp for each Wake Up 32oz Drink purchased, receiving a 20% discount on their third drink and a free Wake Up 32oz Drink after collecting 5 stamps.

Iced Coffee Card: Customers earn a stamp for each Iced Coffee purchase. After collecting 8 stamps, they receive a free High Protein Iced Coffee.

With a variety of rewards, both interim and main prizes, CN Smoothie Bar & Coffee's program keeps customers engaged and excited to return.


Special Features 

Caution Nutrition Smoothie Bar & Coffee goes beyond the main loyalty program with personalized touches. 

Birthday Club: 

Caution Nutrition celebrates customer birthdays with their Birthday Club, sending a festive message: "Happy birthday! Wishing you a day filled with love, laughter, and lots of delicious treats. As a special gift from us to you!!!" and a surprise treat. It's a simple yet effective way to show appreciation and encourage a celebratory visit.

Lapsed Customers:

They also understand that sometimes life gets busy, and make an effort to re-engage customers who haven't visited in a while. 

After 14 days of inactivity, they send a friendly message: "Feeling the absence of your healthy choices? Return to our bar for a warm embrace and 20% off. We’re excited to continue supporting you." This personalized outreach demonstrates care and offers an incentive to return. 

Push Notifications and SMS: 

They also strategically use both push notifications and SMS messages to stay connected with their customers. 

These channels deliver special offers, important business information, or just a simple hello. 

This multi-channel approach ensures their communications reach customers effectively, promoting engagement and reminding them of the delicious and healthy options awaiting them.

How Rewards are Redeemed


Since launching its loyalty program with Stamp Me, Caution Nutrition has shown impressive results, demonstrating its effectiveness in driving customer engagement and loyalty. Here's a snapshot:

  • Strong Participation: With over 5,500 stamps issued and over 1,200 redemptions, the program highlights a significant level of customer participation.
  • Loyal Community: They have cultivated a dedicated following with nearly 400 active members. That’s a lot of loyal sippers and snackers!
  • Repeat Visits: The program's multi-tiered rewards and engaging features encourage customers to return, as evidenced by the average of 10-15 stamps collected per day.
  • Customer Connection: Personalized touches like the Birthday Club promote ongoing engagement and foster a strong sense of connection.

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