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Kinjo Sushi Restaurant

Canadian chain Kinjo Sushi approached us to create an enticing mobile app-based loyalty program to increase customer retention & boost restaurant sales.

Kinjo Sushi Restaurant


With six locations across Calgary, Kinjo Sushi & Grill has been serving up delicious sushi, seafood and various grilled delights to hungry Canadians for nearly 15 years.

All six restaurants are quite spacious, with an abundance of seating and open-plan kitchens that are situated in plain sight of diners. Customers can also order Kinjo Sushi & Grill for home delivery.

Kinjo restaurants boast a fun, lively atmosphere and the chain is renowned for its bluefin tuna shows, sushi making classes, painting classes, fundraisers and various other events. The brand is heavily involved in the local community, and offers catering services as well.

The Brief

With a large pool of repeat customers who regularly dine at Kinjo Sushi & Grill, the sushi chain needed a way to reward these repeat customers for their loyalty. Not forgetting to entice new customers to return a second time (and a third, and a fourth!).

Kinjo approached Stamp Me Loyalty Solutions with a goal to create an enticing mobile app-based restaurant loyalty program that would increase customer retention and boost sales.

Key Objectives

The primary goals that Kinjo & Stamp Me strived to achieve with the digital loyalty program were to:

  • Motivate customers to make repeat purchases from the restaurant
  • Keep the Kinjo Sushi & Grill brand front-of-mind for existing customers
  • Strengthen the emotional connection between the business and its customers
  • Reward loyalty in a way that is convenient for both the restaurant and the customer
  • Offer a seamless and cohesive loyalty program experience across all six restaurant locations simultaneously
  • Digitally engage customers with fun competitions and other exclusive promotions
  • Send targeted communications directly to customers’ mobile devices

How the 

Kinjo Sushi Restaurant

 Loyalty Program Works

The Kinjo Sushi & Grill loyalty program rewards diners for regularly patronising Kinjo restaurants.

Customers earn a stamp for each $20 spent.

After collecting 5 stamps, customers are rewarded with a “special pokey” and after collecting 10 stamps, they receive a $20 gift card to put toward future purchases.

The interim reward at stamp 5 keeps the customer engaged with the program as they work their way towards the major reward of a $20 voucher.

Customers can accumulate and redeem points at any of the sushi chain’s numerous locations(Learn more about operating our loyalty program across multiple locations).


Kinjo Sushi uses our legacy Stamp Mate Device and a Stamp Code for issuing customers stamps, which is unique for every store.

Upon paying the bill, the staff bring the Stamp Code with them to the table and allow the customer to scan it to collect a stamp. Each scan in the Stamp Me app goves one stamp.

Customers will usually become aware of the program whilst they are dining in restaurants through display posters and staff education.

However Kinjo Sushi also promotes their program on their website and across social media to drive awareness.

How Rewards are Redeemed

The Kinjo Sushi & Grill loyalty card app also takes advantage of Stamp Me’s built-in Birthday Club and Scratch & Win features for increased engagement.

Upon signup, new members are prompted to enter their date of birth, which entitles them to a special sushi roll for free on their birthday each year.

Kinjo also uses our built-in Scratch & Win feature to offer customers instant prizes, such as the chance to win a trip to Tokyo.

From their Merchant Console, they can send push notifications, texts and emails to keep customers informed about new store locations, updated menus, exciting upcoming events and other news.


Since enlisting Stamp Me’s award-winning digital loyalty solutions, Kinjo has enjoyed astronomical success with its new loyalty app.

Through the Kinjo Sushi & Grill digital punch card app, Kinjo is able to:

  • Incentivise repeat purchases and upsize average transaction value
  • Strengthen the customer’s emotional connection to the Kinjo brand
  • Quickly and easily on-board and reward loyalty program members
  • Allow customers to accrue points and redeem rewards across all six restaurant locations
  • Engage customers with targeted communications and fun promotions directly to their mobile devices anytime, anywhere

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