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French-Canadian tea shop MysTea use two digital stamp cards to run a loyalty program to keep customers engaged with a Scratch & Win game, Birthday Club & more!



Boasting a strong focus on eco-responsibility and health, French-Canadian tea shop, MysTea, has been brewing 100% natural and organic teas out of their Quebec stores since 2011.

Their collections of artisanal teas and tea accessories are put together by co-owner and certified tea sommelier Anne and her father Marc, who came to us looking for a solution that would reward customers without having to use wasteful paper cards.

Since joining Stamp Me, over 600 tea-loving Quebecers have signed up for MysTea’s digital stamp card.

They have two Stamp Cards; one rewarding prepared drink purchases and the other for their 50g loose leaf tea boxes. Both offers and the Stamp Me app are presented in French.

The Brief

Key Objectives

The primary objectives that MysTea were looking to achieve with a Stamp Me loyalty program were to:

  • Implement a loyalty program that contributed to MysTea’s eco-responsible standards by not using paper cards
  • Provide a loyalty program that had French language capabilities
  • Reward customers for choosing MysTea’s natural and health-centric products and incentivise them to keep coming back
  • Build a two-way emotional connection between the business and their previously anonymous customer

How the 


 Loyalty Program Works

MysTea offers both beverage and product stamp cards, encouraging their customers to enjoy their range of teas, whether they are out and about or at home.

At both their Sherbrooke and Gatineau city locations, MysTea offer:

A Welcome Gift

  • On sign up, customers receive a welcome gift of 50% off any Bubble Tea or Latte.
  • This gives customer’s an incentive to join their program there and then when they are in-store. Alternatively it incentivises them visit the store to claim it if they joined at home.
  • Once they’re onboard, it’s easy to convert this customer into a regular!

Card 1: Bubble Tea or Latte

  • On this stamp card, customers collect a stamp for every bubblemystea or Latte purchase.
  • After 12 stamps, they get one for free!

Card 2: 50g Loose MysTea

  • On this stamp card, customers collect a stamp for every 50g purchase of loose tea.
  • After 12 stamps, they get 50g of their choice free!

Customers can join just one stamp card, or both!

Located in the French-speaking province of Canada, MysTea requires that their loyalty app has language options – either French or English – to suit their customers. Stamp Me is available in various international languages to serve our global market. See our language options.


In order to give customers stamps, MysTea uses our legacy Stamp Mate Device as well as Stamp Codes which issues one stamp for each scan through the Stamp Me App.

There is one Stamp Code per Stamp Card. They codes are printed and displayed beside the cash register where it can be monitored by staff, but also be obvious for customers.

In case a customer forgets to collect a stamp when making a purchase, the staff can also issue a stamp remotely from their Merchant Console.

Social Media Marketing

MysTea ensures that their 7,000+ devoted social media followers are aware of their loyalty program by regularly posting about it.

Social media followers either are, or have the potential to be their most loyal customers, so marketing Stamp Me to these followers, across a range of different mediums is an effective way to get people to join.

Staff Ambassadorship

In order to spread the word so that everyone knows about their exciting loyalty program, the staff make sure they tell their customers both new and old at the checkout. If people don’t know about it, people won’t use it!

A sign-up reward comes in handy for suggesting the program to customers. For example, “Would you like 50% off your next drink for joining our digital loyalty program?” How could you say no to that? It’s a win/win!

How Rewards are Redeemed

Once the customer has collected 12 stamps to fill their card, an in-app voucher is automatically triggered and sent to their account, to be used on their next visit. This will also happen for their free sign-up reward when a customer joins for the first time.

The next time the customer is in-store and wishes to claim, they simply select the reward in their list, press ‘Redeem’ and show the staff at checkout the time-and-date-stamped animated screen, in exchange for their reward. See how members claim rewards in-person.

The voucher disappears after 3 minutes or once the user presses ‘complete’.


Thanks to Stamp Me, MysTea have been able to achieve:

  • An environmentally-friendly and easy-to-use digital loyalty solution
  • Fun and engaging French language communications between the business and its staff
  • Impressive and consistent repeat customer numbers
  • A positive and rewarding relationship between customers and the business

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