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Quest Coffee Roasters

Australian coffee roasters and cafe owners Quest Coffee wanted to upgrade their old, unhygienic paper punch-card system, to a contactless digital solution.

Quest Coffee Roasters


Located on the enviable sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, Quest Coffee Roasters have been brewing up coffee perfectionism for over 10 years.

Quest Coffee runs a busy cafe serving their specialty brews and cakes, as well selling bags of coffee, loose teas, a range of coffee equipment – and for the ultimate caffeine addict – coffee subscriptions.

As the name suggests, this company is on a quest to provide great coffee – and a way to reward their customers for accompanying them on their journey too!

The Brief

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Quest Coffee were searching for a digital loyalty solution to replace their old, unhygienic paper punch-card system.

With a busy cafe and stock flying off their shelves Quest Coffee approached Stamp Me to assist them with implementing a loyalty solution that would increase customer retention and boost in-store sales.

Key Objectives

The primary goals that Quest Coffee and Stamp Me strived to achieve with a digital loyalty solution were to:

  • Safeguard customers with an effective contactless loyalty program
  • Strengthen the emotional connection between the business and its customers
  • Motivate customers to make repeat purchases
  • Keep the Quest Coffee brand front-of-mind for existing customers
  • Gain valuable data and insights into customer profiles and purchase behaviours
  • Send targeted communications and promotions directly to customers’ mobile devices
  • Add an element of fun and modernity to their loyalty program

How the 

Quest Coffee Roasters

 Loyalty Program Works

The Quest Coffee loyalty program rewards customers for regularly patronising their cafe and store.

They have set up two separate loyalty offers, one for in-store coffee drink purchases and another for take-home coffee bean purchases.

Coffee drink offer:

  • Customers earn a stamp for every tea or coffee purchased (any size)
  • After collecting 10 stamps, they are automatically rewarded with a free cup of tea or speciality coffee to redeem at their convenience
  • To help their customers along, Quest Coffee award one stamp upon sign-up

Coffee bean offer:

  • Customers earn a stamp for every 500g bag of coffee they purchase
  • After collecting 10 stamps, they are automatically rewarded with a free 500g bag of coffee of their choice, to redeem at their convenience
  • To help their customers along, Quest Coffee award one stamp upon sign-up



Customers of Quest Coffee will usually become aware of the program when they visit the store through posters positioned strategically around the venue.

The passionate staff are also brilliant advocates of their new program. They educate customers at the point of sale and prompt them to download the Stamp Me app (with great take-up rates!)

How Rewards are Redeemed


Since enlisting the help of Stamp Me to use our award winning loyalty solution, Quest Coffee are enjoying huge success, and have received great feedback about their new loyalty app.

Quest Coffee are now able to:

  • Prove that they uphold the safety of their customers by swiftly and smoothly transitioning to a contactless loyalty program
  • Incentivise repeat purchases
  • Strengthen the customers emotional connection to the Quest Coffee brand
  • Engage customers with targeted communications and fun promotions, directly through their mobile devices
  • Quickly and easily get people signed up to their loyalty program

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