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Reub Goldberg Brewing Machine

Reub Goldberg Brewing Machine’s loyalty program, lovingly donned the ‘ecosystem’, has bonded their loyal customers through a global pandemic, whilst fostering a growing network of beer-loving individuals. See how they did it here!

Reub Goldberg Brewing Machine


Reub Goldberg Brewing Machine (RGBM) have made it their mission to provide the highest quality home brew-style beer to their customers in the most sustainable way possible. Since the brewery's inception in 2014, when founders Billy and Anna embarked on a bicycle research journey dubbed Bike2Brewery, RGBM has become a pillar in the local area.

With their venue located in Tarrawanna, New South Wales, RGMB has created a community of beer, food and music loving individuals, with their ultimate goal of spreading the enjoyment of homebrewed fresh beverages. 

Not only do they thrive on creating a sense of family, welcoming regulars and newcomers alike, but RGBM is committed to moving towards zero waste and furthering their eco-friendly efforts. The brewery itself has been run off solar energy since 2020 and identifies as ‘hyperlocal’, sourcing ingredients and materials from the local community. Billy and Anna are also continually working towards providing sustainable packaging and high quality, reusable products to all their consumers.

The Brief

To keep in line with their eco-friendly efforts, it was only natural that RGBM would be looking for ways to move their business towards a more digital front to avoid unnecessary waste and advance in their zero waste mission. 

Additionally, with the looming presence of COVID-19 and Australia’s strict lockdown laws, RGBM were looking for a way to connect with their clientele and engage with them remotely. Searching for an eco-friendly solution with a focus on customer loyalty and retention, RGBM partnered with Stamp Me to create their loyalty program.

Key Objectives

Together with Stamp Me, RGBM strived to:

  • Create a loyalty program that was in line with their eco-friendly values 
  • Reward customers for their loyalty and support 
  • Strengthen their existing relationship with their consumers during the pandemic
  • Encourage repeat purchases and customer retention 
  • Target and reach a new customer base through online promotion 
  • Gain valuable insight into customer data
  • Send targeted communications directly to their users

How the 

Reub Goldberg Brewing Machine

 Loyalty Program Works

RGBM’s loyalty program is simple yet effective! 

After signing up to the Stamp Me App and joining RGBM’s Stamp Card, customers will receive a customised email welcoming them to the program. There, they will find instructions on how the program works, if they haven't figured it out already. 

Once they have joined the program, users will earn one stamp per Growler purchased (beer refilled in their reusable stainless steel bottles). After collecting 9 stamps (9 growler refills), they’ll receive their 10th Growler for free. The Stamp Card will then reset automatically so the fun can start all over again!


RGBM uses Stamp Me’s unique Stamp Code to issue stamps directly to the customer's app. All the user needs to do is purchase a Growler and scan the Stamp Code after payment within the Stamp Me app to receive their stamp. 

They also have their Merchant Console open on their desktop which means that staff can apply stamps to customer stamp cards from the ‘give stamps’ function, if the customer prefers.

RGBM’s loyalty ecosystem is a driving force of the brand and one that is often promoted on their social media and website. There, you can find details on how to join the program and download the Stamp Me App, as well as the exclusive rewards and perks that come with being a member. 

The in-house brewery team are also the perfect spokespeople for the program, offering it to any newcomers they welcome in store.

COVID-19 Limited Time Offer

With the uncertainty of COVID-19, RGBM created a time sensitive offer for their loyalty members to not only brighten the day of customers who may have been struggling through a pandemic lockdown, but to ensure that their business stayed front-of-mind. 

Together with Stamp Me, RGBM integrated their mailing list with their loyalty program and sent out a message of well-wishes alongside a 10% discount. This discount could be used at the brewery itself or by entering the code into their online store. RGBM’s limited time offer strengthened the relationship with their customer base, whilst also maintaining revenue during a period of instability.

Birthday Club

RGBM additionally uses Stamp Me’s Birthday Club feature to celebrate their members birthdays and offer them a free refill valid for fourteen days.

A short time before their special day, members will automatically receive a personalised message and an in-app voucher, incentivising them to come down to the brewery for a celebratory drink to make them feel valued as a part of the ‘ecosystem’ family.

How Rewards are Redeemed


With nearly 1,000 members, it’s easy to see how RGBM has created a strong community network. Not only have they issued over 8000 stamps to date, they have also rewarded their members with 500+ free refills! 

Since the beginning of their program in 2020, they have seen immense success. But RGBM have no plans to slow down and are already looking for ways they can continue to grow their platform. 

Thanks to Stamp Me, RGBM have now:

  • Created a digital and eco-friendly Stamp Card that produces zero waste 
  • Found a way to connect and reward their loyal customers through COVID-19 
  • Strengthened their relationships with these customers by creating personalised campaigns and messages 
  • Incentivised repeat purchases and customer retention 
  • Attracted a new clientele by promoting their online store 
  • Ensured they are front-of-mind to all in the area

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