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Salvation Army

See how the Salvation Army’s thrift stores use the Stamp Me loyalty program to reward loyalty and strengthen connections with their retail customers.

Salvation Army


The Salvation Army, founded in 1865 in London, England, is an international charitable organization with a rich history of providing assistance to those in need. From its humble beginnings as a small mission in the East End of London, the Salvation Army has grown into a global movement with a presence in 133 countries around the globe. 

In America alone, they assist 23 million Americans annually, with over 1.8 million members. 

Driven by core values such as integrity, compassion, and dedication, the Salvation Army has continuously adapted to changing social needs. Throughout its history, the organization has expanded its services to include a wide range of social programs, including shelters for the homeless, addiction recovery initiatives, disaster relief efforts, and community development projects. 

The Salvation Army’s thrift stores operate worldwide and they play a vital role in the organization’s mission by providing affordable clothing, furniture, household items, and other goods for individuals and families in need. 

The Brief

At the start of 2020, The Salvation Army were interested in keeping with their mission values, were looking to reward their loyal customers for continuing to shop at their thrift stores and foster a stronger connection between donors, shoppers, and the organization’s core values. 

This led them to Stamp Me, who could provide a 100% digital loyalty solution that was both engaging for customers and easy to manage for staff, which could also be customizable and scalable for the business.

Key Objectives

Together with Stamp Me, the Salvation Army aims to:

  • Motivate shoppers to make repeat purchases from Salvation Army thrift stores 
  • Reward loyalty in an engaging yet simple way 
  • Strengthen the emotional connection between the business and its customers
  • Offer a seamless and cohesive loyalty program experience across multiple locations
  • Gain valuable data and insights into customer profiles and purchase behaviors 

How the 

Salvation Army

 Loyalty Program Works

Salvation Army’s loyalty program has been implemented into five locations in Massachusetts, U.S. It is a prime example of how Stamp Me works for charities that want to encourage repeat business and sustainable shopping choices. 

It follows an easy and streamlined structure, making it accessible to a wide range of Salvation Army shoppers. 

To participate, customers simply download the Stamp Me app, and earn one stamp for every $10 spent at any participating Salvation Army stores. After collecting ten stamps, customers receive a $10 off voucher for purchases of $20 or more. 

Once the stamp card is finished, it resets so that customers can keep stamping and earning. 

Participating stores can easily manage their loyalty program and the status of their member’s stamp cards from Stamp Me’s Merchant Console. This gives them access to individual member profiles, stamp and redemption information, and ability to download valuable customer data. 

They have also customized their stamp card with their logo, which is a great and simple way to make a stamp card stand out and reflect the brand identity to their customer base. 


How Rewards are Redeemed

Once the customer has collected ten stamps, members will automatically receive a $10 off in-app reward voucher which is stored in their ‘Rewards’ area of the Stamp Me App to claim when they’re next in store. 

To redeem the voucher, customers simply press ‘Redeem Now’, and present the animated voucher screen to a registered staff member who then applies the discount to their purchase. 

By having an animated voucher, it is not only eye-catching for members and creates excitement around redemption, but it prevents screenshots. 


Since launching their unique loyalty program in five Massachusetts stores back in 2020, the Salvation Army has seen unprecedented results. In fact, in only the past six months, they’ve had over 2,000 redemptions and issued over 12,000 stamps. 

Thanks to Stamp Me, the Salvation Army have now:

  • Created and implemented a digital loyalty program that boasts thousands of members 
  • Issued over 68,000 stamps, motivating Salvation Army shoppers to make repeat purchases 
  • Rewarded loyalty in an engaging yet simple way
  • Offered a seamless and scalable digital loyalty program that could be implemented throughout multiple Salvation Army thrift stores 
  • Strengthened the emotional connection between them and the customer 

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