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Let’s take a look at how Sblended, a Massachusetts-based smoothie bar utilized Stamp Me to create stronger relationships with their regulars and drive retention through an exciting loyalty program.



Driven by a mission to support healthy lifestyles for the community, Sblended Nutrition presents a varied selection of nutritious smoothies designed to support a range of health objectives and dietary needs. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Beverly, Massachusetts, Sblended provides good vibes and more importantly, good nutrition! 

The Brief

Sblended sought to enhance its customer loyalty efforts with a program that also mirrored the health-conscious ethos of its brand. 

By partnering with Stamp Me, Sblended rolled out an innovative, accessible loyalty program designed to foster deeper customer engagement and incentivize frequent visits. 

Key Objectives

Together with Stamp Me, Sblended aimed to: 

  • Create a robust and exciting loyalty program that echoes their brand identity 
  • Foster stronger, more personalized connections with their customers 
  • Gain valuable data and insight into customer profiles and activity
  • Deliver targeted communications directly to their members via Push Notifications

How the 


 Loyalty Program Works

Sblended’s loyalty program is designed to cater to the diverse preferences of its customers through two unique stamp cards: the Shake Card and the Power Tea Card. 

The Shake Card rewards members with a free probiotic boost upon signing up, providing immediate value and a strong incentive to join. For each shake combo purchased, customers earn a stamp. After collecting 10 stamps from shake combo purchases, they are rewarded with $4 off their next order, encouraging repeat visits. 

Similarly, the Power Tea Card operates on the principle of rewarding frequent purchases. Customers receive a stamp for each power tea bought. After reaching 10 stamps, they receive a $4 discount on their next purchase. 

A time delay between stamping is set up for both cards for more control over in-person customer stamping. This can easily be adjusted in their Merchant Console at any time. 


Once a customer has collected 10 stamps on either stamp card, members will automatically receive a discount voucher which is stored in their ‘Rewards’ area of the Stamp Me app and can be claimed when they’re next in store.

To redeem the voucher, customers press ‘Redeem Now’ when in store, and simply present the animated and time-stamped voucher screen to a registered staff member, who then applies the discount to their yummy purchase.

Special Features

Sblended are strong utilizers of Stamp Me’s communications capabilities. They frequently take advantage of free push notifications, which they can either send directly to individual members, or in bulk to everyone, from their Merchant Console.

This feature takes a matter of minutes to organize and can simply be a message, or customized with reward vouchers attached.

Communicating with their loyal members helps to keep engagement high, even when customers aren’t visiting or sipping and makes them aware of any special offers. They also promote referral-limited time offers, seasonal promotions like Black Friday sales, and more. 

How Rewards are Redeemed


Since its program launch in 2021, Sblended has seen impressive growth and a closer connection with its customers. With over 400 active members joining their program, it’s clear that Stamp Me is a key part of their business (and their loyal customers are loving it too)! 

Since adopting the Stamp Me app, Sblended has: 

  • Created a robust and personalized loyalty program 
  • Issued more than 9,800 stamps to date and over 800 total redemptions 
  • Encouraged repeat purchases to boost customer retention 
  • Strengthened the emotional connection between their business and loyal customers 
  • Maintained engaging communication through Push Notifications to keep their customers up-to-date

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