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Shisha Vibe

Discover how Shisha Vibe, a leading UK vape retailer, switched to Stamp Me to create a digital loyalty program that enhances customer engagement and rewards loyal shoppers with every purchase.

Shisha Vibe


Shisha Vibe Vape Store, established in 2013, has become synonymous with quality and reliability in the UK's vaping industry. Recognized as the premier vape retailer in the country, Shisha Vibe has been providing vapers with the finest in hardware, E-Liquids, flavors, vape tanks, and starter kits. 

With its roots deeply embedded in the vibrant heart of London, Shisha Vibe extends its services nationwide, offering exceptional customer service and top-tier products.

The Brief

Shisha Vibe aimed to elevate its customer loyalty strategy with a tailored program that reflected its customers’ needs and brand. 

By transitioning to Stamp Me, Shisha Vibe introduced a modern, user-friendly loyalty program to deepen customer engagement and encourage repeat visits to their London locations. 

Key Objectives

Together with Stamp Me, Shisha Vibe aimed to: 

  • Switch loyalty providers to create a more robust loyalty program for its in-store locations
  • Incentivize and reward loyal customers, encouraging them to make repeat purchases at their London locations
  • Foster stronger, more personalized connections with their customers 
  • Gain valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends better to tailor Shisha Vibe’s offerings and marketing strategies

How the 

Shisha Vibe

 Loyalty Program Works

Shisha Vibe enhances shopping at its London locations with two tailored loyalty cards that utilize interim rewards to keep interest and engagement high. 

This first card is designed for customers spending between £3 and £9: for each £3 spent within this range, a customer earns a stamp. 

Once a customer accumulates 10 stamps, they can select from a variety of rewards, including free e-liquids, discounts on vape kits, and more. The rewards escalate with 20 stamps, offering even greater discounts and free products, showcasing the program's commitment to appreciating customer loyalty.

The second loyalty card targets customers who spend £10 per transaction, simplifying the accumulation process: one £10 spend equals one stamp. 

After collecting 8 stamps, customers can redeem their stamps for rewards such as free liquids, vape kits, and more. The value of the rewards increases at 16 and 24 stamps, unlocking access to even more exciting offers such as larger discounts and additional free products.

By allowing for a wide variety of reward options, Shisha Vibe can reach more customers and encourage broader participation in their loyalty program. 


Shisha Vibe dedicates a section of its website to educating their customers about their loyalty program, increasing exposure and leading to a drive in sign-ups and engagement across their locations.

Special Features 

Merchant Console 

Along with having access to engagement campaigns, and communication capabilities (and more!), the Merchant Console serves as a critical tool for Shisha Vibe to delve deeper into the habits and preferences of their customers. 

With the ability to meticulously track the progress and redemption of loyalty stamps, Shisha Vibe uncovers which rewards truly resonate with their customers, allowing for precise adjustments to their loyalty program. 

This real-time data and analytics capability is not just a feature—it's a game-changer. It empowers Shisha Vibe to refine their loyalty strategies effectively and supercharge their marketing campaigns with targeted insights. And the best part? They can download the data at any time!

How Rewards are Redeemed

When a Shisha Vibe customer collects the required number of stamps, a digital voucher is automatically added to their app, triggering an in-app notification. When ready to redeem the reward in-store, the customer presents this voucher to a staff member. 

Enhanced with an animation and a three-minute expiry countdown, these digital vouchers are designed to maintain a high level of security and prevent misuse from screenshot attempts, ensuring a secure reward system for staff and customers. 


Since integrating with Stamp Me in February 2023, Shisha Vibe has seen impressive growth and a closer connection to their customers. With thousands of active customers across both stamp cards, it’s clear Stamp Me is a key part of their business strategy (and their loyal customers are enjoying the perks too!)

Since adopting their Stamp Me loyalty program, Shisha Vibe has: 

  • Created an exciting and robust loyalty program, with over 40,000 stamps issued and thousands of redemptions issued across both stamp cards
  • A deeper understanding of their customer behavior and preferences
  • Promoted their range of products, encouraging upselling and cross-selling opportunities
  • Ensured their business stayed front-of-mind at all times  

We have been using the StampMe app as our primary loyalty card system in our retail vape stores and are incredibly impressed with the results. The app's impact on our customer engagement and retention has been remarkable”

- Henry Bishop, Shisha Vibe

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