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Top 5 Best Loyalty Apps for Lash & Brow Services

Written by 
Chloe Komesarook
November 14, 2023
Customer Retention

Are you a lash & brow studio aiming to amplify client retention and differentiate yourself in the beauty industry? Think about a loyalty app specifically tailored for lash & brow services. In a market swamped with beauty spots, establishing a consistent client return is essential. 

Loyalty apps have surfaced as revolutionary tools, giving clients added motivation to book their next appointment while enhancing their bond with your brand. However, with the many options available, choosing the perfect app for your studio can seem overwhelming. 

In this article, we spotlight the five best loyalty apps for lash & brow services that genuinely add value, ensuring you always have a chair ready for those returning clients. 

Stamp Me 

Phone frame with Stamp Me app.

With a 4.9 rating across the Apple App Store and Google Play store, Stamp Me is the go-to loyalty platform trusted by beauty salons and spas worldwide. 

We blend the classic salon loyalty cards like “Buy 10 treatments, Get 1 Free” with our mobile app, enhancing your client’s loyalty experience and business success. Gone are the days of paper cards; customers can now easily track their loyalty milestones from their phones. 

Understanding that your clients value simplicity, Stamp Me is designed with lash & brow studios in mind. In fact, over half of consumers want a loyalty program that is easy to use

If you're not convinced of our features, then see for yourself:

Graphic tile with icons and text.

Serving as a favorite loyalty app in over 80 countries, Stamp Me helps studios  in bolstering client loyalty and satisfaction worldwide. Yours could be next!

Flex Rewards

Phone frame with the Flex Rewards app.

Another important contender for the best loyalty app for lash & brow services is Flex Rewards, with a 4.6 rating on the Apple App Store. Offering the ability to customize your studio’s loyalty card to fit your branding, you have the flexibility to configure anywhere from 1 to 50 stamps, depending on visits or minimum spending. 

Their Merchant Companion App allows effortless member management, accessible on any browser-enabled device. Studios can also spike client interaction with referral bonuses, enticing welcome packages, and exclusive mid-tier rewards. 

With a comprehensive suite of features, the setup does require a studio to invest significant time upfront to tailor the app to their specific needs. This could be time-consuming for your lash & brow service when you want to start your loyalty program as soon as possible. 


Phone frames with the Yollty app.

In the ever-evolving beauty industry, where personal touch and customized experiences reign supreme, Yollty offers a loyalty solution that’s both intuitive and sophisticated. With a 4.7 rating on the Apple App Store, it’s one of the best loyalty apps for lash & brow services today. 

Similar to Stamp Me, Yollty takes the familiar stamp card system and digitizes it, offering a modern solution that resonates with beauty enthusiasts. With just a few taps, studios can set up a personalized loyalty program, reinforcing a bond between the technician and their clients. 

Available on all smartphones and tablets, its built-in communication features, such as in-app messages or push notifications, keep clients informed and engaged. Whether announcing a new lash extension style, special brow-tinting offers, or simply sending a friendly reminder for a touch-up, Yollty ensures your message reaches its audience. 

However, it’s worth noting potential hiccups. Some studios might find integrating Yollty with pre-existing systems slightly challenging, introducing an additional step in the setup process. 


Phone frame with the Rewardle app.

Rewardle is a digital loyalty and customer engagement platform tailored primarily for local businesses. It allows businesses to set up loyalty programs, offer mobile ordering, and engage with customers. This digital approach, stepping away from traditional paper punch cards, not only streamlines the process but is also eco-conscious - a bonus for savvy clients. 

The built-in engagement tools present a valuable opportunity for beauticians to send out enticing offers, perhaps spotlighting a trendy brow-tinting method or a seasonal lash extension deal. 

However, it’s not without its setbacks. The current version has faced reviews of crashes and connectivity issues, potentially impeding a seamless client journey. 

With a 2.2 rating on the Apple App Store and a 3.3 on Google Play, it’s evident that Rewardle presents both opportunities and challenges for lash & brow service providers. 


Phone frame with the Fivestars app.

Fivestars is a strong contender for the best loyalty apps for lash & brow services, offering a transformative approach to customer loyalty and targeted marketing. Its customizable loyalty programs empower lash & brow services to curate reward systems, roll out promotions, and engage directly with their clientele. 

Clients can effortlessly tap into the Fivestars app to uncover deals, accumulate rewards, or even explore new beauty services, elevating their pampering journey. As well as this, Fivestars leverages data analytics to provide salons with insights into customer behavior, which can be instrumental in fine-tuning marketing strategies and offerings to meet the preferences and needs of their target customers. 

On the flip side, using Fivestars for your loyalty program comes with challenges. Firstly, the costs associated with utilizing their services might be heavy on the pocket, especially for smaller salons on a budget. As well as this, with a 3.9 rating on the Google Play store and a 4.1 rating on the Apple App store, Fivestars is known to occasionally experience technical hiccups in the customer’s journey as they try to secure a deal or earn points. Moreover, fixing these issues could be time-consuming and doesn’t present the best experience to your customers. 


We hope you’ve found our guide to the five best loyalty apps for lash & brow services helpful. Choosing the right loyalty app for your lash & brow studio is pivotal – every choice impacts the experience. The key to finding it? Understanding what compliments your studio’s ethos and clients’ preferences best. Ultimately, the objective remains: ensuring your loyal clients always find reasons to book their next appointment.

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