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Your Grocery List Just Got Smarter: The Best Loyalty Apps for Grocery Stores in Australia

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Chloe Komesarook
June 27, 2024
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Are you an Australian grocery store eager to cultivate customer loyalty and thrive in a competitive market? Then dive into our guide for the best loyalty apps for grocery stores in Australia. With the Australian grocery landscape teeming with options, securing repeat business is your ticket to sustained success.

Loyalty apps have emerged as a game-changing tool, incentivizing customers to return while fostering a deeper connection with your store. However, with many choices, finding the perfect app for your grocery store can take time and effort.

In this article, we'll explore the leading digital loyalty apps designed to ensure your shoppers keep coming back for their weekly essentials and more.

Stamp Me

Phone image of the Stamp Me app.

Stamp Me has become the go-to digital loyalty app for businesses in more than 80 countries (including Australia), helping them boost customer loyalty and satisfaction across the globe. With a 4.9 rating across the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, it's easy to see why it's the ultimate choice.

Want an example of a grocery store using Stamp Me to boost their bottom line? Read all about it here!

Adapting the classic 'Visit X Get Y Free' model for grocery stores, this solution is the most convenient loyalty app for grocery stores in Australia, perfect for both store owners and their customers. Say goodbye to paper cards; customers can now effortlessly track their grocery visits directly from their phones.

Stamp Me prioritizes simplicity when crafting a digital loyalty card for grocery stores. We understand that the average shopper doesn't want to grapple with complicated integrations and interfaces. In fact, over half of consumers want a loyalty program that is easy to use.

While simplicity is key, Stamp Me still equips your store with a range of smart features:

A list of Stamp Me features

At Stamp Me, we understand that loyalty is universal. We know what your business needs to succeed with your customers, no matter where in the world you are. Join us, and you can join the hundreds of businesses across Australia and the world who have used Stamp Me to create special moments of appreciation for their regulars!

Fivestars Loyalty

Fivestars loyalty app on a phone image.
Image source: Fivestars Loyalty

Fivestars, considered one of the best loyalty apps for grocery stores in Australia, takes a personalized approach to loyalty and marketing. It allows grocery stores to create tailored loyalty programs, manage promotions, and communicate directly with customers, strengthening the bond between the store and its shoppers.

The Fivestars mobile app provides a seamless experience for customers to access deals, track rewards, and discover new local businesses.

However, Fivestars isn't without its downsides. The cost can be prohibitive for smaller stores with limited budgets. Additionally, despite decent app store ratings, Fivestars has been known for occasional technical glitches that can frustrate customers during the rewards process.


Rewardle various app images on a phone screen with blue backgrounds.
Image source: Rewardle

Homegrown in Australia, Rewardle is a versatile platform that combines loyalty rewards, payment processing, and marketing tools. This all-in-one approach is a boon for grocery stores seeking a comprehensive solution to streamline operations and boost customer engagement.

Rewardle's deep understanding of the Australian market is evident in its tailored features and services.

However, the platform's wide range of features can be a double-edged sword. While it is considered one of the top loyalty apps for grocery stores in Australia due to its comprehensive suite of tools, the integration of payment and marketing tools, while convenient, can lead to a cluttered interface that may overwhelm some users.


Stampede app being held in a hand.
Image source: Stampede website

Stampede offers a unique twist on digital loyalty. Instead of traditional points or punches, customers earn stamps through various actions like connecting to the store's WiFi, scanning QR codes, or using NFC technology.

This innovative approach is convenient for both customers and store owners, simplifying the loyalty tracking process. Stampede caters to tech-savvy shoppers who value a seamless and efficient experience.

However, Stampede's simplicity might be a drawback for those seeking more elaborate loyalty programs with diverse rewards or gamified elements. Some users might find the platform's functionality too basic.


Choosing the right loyalty app for your Australian grocery store is a critical decision. Consider your store's specific needs, target audience, and budget. Each app offers unique advantages and drawbacks, so weigh your options carefully.

Remember, the best loyalty app is the one that resonates with your customers and encourages them to return to your store time and time again.

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