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Loyalty Strategy

How to Get Customers to Join Your Loyalty Program

Written by 
Brad Davis
October 7, 2022

So… you want to know how to get more customers to join your loyalty program?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. The below techniques are proven to be effective in getting more customers to join your loyalty program. Incorporate them into your loyalty program strategy and we’re confident that you will see a boost in your loyalty program sign-ups.

So what is the secret to getting more customers to join your loyalty program?

Keep reading to find out...

1. Entice Customers with a Tempting Upfront Signup Reward

It’s one thing to have an effective customer loyalty program, but you need to motivate customers to sign up in the first place before anyone will notice the benefits of subscribing.

So, how do you entice customers to join? …By offering them an excellent upfront incentive that’s far too tempting for customers to say no to! For example…

“Sign up to our loyalty program right now and enjoy 20% off today’s purchase.”

At Stamp Me, we are big believers in offering customers an upfront incentive to join your loyalty program. Why? Because among our clients, we have noticed that businesses which offer an upfront signup incentive build registrations three times faster than businesses which don’t.

Beloved donut chain Krispy Kreme is no stranger to the concept of using an upfront incentive to rapidly build a healthy pool of loyal customers. For a long time now, a delicious free donut awaits anyone who joins the My Sweet Rewards program.

However, Krispy Kreme has recently upped the ante. For a limited time only, customers who buy a dozen glazed donuts will receive another dozen glazed donuts for free when they sign up to My Sweet Rewards.

The second batch of glazed donuts don’t even need to be claimed at the time of registration – customers can come back and grab their free dozen donuts at a later date.

krispy kreme my sweet rewards
Image Source: Krispy Kreme

This promotion comes at a time when Krispy Kreme has expanded its menu to include a wide range of delicious new flavours, and adapts its POS methods in accordance with COVID-19 health and safety measures.

Not only does this limited time offer build hype and boost sales, but it’s a fine example of how a business can use a temporary promotion to lay the foundations of a long-term customer relationship… for nothing more than a few free donuts!

A good example of using an effective sign-up reward to onboard customers is the Uniqlo Loyalty Program.

2. Promote Your Loyalty Program Online and In-Store

If your customers don’t know about it… how can they be expected to join your loyalty program?

Promotion is incredibly important if you want to enjoy more loyalty program sign-ups. It might seem obvious, however you’d be surprised at how many businesses don’t bother to promote their loyalty program on their website.

If you don’t think online promotion (or even having a business website) is important, this stat might make you think again...

76% of consumers check websites before choosing a local business (Search Engine Journal)

Pair this with the finding that 74% of consumers will choose a store based on a strong loyalty or discount program (IRI Consumer Connect), and it soon becomes clear just how important it is to ensure your customers are aware of your loyalty program, and the perks it offers!

Let’s take a look at Kinjo Sushi, a businesses who uses the Stamp Me Loyalty Program.

Kinjo Sushi is a prime example of a brand that’s doing all the right things in regards to the promotion of its loyalty program.

Kinjo's webpage to introduce their Stamp Me rewards program
Information about Stamp Me rewards program on Kinjo's website

Not only does the Canadian sushi chain have a dedicated page on its website to explain how the loyalty program works, but the moment you enter any Kinjo Sushi, you’ll notice posters on the wall advertising the loyalty program and highlighting its perks.

When you order your meal at the point of sale, again you’ll notice signs detailing the benefits of becoming a loyalty program member. The staff member who serves you is likely to mention the program as well.

There are more signs at the table when you sit down to eat, and also in the restrooms… there’s no way you’re walking out of that place without being made aware of Kinjo’s loyalty program!

Kinjo also does a great job of regularly promoting the program across its social media channels. Not just once, but regularly, to constantly remind customers about their loyalty program and its benefits.

A Facebook post to announce Kinjo's rewards program
Kinjo's social post to introduce their Stamp Me rewards program

3. Train Your Staff to be Well-Versed Advocates

Who is the first group of people who need convincing that your loyalty program is the bee’s knees? It’s not your customers… it’s your staff!

How are your staff going to promote your loyalty program if they haven’t been made aware of its perks, features, terms and conditions and all the other key information?Take the time to walk your staff through how your loyalty program works, and ensure they understand it fully, so that they are confident in explaining and promoting it to your customers.

training staff about loyalty card app
Staff training

4. Get Creative With Your Social Media

In addition to clear signage, enthusiastic staff advocates and upfront incentives, Stamp Me has found social media to be an indispensable tool for getting new loyalty programs off the ground… especially when you get creative!

Giving away prizes and free products for customers who post a review or refer friends to your new loyalty program works as a win-win. It can boost your brand’s social media following and loyalty program subscriptions simultaneously.

creative social media
Creative social media campaigns

Renowned shoe retailer Foot Locker proved this a few years ago when it created a highly successful social media campaign to help promote its new loyalty app.

The campaign involved customers filming themselves taking their best basketball shots at home and posting it on Instagram or Twitter along with the campaign’s assigned hashtags.

Once the campaign reached its conclusion, customers could live stream NBA legend James Harden trying to beat customers’ submissions. Essentially it created an interactive, social media-based game of HORSE that anyone could follow anywhere in the world.

Foot Locker’s loyalty app was tied into the entire campaign, so the contest did wonders for its loyalty program subscriptions.

social media marketing campaign
HORSE with HARDEN social media campaign by Foot Locker

Of course, having a celebrity certainly helped to pique interest among customers, but the campaign also took advantage of social media’s capabilities. It did an excellent job of incorporating things like hashtags and live streaming into its marketing, while remaining remarkably convenient and straightforward for customers to engage with.

Foot Locker’s “Horse with Harden” campaign is a fantastic example of a brand that thought outside the box when it came to using the power of social media to promote its loyalty program.

The campaign reflected Footlocker’s values, reinforced the retailer’s brand message, and offered customers the opportunity to have a little fun.

We understand that if you are a small business, you won’t be able to run a campaign of this scope. However, the key point here is no matter the size of your business, don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to social media and find out what works to best engage your customers.

So there you have it!

If you’re looking to kick-start a brand new loyalty program, or simply want more customers to sign up to your loyalty program, the above tips are sure to help.

Remember, the key to any successful loyalty program is to offer each customer a personalised shopping experience that makes them feel valued and appreciated.

Achieve this, and your loyalty program is on track to enjoy astronomical success!

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