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Loyalty Strategy

How to Get Customers to Spend More with Your Brand

Written by 
Brad Davis
November 3, 2022

Before digital technology played such a huge role in marketing, brands would pull out all the classic tricks for getting customers to spend more.

There are some timeless techniques that will always get customers to spend more with your brand, even if the consumer is fully aware of what the brand is doing, such as:

  • tactical POS displays to encourage impulse buying
  • multi-purchase offers (1 for $10, or 3 for $25)
  • strategic visual merchandising (displaying similar products together to encourage upsell)
  • promoting products by staff demonstration (using or wearing items that are for sale)
  • free samples
  • offering sustainable and/or ethical alternatives for cross-selling opportunities
  • traditional “Buy X, Get Y” loyalty programs

Some brands have even enjoyed increased revenue by literally offering customers bigger baskets to encourage higher spending.

customers spend more with bigger basket
Customers spend more with bigger baskets

These days though, the best way to increase a customer’s basket-size is digitally.

A brand’s customer retention strategies and upselling efforts are best invested in digital loyalty apps with receipt scanning technology. This is especially true for brands that sell fast-moving consumer goods through intermediaries.

Fun Fact #1: According to Maritz Motivation, nearly three-quarters (73%) of smartphone users want to interact with their loyalty programs via mobile device.

get customers to spend more with mobile engagement
Customers engage more over mobile devices

Receipt scanning is how to get customers to spend more

With receipt scanning technology, brands can convert customer receipts into data. This data can be analyzed to provide actionable consumer insights, and automatically uploaded to a rewards platform database.

Stamp Me Co-Founder Alan Donaldson said having access to this data is extremely powerful for brands, as it allows them to identify what else is in the customer’s basket.

“This provides incredible opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling, which ultimately leads to an uplift in sales,” he added.

How so?

It starts with a traditional loyalty program offer – “Buy 6 & Get 1 Free”, for example, or another kind of deal that suits your specific business model and product offering.

This offer is what incentivizes customers to download the loyalty app and upload their receipts with every purchase, to earn their reward. If you need help with this step, check out our article on How to Get Customers to Join Your Loyalty Program.

Once customers are uploading their receipts into the brand’s loyalty database, the brand can segment its customers into groups, such as:

  • customers that only buy this specific product from the brand
  • customers that tend to purchase X, Y and Z along with the brand’s products
  • people who tend to shop online vs. in-store
  • customers that tend to buy all the necessary accessories and add-ons for certain items
  • customers that often add a particular category of recommended products to their basket
  • a myriad of other groups

Receipt scanning via mobile device
Receipt scanning technology

By segmenting your customers into these separate categories, you can then send targeted communications to each group, tailored to directly appeal to those customers.

This facilitates automated upselling and cross-selling opportunities, such as these examples below:

“Hi Jane, we noticed you like to shop with us online. Enjoy free express shipping next time you spend more than $50 in a single transaction!”

“Like our ketchup? We’ve got a saucy deal for you! Use this code to treat yourself to a free bottle of our all-new spicy barbecue sauce with your next purchase of ketchup.”

Higher spending, increased engagement and stronger brand loyalty

how to get customers to spend more with your brand
Stronger brand loyalty

Some offers will instantly appeal to individual customers, and some won’t. Either way, your rewards platform is constantly working to personalize each customer’s experience with your brand, based on the data collected from their receipts.

The communications (sent directly to customers’ devices via text, email and push notification) become increasingly personalized with every transaction. As a result, each customer’s average basket-size goes up.

Fun Fact #2: Customers who are engaged by a brand make purchases 90% more often, and spend 60% more per transaction than customers who aren’t engaged (Rosetta Consulting).

As the database continues to track and analyze consumer behaviour, it segments customers in another way as well – VIP vs. frequent vs. infrequent vs. lapsed vs. seasonal, and so on.

This segmentation allows the brand to directly engage with its highest-spending customers, while motivating other customers to move up the value chain towards VIP.

Lapsed Customer: VIP Customer:

Phone screen with popped up messages
Engage customers via messages

Receipt scanning technology allows brands to increase basket-size and frequency of visit

In addition to upsizing the average customer’s basket-size, this technology also strives to increase frequency of visit, through enticing offers sent at strategic times based on when a particular customer tends to shop with your brand.

Fun Fact #3: 80% of consumers say they’re more likely to give their business to a brand if it uses their customer data to provide them with a personalized customer experience (Edelman).

get customers to spend more with personalization

Because receipt scanning is done through a mobile app, this solution is remarkably quick and easy for brands to roll out across numerous distribution channels and multiple locations.

Considering using unique QR codes to boost customer spending instead? Check out our other article, where we compare these two validation methods.

engage customers with receipt scanning technology
Receipt scanning program

Stamp Me can help brands identify up-selling and cross-selling opportunities with our award-winning receipt scanning loyalty technology. Our solution provides brands with valuable insight into what else is in your customers’ baskets.

To discuss how to get customers to spend more with receipt scanning technology, speak to a friendly member of the Stamp Me team today.

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