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How to “Surprise and Delight” your customers with Stamp Me

Written by 
Michaela Ward
July 31, 2020

Not only is our highly sophisticated loyalty platform the ideal solution to your customer retention and brand loyalty needs, but it makes Surprise & Delight a breeze.

There are a number of ways to Surprise & Delight your customers through the Stamp Me loyalty platform.

Send random rewards

Surprise your customers with a random reward every once in a while. Our loyalty platform allows you to send random rewards to your customers through our Broadcasting feature.

You can also send up an automated campaign to send your customers a reward if they haven’t collected a stamp in a while, to entice them back.

Giving a surprise reward ultimately requires the customer to make a transaction with your business in order to redeem it.

Set up a Scratch & Win game

Gamification is an excellent customer engagement strategy! With Stamp Me, there is the ability to enhance your loyalty program by offering a Scratch & Win card to your customers. You can choose when you want the Scratch Card to appear, and you can also choose the win/lose ratios.

For example, you can have the Scratch Card appear after every stamp and have a win ratio of 50/50. Or, you could have it appear after every third stamp and have a win ratio of 100%. This is an effective strategy for making every customer feel lucky for winning and as a result, see really high value in your loyalty program.

Learn more about how to engage customers with a Scratch & Win campaign.

Give your customers a head start on the stamp card

unstamped vs prestamped punch card

You can configure your loyalty program to automatically allocate a certain number of stamps to the customer’s loyalty card when they join your program. This gives them a head start and makes them feel good about having instantly received value from joining.

In 2006, two consumer researchers named Joseph Nunes and Xavier Dreze conducted an experiment around this phenomenon. Partnering up with a local car wash, Nunes and Dreze distributed 300 loyalty cards to customers.

Half of the loyalty cards had eight squares which needed stamping before the customer was eligible for a free car wash. The other 150 loyalty cards had 10 squares that needed stamping before the customer received a free car wash, but two squares were already stamped.

Nunes and Dreze found that customers with the 10-square loyalty cards were almost twice as likely to earn their eight stamps and redeem their free car wash.

The experiment showed that, while all 300 customers had to go through exactly the same process in order to redeem their reward, the perceived head start offered by the 10-square loyalty cards retained customers at a higher rate than the eight-square cards.

This phenomenon is known as the Endowment Effect. Learn more about how to leverage the Endowment Effect to boost loyalty program signups.

Want to build “Surprise & Delight” into your loyalty program? Sign up for Stamp Me today or speak with our team about how to add it to your existing Stamp Me program.

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