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Top 5 Loyalty App Features That Enhance Lash Salon Customer Loyalty

Written by 
Chloe Komesarook
December 6, 2023
Customer Retention

Your lash store’s loyalty app is a solid start, but it’s time to elevate it. Think of it as enhancing the client experience, much like how the perfect lash look enhances your client’s look. 

In today’s world, loyalty apps are not hard to come by. In fact, it’s reported that over 90% of businesses have some form of a loyalty program. So while your app might already be a favorite, it’s now time to infuse it with features that not only reward but also resonate with your clients. 

In this article, we’ll explore some key features for your loyalty app that align with your salon and keep the engagement high. From engaging campaigns to celebratory rewards, each addition is designed to make your clients feel valued and increase lash salon customer loyalty.

Start Talking: Communicate with Your Customers 

Effective communication in the lash industry goes beyond just appointments and service details; it’s about building a relationship with your clients. Your lash loyalty card app is the perfect platform for this, offering a direct line to engage and enhance their experience. 

Personal Touch With Every Message: 

Use your app to send tailored messages that resonate with each client. Imagine the impact of a message like – 

Graphic tile with text and icons.

It’s personal, engaging, and shows that you value their patronage. Similarly, timely reminders for appointments or introducing new lash styles can keep your clients informed and interested. 

Feedback and Updates:

Your app is also a great tool for gathering client feedback, which is invaluable for improving services and, by extension, improving lash salon customer loyalty. Keep your clients in the loop with updates about your lash store, like new services, changes in schedules, or special events. 

Surprise and Delight Your Clients with Rewards

Woman holding a mobile phone and smiling.

In the world of beauty services, especially in lash stores, maintaining a strong connection with your clients is essential. However, even the most loyal clients might occasionally drift away for various reasons. 

This is where the smart feature of lapsed customer re-engagement in your lash store loyalty app becomes invaluable. It allows you to automatically reconnect with clients who haven’t booked an appointment after a certain period of time. 

This proactive approach shows your customers that they’re front of mind, which can increase your lash salon’s customer loyalty significantly and lead them to spend more. 

Consider implementing messages such as:

Graphic tile in the shape of a speech bubble with text and icons.

Messages like this may be small, but they do wonders to improve your lash salon’s customer loyalty. This is because they convey that their presence is valued and missed. After all, everyone loves the feeling of being appreciated (and a reward certainly helps)! 

Celebrate them on their Birthday 

Icon of a birthday cake with confetti and stars around it.

A lot of people might celebrate their big day, but not a lot of lash lovers would feel appreciated by their go-to lash store. That’s where this feature becomes your point of difference. 

From your loyalty program, you can create an automated birthday message and reward, which will be sent to a client either on their birthday or a few days before. 

For a client, receiving an exciting birthday reward, like a special discount on their next lash appointment or a complimentary lash care product not only brings a smile to their face but creates a stronger connection between them and your brand. 

To make birthdays even more exciting, consider introducing unique birthday-themed lash treatments or packages exclusively for loyalty members. This not only makes the client feel celebrated but also introduces them to new services; which takes your lash salon’s customer loyalty to a new level. 

Gamify Your Loyalty Card 

Every loyalty program needs a bit of fun. Integrating digital ‘Scratch & Win’ cards as a surprise element in your lash loyalty card app adds an intriguing twist. Clients can uncover unexpected rewards, creating a sense of anticipation with each scratch. Even when they don’t win, the prospect of a future reward keeps them eager and coming back for more. 

These gamification strategies not only keep your clients engaged but also distinguish your loyalty program in a competitive market, making each visit to your lash store a uniquely rewarding experience. 

Start Your Loyal Clients Off Strong 

Woman handing a card to a customer at a reception desk.

If you haven’t already, consider introducing a sign-up reward to your loyalty program. This feature is an easy way to leave a good first impression on your potential members and keep them coming back. 

Graphic tile of a speech bubble with text inside.

After all, a strong start is key. Welcome new members with a special reward – maybe a discount on their first lash service or a complimentary product. 

A strong start in your lash salon customer loyalty program isn’t just about a one-time offer, but it’s an investment in fostering a bond that will see customers returning, stamping, and enjoying your lash store time and again. 

How You Can Implement These Features With Stamp Me 

Now, while these features might seem exactly what your lash store needs, imagine the convenience of managing them all in one unified platform. 

Graphic of a woman holding a phone. Stamp Me phone interface behind with a background image.

Introducing Stamp Me: the top-rated, user-friendly, and intuitive loyalty platform trusted by lash stores globally. 

Every feature we’ve discussed, designed to create moments of joy and delight for your customers, is seamlessly integrated into Stamp Me. With this platform, not only can you effortlessly manage these features, but also gain access to a multitude of other tools to enhance your customer experience. 

While simplicity is key, that doesn’t stop Stamp Me from equipping your lash salon customer loyalty program with a range of savvy features: 

Graphic tile with text and icons.

And much more! 

Stamp Me has become the go-to lash store loyalty card app in 80 countries; helping lash stores boost customer loyalty and satisfaction across the globe. And yours could be next!

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