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What are the Best Loyalty Apps for Shakes & Tea Shops?

Written by 
Chloe Komesarook
March 11, 2024
Customer Retention

Imagine your regulars lining up, not just for their favorite shake or tea, but for the awesome rewards they earn with every visit. A great loyalty app makes this possible, turning casual customers into devoted fans.

But with so many loyalty programs out there, how do you find the perfect fit for your shake and tea shop?  The right app should not only entice customers but also provide valuable business insights that help you grow.

Let's dive into the best loyalty apps for shakes & tea shops. We'll help you discover the ideal program to boost customer loyalty, increase sales, and make your shop the go-to spot for delicious drinks and irresistible rewards. 

Stamp Me

Stamp cards from the Stamp Me app on two iphones.

With a 4.9 rating across the Apple App Store and Google Play store, Stamp Me is the go-to loyalty platform trusted by shake & tea shops with devoted regulars. Imagine the classic "Buy 10 shakes/teas, Get 1 Free" card, but modernized on your customers' phones –  that's the essence of Stamp Me, enhancing the loyalty experience for your shop. 

Gone are the days of easily lost paper cards; customers can now easily track their progress toward delicious rewards.

Want to take a look at a real shake & tea shop?  Learn the secrets of their success with this in-depth case study.

Understanding that your customers value simplicity, Stamp Me is designed with shakes & tea shops in mind. In fact, over half of consumers want a loyalty program that is easy to use. Plus, our various campaign options and communication tools let you keep the excitement going with special offers, new drink announcements, and personalized messages. So, it’s safe to say that there’s a reason Stamp Me is rated one of the best loyalty apps for shakes & tea shops!

If you're not convinced of our features, then see for yourself:

A tile with Stamp Me features with an arrow, star and stamp card icon.

Stamp Me's scalability means it grows alongside your business. Whether you're a single-location shop or dreaming of a shake and tea empire, Stamp Me has the tools to support your journey. Serving as a favorite loyalty app in over 80 countries, Stamp Me helps shops like yours bolster customer loyalty and satisfaction worldwide. Yours could be next!

Punchh Loyalty

Punchh Loyalty App's screen on two iphones.
Image source: Punchh Loyalty

Punchh Loyalty redefines customer engagement with its dynamic, adaptable loyalty strategies. Whether you want point-based rewards, discounts based on order size, or special offers for frequent customers, Punchh offers the tools to create a loyalty program that works for your shake and tea shop.

Customers enjoy a branded, seamless experience across all channels — app, in-store, and online —  designed to encourage them to come back for more. Sign-ups are made easy with customized WiFi pages and SMS opt-ins.

As one of the best loyalty apps for shakes & tea shops around, the platform puts a strong focus on collecting loyalty data. This doesn't just track purchases, it helps you create personalized offers and fun challenges to keep customers engaged.

However, while Punchh's wide array of features offers incredible depth, some shops may find the sheer number of options overwhelming. Setting everything up and making sure it works seamlessly with other systems (like your POS) could take some dedicated time.

Magic Stamp

Magic Stamp's app image on a phone and Magic Stamp's device in front.
Image source: Magic Stamp

Magic Stamp holds a commendable 4.5 rating and caters to shake and tea shops seeking a visually engaging loyalty solution. Its array of customizable features lets you personalize the program to match your shop's unique vibe, boosting its appeal to younger, tech-savvy customers.

However, shops seeking the absolute simplest solution might find its interface less intuitive. The initial setup of Magic Stamp can also be more time-consuming.

Despite these points, Magic Stamp remains a fun and fresh take on digital loyalty for shake & tea shops. If you're a trendy shop with a young clientele and are willing to invest a little time in the setup, it could be a potential option.

Flex Rewards

Flex Rewards app on an Iphone with an array of stamp cards next to it.
Image source: Flex Rewards

Another important contender for the best loyalty apps for shake & tea shops is Flex Rewards, which holds a 4.6 rating on the Apple App Store. Similar to Stamp Me, it offers a dynamic way to reward customers.  You can customize points, rewards, and the look of your digital loyalty card to match your shop's personality.

Flex Reward's Merchant Companion App makes it easy to manage your loyalty program from anywhere.  Boost customer excitement with enticing welcome offers, exclusive rewards for frequent visitors, and even referral bonuses to turn happy customers into ambassadors for your shop.

However, Flex Rewards' extensive features mean there's a bit of a learning curve. Shops should be prepared to invest some time upfront to configure the app fully. For smaller operations or those seeking a super quick launch, this setup process might feel a bit more involved than alternatives.


Yollty's app on two phone mockups. One of the homescreen and one of the Stamp card area.
Image source: Yollty

In the vibrant world of shakes and teas, where fun flavors and personalized orders are key, Yollty offers a loyalty solution that's both intuitive and engaging. With a strong rating on the Apple App Store, it's becoming one of the best loyalty apps for shake and tea shops.

Like Stamp Me, Yollty transforms the classic punch card into a sleek digital experience, resonating with today's tech-savvy customers.  Shops can easily create customized loyalty programs, fostering a sense of community around their unique drinks.

Accessible on all smartphones and tablets, Yollty's built-in communication features keep the excitement going.  Send out tempting new flavor announcements, special offers on bubble tea toppings, or a friendly reminder to use those accumulated points – Yollty makes sure your customers stay in the loop.

However, it's worth noting that shops with existing POS systems might find integrating Yollty requires a few extra steps during setup.


We hope this guide for your tea shop loyalty program has been a refreshing read! Just like finding the perfect toppings and flavor combinations for your drinks, choosing the right loyalty app takes some experimentation. 

The key is understanding what keeps your customers coming back, and finding a program that adds to that experience. When finding the best loyalty app for shakes & tea shops, the goal should always be the same: give those loyal customers a reason to keep their favorite shake or tea in hand.

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