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What is a Digital Loyalty Program?

Written by 
Brad Davis
June 13, 2019

If you’ve come searching for answers to the question “What is a digital loyalty program?”, you’ve come to the right place!

As you probably already know, a loyalty program is a great way to increase sales, build strong customer relationships and incentivize your customers to keep coming back… but what is a digital loyalty program? What does it do? What does it mean for customers and your business?

Digital loyalty programs have the same objectives as traditional loyalty programs, however with rising demand from the digital consumer, traditional loyalty methods have now evolved into highly interactive, intuitive and convenient digital platforms that offer every customer a unique experience with a brand from their very own pocket. They are also a very valuable marketing tool for businesses.

Paper punch cards have one function, which benefits both parties in a single way – the customer accumulates points and redeems rewards, which in turn allows the business to enjoy customer retention.

Digital loyalty programs, on the other hand, serve a plethora of functions on countless different levels.

From rewarding a customer for signing up to the loyalty program in the first place, to tailoring your offers to each individual customer based on their previous purchases, to integrating a fun “gaming” element to the shopping experience with Scratch & Win-type deals. Digital loyalty programs are a much more creative approach to rewarding customers for their ongoing loyalty.

In a nutshell, a digital loyalty program takes all the traditional aspects of making customers feel valued by a brand, and uses innovative techniques to ensure every customer enjoys a truly personal experience with a brand.

Customer engagement

These programs might be mobile-based, where the customers download an app on their smartphone, or the business might have a tablet installed at their POS where customers enter their details during a transaction to bring up their membership and collect rewards points for their purchases.

Either way, a digital loyalty program allows consumers to interact with a business, receive rewards points or stamps with every purchase, use those collected points to redeem rewards such as discounted items and special offers.

So now you know what a digital loyalty program is, you’re probably wondering...

How Do I Implement A Digital Loyalty Program?

There are several ways you can go about it implementing a digital loyalty program, however here we will focus on your options for implementing a digital loyalty app.

Some loyalty platform providers, including Stamp Me, offer loyalty solutions to cater for small businesses to large enterprises. The type they go for depends on their requirements, goals and budget.

Merchant Loyalty App vs Private Label Loyalty App - What’s the difference?

The Stamp Me loyalty app is suitable for merchants and brands looking for a convenient and affordable solution for rewarding customer loyalty. The setup process is incredibly quick and easy. Click here to find out more about our loyalty card app, or alternatively, take a browse of loyalty app providers online and compare your options.

The other option is to build your own customised, self-branded mobile loyalty app that has all the features you want for your loyalty program and operates the way you want it to. We call this our Enterprise / Private Label Solution.

You can read more about our private label loyalty app solutions here.

And if you’d like advice from our loyalty experts to give you some direction, we’re here and ready to help! Contact us.

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